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Affiliate Academics Review Exposes a Few Flaws

Introduction to Affiliate Academics

The reason I am writing this affiliate academics review is because of an email I received the other day. Some of you may be familiar with Google Alerts. I receive gmail from Google keeping me up to date on new affiliate marketing news. This is the first time for me to hear of Alan Magliocca’s Affiliate Academics.

Affiliate Academics is an online training community which proposes to assist struggling marketers in turning their fortunes around. According to a press release, they will be taught the skills necessary to go from zero dollar earners to millionaires. Their mission is to lower the failure rate among struggling marketers and create profitable business owners.

The press reports and some of the information on Alan’s websites all seem to be saying the right thing. However, we need to delve into the actual program, itself to see if it lives up to the hype.


Why Haven’t I Heard of Alan Magliocca?

I have been an online entrepreneur since 2008. Alan started his quest in 2002, yet this is the first time I have come across one of his programs. I believe he first started seeing success around 2009 after failing forward for a number of years. I think since that time he has matured in his approach to doing business on the internet.

According to Alan’s about me page he spent much money and time trying numerous approaches to earning income online. This shows his human side because most of us have been there. He eventually found a formula that worked for him.

Unfortunately, and although he may have been well-meaning, I don’t think his initial attempts really had the interests of his customers at heart. I was able to find three of his previous endeavours and they seemed a bit scammy to me.

There was:  My Income Team (2014), 7 Figure Strategies (2016) and Easy Clone System (2017). There may be others which I have not uncovered, and now, of course, there is Affiliate Academics which was supposedly founded in 2015. Could it possibly have been marketed under a different name?

He claims to have made $10,000,000 in sales revenue since 2009 which I don’t doubt is true but with that amount of sales, one would expect him to be more mainstream. Actually, a keyword search for Alan Magliocca or Affiliate Academics does not return a significant amount of estimated traffic. I don’t expect many people to read this review.

So why am I dubious about the above programs – mostly because of the occasional negative reviews I came across but also because affiliate marketers running legitimate online training programs do not need to keep changing platforms which seems to be the case here.

I also suspect he has incorporated parts of previous programs into Affiliate Academics but I don’t have proof. In any event, I don’t see anything improper with that as many folks do the same – improve upon previous products.

In addition, there seems to be a lot of upselling.  There is nothing wrong with upselling as long as it is done in full disclosure, up front before people join. This is why I believe Alan is maturing in his approach. I did watch a full video created in June of 2018 explaining Affiliate Academics in detail.

There are no secrets. He does tell folks exactly what they get and discloses up front that there are paid programs members have an option of purchasing to move forward with their business growth. I believe he is in the process of improving Affiliate Academics step by step in his evolution to becoming a major legitimate player in affiliate marketing.


How Much Does It Cost?

It’s free to join or register at Affiliate Academics. I am an adamant proponent of free registration. It is imperative to get a good look at what we are going to spend our money on and also from a sales point of view I believe it will increase conversions in the long run. Patience and persistence is a crucial part of affiliate marketing.Earn and Learn Internet

There are three major programs and price points. The first is ELI (Earn and Learn Internet) which has recently been reduced from $2000 to $297.  This will definitely help his marketing. I would never pay more than $297 for what he has to offer. The reason is I pay that for my community and it offers so much more with no upsells.

However, his model is different from our starter model so it depends on how you want to build your business. Anyway, selling something like that for $2000 is a reason I considered his original programs scammy. For that much money, one needs to offer extremely high-quality courses. I am glad to see him reduce the price.

The second is Affiliate Forward which comes in at a price of $497. This is a private access FaceBook group. So this increases the overall cost if you decide to join to about $800 U.S.

This is a strategy many gurus use to increase their profit. I have free access to such a group in my community included in the initial cost so once again it is a great idea for Alan but not so sure about his customers.

The third is SkyDirect Coaching coming in at a whopping $1,997 quarterly.  it is a great idea to offer direct coaching over Skype but for most struggling marketers it is way beyond their budget.  Once again, I’ve tried these coaching calls sometimes they are excellent others it is a waste of money.

I have lots of online experience so I would not pay that much money. In any event, I have direct access to the owners and other successful members of my community to ask questions of. I sometimes need to wait for an answer but it is quality information.


Affiliate Academics Products

The Affiliate Academics back office consists of several main areas: My Products, Affiliate Center, Digital Mall, Training and Software. The menu is easy to navigate. The following applies at the time of writing.

My Products

#1.    ELI System

  • Paid for product ($297) with 30 hours of content.
  • Learn how to set up a successful online business.
  • Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior & Grad courses.
  • Done For You affiliate funnel & other resources.

#2.    Email Vault

  • Email swipe files ( emails already written and used in other successful sales campaigns).
  • Email campaigns already prepared & ready to go.
  • Claims there are 100’s of emails to choose from.

#3.    Traffic Sources

  • Links to traffic companies are provided.
  • Links to individual sellers are included.
  • Traffic is supposedly tested & high quality.
  • You must pay for the traffic.

#4.   Affiliate Funnel Clones

  • Apparently, you can clone 5 profitable businesses in 60 seconds ( right! ).
  • You can produce these automated income streams without a product or website.

#5.    Go Premium

  • Premium offers 25 more affiliate funnel clones, I suppose for different niches.
  • Not sure what the price point is for this.

#6.    Affiliate Funnel Studio

  • 5 highly converting funnels.
  • I think it differs from #4 because you can build your own funnels.
  • Your list will generate affiliate sales.
  • Both #4 and #6 should generate affiliate sales through subscriber lists.

I believe this method is a standard strategy used by some email marketers. You need to build a one-page website which we call an opt-in page or landing page. A free gift is offered in exchange for the visitor’s email address. Emails should be sent to the list with valuable, high-quality information.

Every once in a while an email with an affiliate offer is sent to the list. The customer purchases the product and is directed to a thank-you page where intelligent marketers will provide an additional offer to increase their profits.

These kinds of sales funnels use paid traffic to get folks to their opt-in page as they don’t rank well in the search engines. Thus, you need to be aware that not only do you have to pay for each of the individual training programs but you will need to dish out cash for your traffic.

This venture could very well end up costing you much more than the original $297 you planned to spend. Lurn Nation has a course called Inbox BluePrint which is highly regarded. It would be my go-to choice for email marketing.


Affiliate Center

The affiliate center is for folks wanting to promote Alan’s Affiliate Academics. It seems to be set up properly. It is divided into three sections: Statistics, Traffic and Affiliate Resources. This is where you can get your affiliate links for promotions. You can also see how well your promotions are doing.

There is also a ranking system comparing affiliates progress. I am not sure if there is a bonus for the highest performing affiliates but it would make sense if there were.

An especially useful section is the traffic area. This is the key to any affiliate making money online. It does not matter how wonderful your website or opt-in page is you need visitors. This area offers paid for and free traffic opportunities.  Alan Magliocca says his best converting resources are the following:

      • FaceBook SoloAd Group

Personally, I don’t use these sorts of traffic sources. I build my business based on search engine optimization. The next step will be paid traffic through Google, Bing, and FaceBook etc. I did at one-time use traffic exchanges but they were a waste of time and money.

Instructions for free methods are provided in videos. I will caution you though using free strategies does take longer to build a business compared to legitimate paid traffic sources. Lastly, the affiliate commissions do seem generous.


Digital Mall

I must say I am impressed with some of the terminology used for naming products and services. The digital mall is used to upgrade your training. This is where you go to purchase Earn & Learn Internet, Affiliate Forward, Sky Direct Coaching and ClickFunnels.

You can read my comprehensive review titled What is ClickFunnels About to learn more about the company. It is a little expensive if you are on a tight budget but the lower priced membership is cheaper than Affiliate Academics.

The truth is if you register at ClickFunnels there is no need to join Affiliate Academics so I was very surprised to see it in the back office. I can only assume if you sign up Alan receives a commission and or he is transitioning to using ClickFunnels in his business model.



Training modules are located here. This is where you can access the modules to the paid programs you have joined. The modules each have a short quiz to review the important points. There is also a section on free affiliate training. Videos covering case studies, webinar replays and mindset and goals are featured.



This is where you can find the ready-made funnel templates and the software to make or design your own funnels. I imagine as the academy grows more software will be added.


Support & Coaching

It is nice to have personal coaching but if you are a beginner or a struggling marketer on a tight budget it is often difficult to justify the cost especially if you have a family and need to pay the bills. I personally think the coaching is vastly overpriced. This is true for many online gurus.

Alan’s price is within industry standards but that doesn’t make it right. I have tried several high priced coaches in my time and often the value and quality aren’t there. I have never experienced Alan’s coaching os I can’t say for sure but $2000 for three months of Skype coaching is a lot to invest.

I believe there is a right time to invest in high priced coaching and that is after we have started to earn an online income to get us to the next level so to speak. However, it is not necessary for beginners with so much information available online today.

In addition, you can find a legitimate online community that offers more general kinds of coaching until you reach the stage where you can afford to be coached at a higher cost. My community has very successful members who share their stories with others. The owners actively provide free advice to all members.

I know of other communities that have weekly webinars where you can ask questions of the presenter so there are options available in the online business world if you don’t have money for coaching.


Summary of Alan Magliocca’s Affiliate Academy Review

Business Name:    Affiliate Academics, Inc.

Contact Person:    Alan Magliocca

Founded:    2015

Phone:    +1 307-316-5509

Country:    United States


Verdict:    Probably Legitimate

Recommended:    No. Join At Your Own Risk.

My Affiliation:    None.  This review is based purely on research.

Other Affiliated Websites:    Facebook (

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Note:  If any of my readers have firsthand knowledge of Affiliate Academics, could you please write about your experiences in the comment sections below? I’ll be happy to publish them as long as they are sincere and respectful.


My Final Words on Alan Magliocca’s Affiliate Academics

I don’t think the value is there and that is one reason why the price has dropped. I have been around for too long maybe so I have seen a lot of products and services. There are others with the same business model that I would rather join because of the cost, quality and value.

It’s just not my cup of tea.

On the other hand, I feel in the past maybe Alan learned from the wrong people. His rhetoric and some false salesmanship is something form the past, earlier days of marketing. The net is changing and people are much more aware of how we can be taken advantage of with false promises.

The good news is I think Alan is changing his approach. I listened to his Youtube Video and there was full transparency. It is wonderful to see. I like the set-up and free registration is definitely the way to go. Folks should be able to enter any program like this and check it out thoroughly before joining so well done.

I think it is only going to get better and better in the future. The content will increase and improve and Alan Magliocca’s Affiliate Academics could be a major player in the future.

So if you’d like to join Affiliate Academics I would say please go ahead. Give it a look-see because it is free. I believe Alan is sincere and there is nothing for you to lose. However, I still prefer to recommend my community because of it’s one low price which includes everything: support, coaching, hosting, training, tools and much more.


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