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Best Gig Economy Jobs to Earn a Few Extra Bucks

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The gig economy is defined as temporary contract or freelance work as compared to full lifetime employment. In general, it puts the worker at a disadvantage because benefits, pensions, health care and job security become a thing of the past.

I spent some time living in Japan in the 1980s and was so impressed with their lifetime employment system. The company was like family and everyone was taken care of financially. Unemployment and crime were almost non-existent.

Unfortunately, in the early 2000s, Japanese corporations decided to follow America’s example – “it’s all about the money, stupid”. Well, you know what is happening. Just take a look at the state of the “real people’s” economy in the US.

Japan isn’t far behind. The gap between the wealthy and poor is definitely widening.

However, there is a good side at the moment. We can easily find extra work to supplement meagre incomes and those folks who need a full-time salary have the flexibility to patch together a few gigs they enjoy doing.

This article will provide you with a few ideas on the best gig economy jobs available in our society. They are by far not the only ones. A recent article I read has indicated cafes and restaurants are now entering this trend too.

What I have to offer at the end of this post is a revolutionary alternative gig job which will not only provide you with extra a few extra dollars but also furnish you with a long-term stable salary – unlimited income potential under certain conditions.

So please read on. I am sure you will find this post useful in your job search and I sincerely hope one of these ideas will inspire you to change your life or at-least present situation.


6 of The Best Gig Economy Jobs


Ride-sharing Driver

Even if you aren’t a professional driver, you’ve probably heard of ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft. Nevertheless, those aren’t the only players in the marketplace, and there are now a variety of apps serving smaller or specialized ride-share needs.

Despite some controversies, ride-sharing apps seem to be here to stay, and they can be a great way to pick up a flexible side gig to earn extra money. The average ride-share driver earns $15/hour and $350/month, but some drivers make up to $2,000 a month.

There are expenses associated with being a driver such as keeping your vehicle in excellent condition which means subtracting fuel costs and maintenance for the extra wear and tear from your profits.

However, these gigs let you choose when you want to work and make money at times that best fit into your busy schedule in addition to providing you experience being an entrepreneur minus the risk.


Freelance Designer

If you are design-oriented and possess skills in the arts, you’ve probably noticed that the world around you is full of poor design. From the menu at the corner restaurant to the logo in the strip mall, many businesses desperately need help with design and are willing to pay for it.

Freelance designers do everything from design company logos and graphics, to creating and laying out documents, signs, letterheads, posters, advertisements, and other brand and promotional materials.

Breaking into the freelance design world requires a lot of hustle and networking, but entry-level freelance designers earn about $20/hour or $40K/year. Nothing to be sneezed at.

It helps to have a formal art education, but at the very least you will need expertise in one or more design software packages, particularly the Adobe Suite, so factor software into the cost of doing business.

Also, you will need a thorough understanding of resolution and colour space to design for broadcast, print, and online distribution. You can put a strong portfolio on Behance where you don’t necessarily need formal credentials or may not need a website to get you started.



Consultants are usually highly skilled experts in their subject area, with advanced degrees and years of traditional workplace experience. Becoming a consultant is a great way to turn years of experience into a lucrative side gig.

Exact job descriptions of consultants vary by industry and specialty, but usually, consultants are problem-solvers; they review and analyze problems and situations with a company, and make specific recommendations or action plans for improvements.

Because the rates differ greatly depending on sector and duties, consultant fees vary widely too, but the average consultant earns $75K/year and nearly 20% of full-time independent consultants earn over six figures a year.

Consultants rely heavily on the reputation and network they have built over the years. Personal branding and authority positioning is incredibly important in the consulting field.

Overhead costs vary by industry and may include factors like obtaining and maintaining professional licenses with ongoing education in the profession.

To sum up, consulting can be a great way to choose self-employment and still advance your career and reputation.


Tutoring and Teaching

Unlike consulting, tutoring and teaching don’t necessarily require advanced education and years of experience. You merely need to demonstrate a particularly strong skill and the ability to teach it to others.

Tutors and teachers can be hired by educational institutions to instruct students or work directly for and with students privately, helping them learn a wide variety of subjects.

From grade school through grad school, tutors are in high demand, and it’s a great way to advance your own skill and expertise in a subject while enjoying a flexible side gig. Tutors and teachers earn a median income of $150/month and $15/hour, although top earners can make up to $3K/month as a tutor.

Upfront costs for being a tutor are usually minimal, although it’s good to remember that knowing a skill and teaching it is not the same, and having some experience or education specific to education helps command the highest rates. Tutoring is also a gig where having an outgoing personality and a lot of patience can pay off.


Babysitting or Care-taking

Babysitting and nannying can be a great side gig, and the ageing population is also creating more opportunities for caretaking jobs for seniors. While these gigs often have flexible schedules, reliability is vital; they require a high degree of responsibility and accountability.

It’s also worth noting that these are jobs that are unlikely to be outsourced to a different country or be replaced by a bot any time soon, so it’s a skill set which you can benefit from for years to come. The average babysitter or caretaker earns about $100/month or $10/hour, but top earners can bring home up to $1,500 per month.

These gigs often have low startup costs or no costs at all, but many of them require a reliable vehicle. If you are caretaking for seniors, it can be helpful to have some medical training, and CPR certification is desirable in any case. These are great gigs for people who are pleasant, patient, and reliable.


Photography and Videography

While almost everyone carries a high-resolution camera in one’s pocket, not everyone can use it well. Professional photographers and videographers can still earn good money. There is a high demand for their services because images and video dominate blogs, social media, and marketing.

The primary skill involved is in using lighting, the camera, and the surrounding environment to make the subject look their best, whether it’s a portrait, a wedding, or a product. Freelance photographers and videographers earn a median salary of $100/month or $20 an hour but can earn up to $2K/month.

Depending on specialty, startup costs can often include specialty lighting, audio, or camera equipment. This is an industry where a great portfolio matters more than credentials, so it’s the right place for talented amateurs to get started.


What Do You Do Next?

The next step is to check out a few job boards or google some websites to find the best gig for yourself. I highly recommend this approach because if you are hard up for money this is what you need to do right away.

The second thing to do is read the posts I have suggested in the special recommendation section below. Just click through and you will come to more articles on digital gig jobs. This is my area of specialty.

it is especially useful for the younger generation or people who already possess some online skills. However, it is quite possible to learn an online skill very quickly these days and start earning money as a freelancer.

The final step is for people who already have some money but would like more to increase their standard of living. They have enough income to pay all the basic bills – rent, mortgage, food, utilities etc.

What you need to do is start your own online business because once it is up and running and the first few sales come in you are set for life. Please don’t stress. It’s not as difficult as you may think. It does take an investment of time and some consistency.

Thousands of people are changing their lives with this approach to the gig economy, as well as folks that are just tired of the corporate world. Affiliate businesses, e-commerce stores, e-book businesses and selling your own service or product.

If you are at this stage please click the red button to learn more about building a business online. As always, questions and comments are more than welcome. Any advice you have to about finding jobs in today’s economy on or offline are very welcome!



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