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Can I Make Money From Affiliate Marketing at WA?

Affiliate marketing entails selling another person or company’s products using various marketing methods. In return, you receive a share of the profit for selling the items. People new to this kind of work often ask themselves, “can I make money from affiliate marketing?”.

The short answer is yes. It is not only possible but many people are doing it. We often hear of the giant gurus promoting their training programs with endorsements from highly successful members. The truth is there are a lot more going quietly about their work, earning regular commissions. Some even go on to sell their websites for thousands of dollars.

I am not going to explain to you how affiliate marketing works or go into the nitty-gritty details. You can learn how to do it by reading my post titled How to Learn Online Marketing The Smart Way. The purpose of this article is to show you real life affiliate marketing success stories and then explain a little about what it takes to achieve financial freedom.

Now it is also noteworthy to understand that I am providing success examples for affiliate marketing using the authority blog method. There are numerous methods of getting traffic using affiliate marketing. For example, list building using email marketing or solely through paid advertising to name just two.

The individuals who have succeeded in my post have all started by building an authority blog in a specific niche using the methodology taught at Wealthy Affiliate. By the way, this method is also taught at some other online communities with a few minor differences.

Anyway, I want to give you the best examples possible from a source I am very familiar with. There are too many cases which are exaggerated on the internet to make it look as if riches are earned easily overnight.

This is simply not true for 99% of all affiliate marketers and I would argue it is taking longer for affiliates to become financially free than ten years ago when it was newer and easier to rank in the search engines. It is definitely doable but it requires persistence and patience.

The great news is once you learn how to earn commissions, it is like riding a bicycle. You will never forget the skill and you will be set up for life because you can build a website and earn money anytime you wish. Alright, let’s get on to the Wealthy Affiliate success stories!


Examples of WA Members Making Money From Affiliate Marketing

There are so many members making money and there are many more that are not. The reason most members are not earning an income is because they do not follow the training or they give up to soon. Everyone is at a different stage in their affiliate journey and because of their experience and abilities, there is no set time limit for success.

These days if you persist and consistently do the work by the end of a year you should see some sales. This is the hardest part, the waiting the doubting. However, afterwards it is all gravy – you will experience what we call the snowball effect and this is precisely what happened to Bthiel (WA Username).


Bthiel Joined WA in 2013 by 2018 He is Making $10,000 per Month

He has a monthly income of $10,000 but it wasn’t always that way. In the beginning, he didn’t follow the training precisely and thought he would do a few things a different way. At the end of the first year, he was not earning a penny. He made the same mistakes many newbies make.

1. He chose a niche where he “thought” he could make money instead of some thing he liked and had the potential to make money.

2. He tried to make more than one website – a big no-no as it will simple extend the amount of time to find success. Very few people can do this and succeeded in using this method.

He started over and within a few months, he had made his first sale and then he never looked back. A year and a half later he was at $5000 a month and now he predicts it will be $10,000. I did reach out to confirm his present earnings but at the time of writing I have not heard back yet.

You can read his story here:

Follow The Training and You Will Get Results


DomW Hits The JackPot on a Black Friday

DomW has been at WA since 2012, five years later he was running a million dollar a year business. His story is like so many others. He started off with a desire to earn some money online and like many of us he had his doubts not about Wealthy Affiliate’s legitimacy but concerning himself. Could he really make it work?

He chose the route you should follow by building a business around a niche other than the “make money online niche”. He uses Amazon products to make his affiliate sales or commissions. From there he had a business idea on how to help other people build their online businesses.

Now Dom wasn’t really crazy about Black Friday sales because he wanted to be different from his competitors. He skipped the two previous Black Friday events but this one year he needed the cash and decided to give it a try. He came up with a novel idea of selling ready-made niche websites with a lifetime service guarantee.

At this time he had a list of 4000 subscribers and proceeded to email all of them about his offer. Low and behold, in one weekend he made $40, 000 in sales!

It didn’t happen overnight but it he stuck with it and is reaping the rewards. Remember you are building a business and that doesn’t happen in just a week or two.

Read more about DomW’s WA success here:

A Million Dollar Story


Dylan Sold Website For $ 40,000

Here’s another success story. Dylan has been a member of WA since 2015. Recently e decided to have his website appraised, thinking it would be worth around $25, 000. He was pleasantly surprised to discover it had a value of 40,000 dollars. It was just too good to pass up.

He was also using Amazon affiliated products but he decided to write most of his posts using “best” keywords which worked wonders for his business. Google has stopped ranking all the best keywords on page one so the strategy isn’t as useful as it once was.

That is the thing about affiliate marketing the general strategies always stay the same but the finer tweaks to give folks the advantage are constantly changing. His new strategy is to build out content with thorough FAQ on his sites. Anyway, in addition to all of the commissions he has made over the years, there was this bonus of selling his website.

To learn more about Dylan’s story go to this page:

Website Sold For $40,000


Little Mamma is Presently Building Her Success Story

Little mamma’s story is really wonderful. She is mainly promoting the Wealthy Affiliate training program. She also earns some money from advertising and other affiliate programs. I rejoined WA in 2018 and I have been following her progress ever since.

Her website is 23 months old at the time of this writing. She was earned about $800 in the month of March 2018. It is now August and her income for July was $4,373. This is the snowball effect I was talking about. Really amazing. So it’s taken her almost two years to reach a full-time income online.

The future is really bright for her. There is no limit to how much she can make. It has probably taken her a little longer than if she had chosen a different niche. WA is the make money online niche which takes longer to rank for keywords. In any event, she has done incredibly well.

She has a lot of success blogs but here is the latest:

It’s Amazing How Fast Income Can Rise


Concluding With A Few Important Points

These are all ordinary folks. They started with no affiliate marketing skills. They went through the training applying what they learned along the way. They continued to persist and be patient and they are being rewarded now for their efforts. This is how a real online business is built.

It takes time. You will not do it overnight. The gurus who promise the sun and the moon are misleading you. They never tell you how long it took them to find the correct formula. You must believe in the process. It works. It works at Wealthy Affiliate and it works at other reputable online communities.

“It just doesn’t happen immediately.”

I have only mentioned four success stories. However, there are many more. Many members are quiet about their monetary successes. There are lots of folks making small amounts, others like Little Mamma (on her way up) and some like DomW. I suggest visiting WA and registering for the free Starter Program at absolutely zero cost.

Once inside the platform do a search for success stories and you will get a feel for exactly how many people are doing well and if you can do the same thing. Actually, I would say 99% of people can do this. We all have different skill levels or ability. We learn at different rates.

That’s why it takes different time spans for different people to reach certain financial thresholds. The great news is though everyone that sticks with it eventually makes a success of their business.

You can read a full review of Wealth Affiliate here or if you would like to check out more WA success stories register below for FREE and do a simple search from within the platform.


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2 thoughts on “Can I Make Money From Affiliate Marketing at WA?”

  1. People who don’t know about this are really missing out. Kyle and Carson; founders of WA were truly intelligent and wise to both-keep it running and be a help for all website makers. At the same time that one works to maintain their website, one earns. Not everyone truly does this with intelligence. I believe it’s a double win. The support system or team; is so responsive. It is just amazing. Freedom all the way.

    1. Hey Linda,

      Thanks very much. I do agree with you. WA is a great place to start a business. Although, I do disagree with Kyle & Carson’s decisions from time to time they have done a wonderful job of creating and developing the platform.

      I have no reservations about recommending Wealthy Affiliate to people who want to earn money online.

      All The Best,


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