Authority Site Review

Authority Site System Review


I like these guys very much.  I was really impressed after watching their sales video and following up with in-depth research on their site.  They teach people how to build a business online using an authority website and white hat (legal) techniques, at a reasonable price.  Please continue reading my Authority Site System review to get all the details.


Ranking At A Glance

Name:    Authority Site System

Price:      $ 997 discounted to $ 599 (At time of writing)

Owners:    Gael Breton, Mark Webster – Founded in 2014.


Affiliation:    None (Review based on research)

Overall Rank:    95 /100


There is BIG Money In Authority Websites

Most solopreneurs have known for years that there is money to be made using the internet.  It has only been in the last few years that Google has clamped down on black-hat (illegal or dubious) methods for doing so.  The exceptionally unique community I belong to has been practicing these kinds of acceptable techniques for many years so I am really pleased to see a second one and this is exactly what Gael and Mark are doing at Authority Hacker.

Generally speaking, you will be building a niche website based on a passion or interest.  This involves some writing of content (short posts & product reviews).  Time, patience and perseverance are very important for success. However, the rewards can be spectacular.  Before I continue let me clarify.  The owners did struggle in their early years and the results are not the same for everyone because of the different variables involved.

Having said that, after finding a very helpful mentor they were able to create a site that brought in roughly $ 4000 per month by the end of the first year.  This ballooned to $ 8, 500 a month by the end of the second year and they sold the site for a whopping $ 200, 000 after that. So you see, it is possible.  Many folks choose to keep their business because of the easy, regular, cash flow.


The Good & Unknown

Things I Like:

    PRO #1:     Very Reasonable Price

    PRO # 2:    Excellent Comprehensive Training

    PRO # 3:    Trustworthy Decent Owners


Things I Don’t Like:

    CON #1:     Possible Hidden Costs ( by this I mean web hosting etc.)

    CON # 2:    Missing Live Support    (lots of other good support)

    CON # 3:    Started Career Off Grey Hat   (Now 100% White Hat)


Who is Authority Site System For?

I believe two customer types will benefit from this product.  The first is new starters to the online world.  This is a step by step introductory action based course ideal for newbies.  There is a second more advanced one being offered too. The second group that will find this program both intriguing and worthwhile are strugglers.  Still looking for the magic to earning income with the net, then here’s the place.

You also need to be patient.  Buiding a sustainable, legitimate, long-term business takes commitment and effort. You need to be willing to put in the time and to keep going when things get tough.  I think it was Mike Dillard who I heard say, an entrepreneur is someone who solves problems. There is always something to overcome.  However, the rewards can be immense leading to infinite possibilities.


So How Does It Work?

There are three stages of creating a site with authority hackers.  The first focuses on product reviews and generating traffic (visitors) to the website using search engine optimization.  It usually takes a year to achieve modest results which are normal in most online communities.

Next, some owners decide to use display ads, newsletters, social media, and information content.  These methods are an additional way to increase income.  It is important to note not everyone will enter this stage. Some will continue with stage one and possibly build more sites.

Thirdly, and by far the most profitable, you can buy traffic with places like Google Adwords or Bing or  Yahoo as well as creating your own products.  Having your own membership site with re-occuring payments from customers is one such example.  I will provide a little more detail on how to go the initial phase works.


The Art of Creating Your Very Own Authority Site

  1.    Pick Right Niche
  2.    Create Credible Website
  3.    Publish Selling Content
  4.    Build Legitimate Links


How to Find The Mother of All Niches

Well, you will probably not find the absolute best one, but this is how you can increase the chances of finding a winning niche using the authority site system.  You must find people ready to buy, products to sell and an achievable search engine optimization (SEO).

Based on the owners’ explanations given on their training and tools, I firmly believe they can help you achieve these goals.  The following provides a brief look at the action they recommend:

FIRST, BRAINSTORM 10 to 20 ideas using the criteria above.  Choose passions, lifestyle or problems to solve.    You want to come up with a short list of 2 or 3. The training shows you how to do this.

SECOND, IDENTIFY 10 to 20  competing sites.  You are looking for sites you can compete with and win.      Therefore, they must be weak enough so that after 6 months to a year you will outrank them.

THIRD, VERIFY product authority at Amazon.  Look at the categories etc and record product type, brand names, reviews, and accessories.  This will confirm products to sell.

LASTLY, COMPARE the keywords available for each niche. You are looking for words with buying intent. they must also have reasonable search volume and be of good quality. Long-tail keywords. No spelling mistakes.


Why Spend The Time Building An Awesome Credible Site?

Other than the obvious reason that customers will like and frequent your website, there is another more practical reason. Marketing becomes much easier.  Quality writing and design stand up to manual reviews by Google and Amazon. Meaning no penalties, suspension or closure of the site. In addition, it is easier to request links with other folks doing business online. Here are a few things the training touches on:

  • What themes work best for your niche?
  • How will mixing brand colours appeal to your visitors?
  • How to design a site with customer friendly navigation?
  • Where to get inexpensive logos made?
  • How to choose fonts that match?


Best Practices Publishing Content That Sells

You need to publish content that absolutely sells stuff.  Great writing needs to be engaging and of course, it needs to include affiliate links.  Gael and Mark go on to explain what most of us old timers know so well; you should target keywords with low competition (long-tailed) and gently push the readers to take action.  The phrases that indicate readers are in the buying phase are preferred such as “best”, “reviews” and “versus”.  The structure they suggest for each page is as follows:

  • A short introduction to niche products.
  • Group of affiliate links in some form.
  • Research & advice on how to buy and use the product.
  • Mini-review of 1 to 5 products (maybe table form)


Who Said Links Are NOT Important?

I agree with their training that link building is important for the growth of the business.  Some folks feel social networking is the wave of the future but I have seen the rules concerning affiliate links tighten up on these networks.  Getting quality links in a white hat manner still works and Authority Hacker promotes this method.

First, do not use PBN’s (Private Blog Networks).  The tactics do not usually work and it will set you back weeks, if not months when penalized by the big search engines.  Additionally, they are terribly expensive.  One link will cost you upwards of $250, compared to $15 using guest posting.

There are two ways being taught and they are quite standard throughout the industry.  Pitch open solicitations by doing searches for business owners looking for authors to make guest posts or build relationships with top-tier editors and after becoming friends ask if they would like some free content.  Both work well and the later will provide quality links.


What Do You Get Inside Authority Site System?

  1.    Case Site Study & Associated Videos (profitable website)
  2.    85 Over The Shoulder Training Videos (step by step)
  3.    Copy & Paste Templates (need to be personalized)
  4.    Use of The To Do List System (keep track of progress)
  5.    Free Access to The Members Only FB Community (usually extra)
  6.    Regular Live Q&A sessions & Library of Recorded Ones
  7.    All Future Updates to The System


What Training Will I Receive?

The training is broken down into 5 modules. Each seems very comprehensive. It is accompanied by eighty-five videos and forty thousand words of support.  Here is a look at each module with a short summary of the content.


Module #1 [ 12 videos ]

This covers the foundation of sound online marketing theory.  Get an overview of the different business models, traffic sources and monetization methods used to generate revenue with websites.

Module #2   [ 12 videos ]

Learn and produce a bulletproof business plan.  Step by step market research to find the best possible niche and in-depth keyword research to provide clarity for your content production.

Module #3 [ 20 videos ]

Set up your site the way Google likes it. Learn to build a search engine friendly website which includes theme selection, adding plugins, branding, SEO techniques and much more.

Module #4 [ 7 videos ]

You’ll be shown exactly how to create and outsource content that generates quality traffic and converts into dollars. It will consist of everything from planning to monetizing using both editorial and conversion optimization standpoints.

Module #5 [ 14 videos ]

Concerns increasing your marketing reach through link building.  This will increase your visibility and reputation in the niche as well as creating an additional way to receive traffic resulting in additional revenue.


Can I Get The Support I Need?

I would say yes, in a nutshell.  I trust these guys to have their hearts in the right place.  I got the impression they genuinely want to help others and have created a pretty good support system. Here’s what you get:

  • Live questions and answer sessions where you will have access to the “experts”.
  • Library of recorded training videos; probably a couple years worth by now.
  • FB Community membership. A semi-live way to get advice.
  • Support desk for accounting or technical issues.


A Big Bang For Your Buck

I understand the cost is a one time charge of $ 977 which is a little lower than the industry average ($ 1500 to $3000).  However, at the time of writing there is a special discount and you only need pay $599.  I consider this a decent price without having tried the program first hand.

My impression is the owners are very transparent and I believe the quality of instruction will be high. This is not the absolute best price you can receive for similar services. I know of a few others in the $400 US range but they offer mostly yearly (or monthly) memberships.

The other thing to be aware of is this may not be all-inclusive.  After watching the sales video there are a few other incidental costs.  I really applaud these guys for being so upfront. You may need to pay for hosting or possibly a few other tools or services in the building of your biz.  In most cases this is standard. No upsells.


My Closing Opinion …

I am confident based on what I have seen, heard and read that if you work hard, persist and ask for help when needed you can find some level of success with Authority Site System.  I do trust the owners and because I also used similar methods to build my business, I know for a fact the tactics are proven to be sound.

It is not a true all-inclusive product (as far as I know) like my community. Wealthy Affiliate requires absolutely no mandatory additional spending once a premium member. Everything you need to build the business is included. On the other hand, the above system only requires a one-time payment so it may even out in the end.

FB community support is very good. I have tried a few.  However, we can’t always get answers right away.  In my community, there is a live chat feature for members which provides 24/7 instant support.  I like it because it saves time and we also can chat with the owners more frequently.


Final Refresh

Product Name:    Authority Site System

Founders:    Gael Breton, Mark Webster

Price:    $599 (discounted), $977 (usual price)

Where to Buy It:

Overall Rank:    95 out of 100



Sharing Time

Hey guys, if you have any experience with Authority Hacker or building authority websites I’d love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below and I’ll be happy to join the conversation.  Questions folks. Don’t be shy. We are here to help you. Leave them below and we’ll answer them as soon as possible!





6 thoughts on “Authority Site System Review”

  1. I would love to be making $8k a month from a website. I already have a few niche sites, but none of them are making much money, just some pocket change at the moment.

    If I were to start with Authority Site System and put the effort in, how long do you think it might take to get a site bringing in say $4k a month?

    1. Hi Darren,

      Thanks again. 

      These guys said it took them one year to be making $4000 per month from their best website. It took them 2 years to get it to the stage where they were earning $ 8,500 per month. I believed them. 

      These guys seemed like Kyle and Carson from Wealthy Affiliate, down to earth and sincere. However, there are no guarantees in marketing. I think a lot of things have to be “right” in order to maximize profits.

      My niche is very competitive – I would be very lucky to be making $ 4000 a month in one years time. It is not impossible but will take a lot of effort and I may need some expert advice along the way.

      What do you think?

      Best regards,


  2. abraham kidane

     Thank-you for this information. It looks good, but I think the price for a beginner is unaffordable. Do you think this website can create email listing?  Or helps you to generate traffic visitors to your website using alternative methods other than SEO? Is the price you specified, is it on a monthly or yearly contract?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Abraham,

      Thanks for visiting and your great questions!

      Yes, it can be a little expensive for beginners. The Free Starter Program at Wealthy Affiliate may be a better choice for those on a tight budget.

      I think during the first year, the Authority Site System focuses on SEO, backlinks and maybe social sharing. Once the foundation is made they may expand into other sources of traffic. 

      Any site can create an email list even authority sites. However, it will take much longer to create a list from a blog using SEO techniques compared to other methods such as using solo ads. I have written a post on the topic of email marketing explaining the process.

      Lastly, the price I believe is a one time charge. You’d need to check into that further as sometimes companies change their policies.

      I hope this helps.

      I really appreciate your questions!

      Kind regards,


  3. Authority Site System sounds like a great learning platform. I also like the fact that it teaches how to build a business online “the proper way” instead of cheating using shady SEO methods.

    Black Hat is definitely bad practice and I don’t understand why some marketers are still using it today to cut corners. I really hope Google clamps down on these people to make way for the ones who are willing to put in the time and effort.

    After reading through your review, Authority Site System really does offer plenty of value (especially tons of training) for those wanting to create lucrative websites in the long-run. It’s also great that they focus on writing reviews because they are the main articles that generate the most traffic from Google.

    However, I do think it’s a chunk of change to pay in one go, so a monthly membership option should also be offered, in my opinion.

    But overall, it seems like an awesome platform!


    1. Thanks Neil! You’re opinions are very valuable. I agree with you. It is a very good program but it would be nice if they added a monthly membership fo those who can’t afford to pay in one go.

      Authority website seems to be run by a some younger guys – so they are offering podcasts too which is kind of neat. A major difference between their program and WA seems to be their approach to backlinks. They teach it as a significant part of the program but Kyle & Carson don’t seem to emphasis it as much.

      What are your views on back-linking?



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