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3 Best Free Keyword Search Tool Hacks

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Internet marketers are always on the lookout for the best free keyword search tool they can find. I remember when I first started out online I was very confused by the choices available. It is not necessary to have the very best with many different functions, especially for beginners.

Decide why you need the product and what it needs to do for you. Then proceed to find either a free suggestion keyword tool or purchase one. I highly recommend always taking a trial run before spending money. I will briefly explain to you the product I use and several other unique user-friendly keyword tools.


What to Look For When Using Keywords

Purpose is important when doing keyword research. For example, a person drop shipping (e-commerce store) would target different keyword phrases compared to a person building an authority website. Furthermore, a new website or blog would target less competitive words compared to an older, higher ranking site.

In my case, when starting a new niche site I begin by targeting long-tailed keywords because they are less competitive and have a greater chance of ranking on the first page of the search engines. It doesn’t happen right away however the chances are much greater compared to using extremely competitive words.


These are the five main results which I require when performing research.

    1. Average traffic (at least 50 searches per month – more is better)
    2. Quoted search results (no more than 100 – lower is best)
    3. Keyword quality score (uses a complex formula – green indicator needed)
    4. Search engine optimization potential ( above 90 % )
    5. Return a variety of related keywords ( brainstorm for writing posts).


#1.    Jaaxy – Long Tail Keyword Heaven

This is number one because it is the tool I love to use and it is one of the ones I know best. I am sure there are other great tools around with lots of bells and whistles. I have tried SBI and Noble Samurai and liked both. I like simple and efficient so I use Jaaxy.

Jaaxy offers a free trial and if you sign up at Wealthy Affiliate for the FREE STARTER PROGRAM (to learn affiliate marketing) you can get access at no additional charge. Some conditions do apply. However, it is sufficient for you to complete your research.

Please try the tool below or read my JAAXY REVIEW. Just enter any word or phrase in the box and it will perform a search for you and return the results. This is just a small taste of what it can do for you. There are many other useful features.



Here I did a search for the keyword phrase “how to find keywords for a website”. Two of the results returned are listed in the screenshot. Both phrases pass my criteria for writing a post on the topic. However, I would probably use the first one.

Mainly because the traffic is higher while the other factors are fairly close. The QSR is 52 and 35 respectively. Both under one hundred. That means I would be competing with 52 other websites for first-page ranking. The SEO factor is 83 versus 93 but it is still great for use in content.

A word of caution here you don’t want to use both of these keywords phrases in separate articles because they are too similar and Google will think you are trying to game the system and maybe penalize you.


Best Keyword Search Tool | Jaaxy #1


Another tip is to be careful of stop words in the long-tailed phrases. Sometimes Google passes over them so you may only rank for the main words. For example, in the phrase above “how to” and, “for a” are stop words. “Find keywords” and “website” are ranked.

After doing a second search, I find that this actually works in my favor. However, this isn’t always the case. It is your decision if you want to do this but I like to cover all my options. On another note, you shouldn’t get too caught up in keyword SEO. The big “G” values content quality above all else.


Best Keyword Search Tool | Jaaxy Stop Words


The average traffic is 715 while QRS is only 17 and SEO 92. These are fantastic results. It just reconfirms that I should go ahead and use “how to find keywords for a website”. Some additional advice DO NOT use “find keywords website” as is in your written copy. It is not grammatically correct.

You will rank for it using the grammatically correct keyword phrase. Now if this second set of results were not within my criteria for searches I would maybe look for a different original phrase to write about. Okay folks, let’s move on to a few other unbiased reviews! 🙂


Experience The Full Power of Jaaxy – 30 Free Searches

(There is absolutely NO obligation to upgrade)



#2.   Google Keyword Planner is a Campaign Must

I like the new Google Keyword Planner because the help section is more user-friendly than in the past. The interface is also easy to navigate. You do need to register for an Adwords account which is free of charge and if you have a Gmail account it is very easy to do.

The help section is excellent so I am not going to go into a lot of detail here. I will show you a few screenshots so you can get a general idea. I will say though there is a much longer learning curve than at Jaaxy, on the other hand, it is 100 % free with registration.

The reason I think it is a good idea to master this tool is that if you decide to add paid advertising to your campaign in the future you will need to know how to use it. Google Keyword Planner is designed to organize and provide relevant information for all of your campaigns.


Google lists its benefits as:

  1. Discover keywords that are relevant to your product, service, website or landing page.
  2. Determining how the keywords may perform in a campaign.

To access the Keyword Tool sign in to your account and look for the “wrench” symbol in the upper right corner. Click and then choose keyword planner under planning. You will see the image below.


Best Keyword Search Tool | Google Keyword Planner


Google is a little different from other software because it provides results for advertising with Adwords. It gives back results in ranges instead of exact figures. I did a search for “affiliate marketing” and as you can see there are 1000 to 10,000 monthly searches.

Marketers can expect to spend between $2.92 and $9.41 per click for their ads. They have other excellent information if you do a metrics and forecast search.

Honestly, I wouldn’t spend my time with the Google Keyword Planner if you are a beginner and not ready to spend money on advertising. I think it is excellent and Google owns it which means something. However, for blogging, it is time-consuming to learn and the results are not specific enough.


Best Free Keyword Search Tool | Google Keyword Planner #2


Google Keyword Planner – My Recommendation For Paid Advertising Campaigns



#3.    Soolve The Niche Problem

This is a really wonderful keyword tool. It gathers words or phrases from up to 15 well-known search engines. It is different from the first two in that there is no numerical data. You simply get a list of words searched for on the respective search engines.

Here are a few examples: Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Answers, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Overstock, Buy and eBay. There is also an option to choose which ones you’d like to use.


Best Free Keyword Search Tool | Soolve


I entered the term “basketball” and it returned the words below. I think this is great to gather potential niche ideas for a new website. The words can also be taken and entered into Jaaxy to match criteria for writing posts. Jaaxy does have similar brainstorming software referred to as the alphabet soup technique.

The great thing about Soolve is I can get both ideas for writing, like basketball legends, drills, motivation, trick shots etc. and for selling products, such as basketball socks, pumps, shorts, hoops, and shoes. All I need do in the second instance is find some affiliate programs.


Best Free Keyword Search Tool | Soolve Results


There is another neat feature. Can you see the arrow pointing to the yellow or gold start in the image above? When I click it the engine returns all the top searched for items for that day. All sorted alphabetically. It really is amazing, up-to-date information.

Take a look at some of the words which can be used to do further investigating.


Best Free Keyword Search Tool | Soolve Top Searches


Soolve Great For Playing Around to Come Up With Ideas


Keyword Tools Are A Dime A Dozen

I wanted to write about the 10 best free keyword search tools however are just so many and I didn’t realize how much there is to write so I’ll save the others for a second post. Today, I have given you three examples of tools which can be used for different purposes.

One has a free trial and can be used at no charge if you join my community. It was specifically designed for bloggers or authority websites that do long-tail research. The second is 100 % free to use but caters to the paid advertising market. The third is also open to the public and I feel is good for niche or product ideas.

There are so many keyword suggestion tools available you really need to do your due diligence and understand what your purpose is for using them. Please be careful of ones that have features that use black hat techniques or promise unreasonable results.

It will simply set your business back because Google eventually catches up with these characters. Also please note SEO is still important but not as significant as it used to be. Good quality content will get you a far way. Readership and visitor engagement also play an increasingly large role in website and page rankings.

Please leave any comments or questions you may have below. We will be very glad to answer them and don’t forget to share this article with your friends if you liked it!







7 thoughts on “3 Best Free Keyword Search Tool Hacks”

  1. Hi, Kewl. Thanks for the keyword tool review. I’m also partial to Jaaxy, just because I use it all the time, and don’t see any reason to try another one. The Soolve tool is intriguing though. It has some awesome features. Maybe when I am more experienced and established I’ll look into it further. You did clear one thing up for me, the “stop words” between ranked keywords. Good information.

    1. Hi Grant,

      Thanks for visiting my site. Yes, Jaaxy gets the job done. As I mentioned in my post there are several that may do a good job but why change? 

      Soolve is neat – it works just like Google search. I like it because I am usually short on ideas and it gives me more phrases to think about. 

      Thanks again.

      Best of luck with your keyword research!



  2. Samantha Harris

    Great post, I personally use jaaxy and think it’s brilliant. Thanks for pointing out about which keywords are actually used for search engines, I’m a beginner blogger and am not too familiar with all the tricks of the trade so i found your post and helpful reviews to be very valuable. I hope to learn more from this site, thanks so much!

    1. Hi Samantha,

      Thank-you for your kind words. I like Jaaxy too. It has everything we need to do well. I guess my point of the article is different tools have different approaches and also it is not necessary to spend lots of money. The stop words part is interesting, isn’t it? I wish you best of luck with your research! If you have any questions please let me know.



  3. Thanks for these different keyword search tool reviews. I’m glad to see that google ad planner is better — because in the past it wasn’t all that helpful.

    Right now I am using jaaxy and loving it. Would you say jaaxy is also your favorite keyword tool?

    I also think planning ahead with keywords also comes in handy when doing keyword research.

    1. Hey Michael,

      Thanks for visiting my site. Yeah, the google ad planner is easier to use now. Mainly I think the help feature is much improved. I really think the people in tech can be quite nerdy and that is why they don’t make things easy to understand for the average joe – like me. 🙂

      I do like Jaaxy – it is very simple to use and provides decent results. I liked the SBI keyword tool too. I thought it was really good but in a different way. The SBI tool and method made sure all the keyword planning was done ahead – better for organization and the search Engines.

      That’s the one thing about WA I don’t appreciate – there should be more emphasis put on research and organizing keywords for posts and categories at the beginning not in a step by step fashion. I guess both methods work out eventually.

      Have a good one.



  4. Hi Kewl,
    Thanks for your review on keyword tools.
    I currently use Jaaxy which I think is a great tool.

    I have never heard of Soovle before and it looks like an additional tool I can use to get more keyword ideas.

    You mentioned that there are tools that use black hat techniques or promise unreasonable results.
    I thought most keyword tools used search engines like Google or Yahoo to bring back search results.

    Does it mean that these tools that use black hat methods connect to their own proprietary backend?


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