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Discover How to Make Money as a ClickBank Affiliate

Introduction to What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a website that retails products to consumers and offers sellers the benefits of a built-in affiliate network. It helps customers find unique lifestyle products and services while allowing creators to turn their passion into a business.

At the same time, online marketers can find high-demand products to promote (that’s where we come into the picture).

Furthermore, the company is a top 100 internet retailer, with over $3 billion in sales to date, serving a total of 200 million plus customers around the world. I first became aware of the company in the early two thousands but it was founded in 1998.

It is an exceptional service for affiliate marketers especially those who are new to making money online because it has an easy to use platform and most products available for affiliates to sell are digital.

This post which was mostly written by a writer from Human Proof Designs will give you an overall view of the company with special emphasis on the Clickbank affiliate program. However, to use ClickBank, you will need your own website or blog.

You can learn for FREE how to build your own blog and promote affiliate products with companies like ClickBank at a community named Wealthy Affiliate.

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Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification


ClickBank for Entrepreneurs

For product creators and sellers, ClickBank offers a variety of services, including:

  1. An internal legal compliance review
  2. Guidance and advice with:
    1. Product materials
    2. Sales funnel
    3. Marketing and promotional copy
    4. Product pricing

Entrepreneurs also have access to ClickBank’s:

  • Account support
  • Global Reach
  • Customer support
  • Reliable affiliate network
  • Fraud detection services

ClickBank charges creators a one-time fee of $49.95 per product and $1.00 + 7.5% per sale.


How Does the ClickBank Affiliate Program Work?

The ClickBank affiliate program is easy to join. You sign up, become an affiliate, choose products to promote, generate your links, and start earning.

Specifically, there are a few details about the ClickBank affiliate program worth noticing


Per-product Commissions

Commissions are determined by the product owner when they set up the product pages so that commissions can vary from 1%-100%. 50% -70% is a typical percentage range and seems to be the level preferred by the company as a whole (ClickBank says 50% is the average), but affiliates need to look at the terms for each product


Commission Tiers

There are different commission rates for products sold within upsell flows and products sold outside of upselling streams.

Because some products have JV Upsell contracts, upsell flow rates, product rates, and account rates, it can be difficult to tell which commission applies to a specific purchase.

ClickBank has a commission hierarchy that vendors can use to determine which standards apply.


The Customer Distribution Requirement

ClickBank will not release funds to any affiliate until they have completed at least five sales using at least two different payment methods. This is intended to prevent people from earning affiliate rewards on their purchases, and once this threshold is met, payments begin as usual.


Pay Periods

You can choose to get paid weekly, or every two weeks. In either case, you will get paid approximately two weeks after the end of that pay period.


Payment Threshold

The minimum payout threshold is $10, but the default is $100. You can adjust the threshold to any amount over $10 that you prefer.



From every payout, ClickBank withholds a $2.50 processing fee, and a percentage of your total balance as a return allowance.


Return Allowance

The Return allowance is another term for the percentage of your funds that ClickBank withholds, to offset the risk that customers will chargeback, or return items and the purchase price will be refunded. If a customer requests a refund, both the product seller and the affiliate have to return their earnings to ClickBank. Instead of seeking refunds, ClickBank holds a percentage of an affiliate’s balance for 12 weeks before releasing it. The standard Return Allowance percentage is 10%, but ClickBank may adjust the return allowance as needed.



There are a few small fees for dormant affiliate accounts and the like, so it’s best to read the fine print.

If you use ClickBank’s HopLink generator, it has a 60-day cookie window. HopLinks not only track purchases to your account using your link, but they have an optional Tracking ID field. This field can be beneficial for affiliates, because it allows you to track sales by channel, campaign, offer, or initiative, to more accurately measure which methods are most effective for you.



How Much Can a Person Earn as a ClickBank Affiliate?

As with any marketing job, there is a vast range of income between different ClickBank affiliates. Some claim to earn $300/month, others over $500,000 a year, and some are happy with $1,200 a year in passive income. All agree that you can make money off of ClickBank, provided you choose the right products and use the right approach. The question is how much.

To make the best money as a ClickBank affiliate, it’s essential to:

Look for Good Products
Choose products with up-to-date, detailed, well-written landing pages that have a high probability of converting for your niche.

Choose Products With High Commissions

Look at the cost and commission per sale, and the price and commission for rebills. Recurring payments can be a great source of passive income, so find products with good commissions on rebills.

Choose Products With High Gravity

“Gravity” score represents the number of affiliates who have made commissions on that product in the previous 12 days. While it may seem like you want a number with low gravity to reduce competition, gravity indicates the popularity and sales potential of the product. High gravity scores are best.

ClickBank seems like a streamlined solution for modern entrepreneurs on both sides of the equation. Product creators need high-trafficked sites and much visibility to launch new products, and they may not always have experience in online marketing, e-commerce, and everything else that goes into selling successful items.

With ClickBank and a healthy commission, entrepreneurs can worry about their product and their customer, and not have to worry about marketing. On the other hand, affiliate marketers are continually looking for great products with healthy commissions and are ready to help promote quality products to their subscribers and followers.

ClickBank does a great job of uniting these two groups and helping both. If one looks closely, yes, some of their fees seem excessive or unnecessary (a $1.00 per transaction “stocking fee” for digital products? Up to $50 per pay period for unused affiliate accounts? Really?), but they are providing a service and need to make their money somehow.



I have used ClickBank for a number of years. As my writer suggests the fees are steep especially for new affiliates. However, once you start making money your costs can be easily covered.

Furthermore, as your skills develop and success grows you can make your own digital products or have them created for you which is the ultimate in making money on ClickBank.

However, I encourage everyone new to ClickBank to take a look at my community or one like it because there is much to know about selling products and services on the web. Joining an all-in-one community will provide you with all the tools and training required to become a successful entrepreneur.

You can find one that offers you a 30-day money back guarantee or a FREE starter course to see if you really want to pursue an online business. Why waste money if you are uncertain about the program you wish to join?


Wealthy Affiliate Community


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