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Introduction to Site Rubix:

In my opinion, the best business website builder is SiteRubix at Wealthy Affiliate. The tools are comprehensive and easy to use.  Security is first-class and the design is constructed to give you every chance possible to rank well in the search engines.

In addition, there is a state of the art keyword tool and a very detailed task-oriented training program to go with it.  SiteRubix includes the following seven features:


Best Business Website Builder | Introduction


The 7 Must Haves For A Successful Website

The construction and operation of a website can be a very frustrating experience.  Have you ever tried building one without support? How about hosting? Or learning to write content and get it published? Have you ever asked yourself what am I doing wrong? Why am I not ranking or getting visitors to my site?

Well, unless you are a computer programmer by trade, you need a system which will make the whole process as painless as possible. Maybe, even fun. So, why not use automated tools and have someone else take care of the technical side so you can focus on making money?

Site Rubix is specially designed for this purpose. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.


Site Manager


Best Business Website Builder | Site Manager


This screenshot shows the main management area.  it provides a lot of information.  The ones I look at most frequently are Site Health and Site Plus+.  I also look at Speed Insights in the Details section. Site Health examines eight different aspects of your website providing percentage and color-coded feedback.

100% and Green is the best ranking while 0% and Red is the worst ranking. This is all calculated automatically. You do not need to do anything – just click the view details button.


#1.    Publishing  Frequency

The more you regularly you publish content the better your rankings in the search engines will be. This software measures how often you publish. I try to every second day at a minimum so my score is 100 percent.


#2.    Content Quality & Variety

Authority websites need to publish posts of 1500 words or more these days. It must be authentic and of good quality written in your own natural voice. The tool checks for duplicate content and word count.


#3.    Visitor Engagement

Comments on sites is now an important factor for Google to determine trust. My site above is relatively new with only 10 comments at the time of writing so my score is 50% (yellow for caution). I need to work on more discussion.


#4.    Your Engagement

Replying to your website visitors comments and questions in a timely fashion is also necessary. This is also measured by the software and contributes to the site’s health.


#5.    Plugins

WA recommends no more than 5 plugins as it slows down the site speed. This is very true but I think a lot of people are using Amazon Hosting through Wealthy Affiliate so it may also benefit the owners to recommend fewer plug-ins.


#6.    Site Trust

It will take time for the big search engines to trust your site.  The site in the screenshot above is only two months old so the trust score is a measly 10% (red).  Just keep adding content and it will change over time.


#7.    Google Ranked

This one is self-explanatory.  You need to be indexed so Google knows you exist.


#8.    Website Feedback

This feature is to encourage you to receive feedback related to the development of your website.  The community is quite large and there are many experienced people so it can be helpful.


Site Builder


Best Business Website Builder | Site Builder


The online site builder is excellent.  It is connected to the WordPress system.  All you need to do is add or create a domain name, title, and subtitle, choose a theme and click a few buttons. Presto, it is ready.

I have already written another post with photos – please visit The Best Way to Set up A Website In Minutes Flat scroll half way down the page to see how it’s done in more detail.


Site Domains


Best Business Website Builder | Site Domains


I really like this feature because it allows me to keep everything under the same roof. I don’t need to visit GoDaddy or NameCheap to manage my domains. I can do it all here at Wealthy Affiliate. It is just as cheap and saves time.

We can also transfer previously purchased domain names to WA if we wish.  I have several I plan to move over. This is also fantastic if you are operating a domain name business. Jaaxy the super fast keyword tool is set up to find available names using the keyword search features. Once you find one you can buy it right away.


Site Content


Best Business Website Builder | Site Content


I hang out at Site Content every single day.  It is the lifeline of my business. I write my posts, add images and then with a click of a button it checks for duplicate content then publishes directly to my WordPress website.  The device is fast, efficient, convenient and easy to use.  I do make some minor adjustments within WP later.


Below is a video in which the owner Kyle explains:

  • How the Dashboard Works
  • How to Create Buckets for Organization
  • How to Search and Find Content
  • Creating New Articles
  • Using the Amazing Spelling & Grammar Checker
  • Setting Writing Goals
  • Tracking Your Writing Activity (and Stats)
  • How to Create and Manage Writing Templates


Click on the screenshot of the video below. It will bring you to a new page on the Wealthy Affiliate Website where you can watch the video for FREE and see how convenient the software is. Once again, the best part is being able to put it directly on your website!


How Site Content Works Video Walkthrough


Best Business Website Builder | Site Content Video


Site Comments


I’ve already mentioned the importance of having comments on your website.  However, if you do not have visitors how can you get comments? In addition, readers don’t always want to participate in discussions. Therefore, Kyle & Carson have developed a way for the community to support each other with 100% legitimate comments.


Best Business Website Builder | Site Comments


The beauty is everything is integrated. You can visit other members websites from within Wealthy Affiliate. The system operates on credits.  You can earn credits by giving feedback or comments.  So it doesn’t need to cost you any cash. It’s kind of like the pay it forward system. However, there is also an option to purchase credits.

The comments are all checked for uniqueness and quality before being approved for your viewing. No spam or links are allowed. The focus is real comments from real people. There is no need to log in to your website either. Everything can be managed from Site Comments.


Site Feedback


Feedback is not posted on your website. It is provided to you privately so you may improve upon your site. This method can work very well if you have experienced members providing the critic.  It runs on a credit system trying to encourage people to pay it forward. Credits earned can be used as explained above.

Here is an example of some useful feedback I received.


Best Business Website Builder | Site Feedback


Site Support


Site support is the place for asking technical questions if something is not working with your website.  I have only ever had to use it one time and that was because I was having difficulty adding a paid for theme to WordPress.

I submitted a ticket and it was answered within 5 minutes. My problem was resolved in another two. I was very impressed with the customer service.  I have never heard any complaints about the service and quite honestly I can’t really see there being many issues because of the way the system was established.


My Final Words On The Best Business Website Builder

I am sure there are a couple of other website builders around that are as good.  However, most only have a couple of these features: a builder and manager.  Wealthy Affiliate offers a much more comprehensive package so everything can be accomplished from one place.

It is the convenience and ease of use that I like. The truth is you get so much more included in the price. All of the training, community support, and research tools. In addition, because there is a free starter program everyone has access at no charge to check it out and start building a business.

Have you tried any in the past? What do you think is the best business website builder? We would be more than happy to hear your comments and questions. Please let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Oh yeah, and if you found this post helpful please share it so others can enjoy.



Kewl Web.



4 thoughts on “Best Business Website Builder Revealed”

  1. RichPersonality

    I really like the site health feature. It’s a great way to see if you’re progressing and going the right direction.

    Posting frequency is probably one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking. Consistency is always key to success.

    Plus, site trust is also an important factor, but there’s really nothing you can do to increase that, other than wait until your domain gets older.

    Of course, site trust wouldn’t matter if all the other factors are not taken care of.

    1. Hey Donny,

      Thank-you for the comments.  

      I love the health feature too. It provides goals to work towards. 

      I used to find it difficult to be consistent posting articles however I now use a dictation tool and it helps to speed up content creation. You should try it, if you don’t already!

      Yeah, site trust takes time but we are always working on that – following acceptable norms – no keyword stuffing, writing quality & engaging content, using links properly – to name just a few.

      It all counts.



  2. Hi Kewl:

    I have read through your article and I really like it. The images you have displayed are speaking loudly about how the Wealthy Affiliate platform is set up and running.

    The format that you used to set your images is also looking professional.

    Honestly, I came across the phrase: Site Content many times but never consider it’s purpose until I read your post.

    Are you saying that I can actually write my post at Site Content and transfer it to my website?

    1. Hello Dorcas,

      Thanks so much for your kind words and dropping by to visit my site.

      Site Content is very, very good. Yes, I write all my content there. Actually I use the dictation feature on my MacBook air.  I then make any corrections necessary and add images.

      After that, I publish it directly to my site on WordPress. However, I do need to go into the WordPress back office to complete the editing phase.  It doesn’t take long. The last step is to re-publish.

      Site content is a unique feature of Wealthy Affiliate.  In all of my years online I have never come across such a convenient and easy to use tool for writing.

      It also allows me to organize my posts and articles all in one place and that turns out to be an added bonus. I highly recommend that you try it out if you are already a member at WA.  It is a time saver, for sure.

      What are you using for content writing? Do you have a favourite tool?



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