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Drop Ship Lifestyle Review



A Few Words About Drop Ship Lifestyle Before We Start …

Anton Kraly’s Drop Ship Lifestyle is a step-by-step program enabling you to build a legitimate online business. It is drop shipping at its best because of the way the system works allowing you to create a real profitable entity by the time you have finished the course.

The motto is drop shipping made easy, however, this doesn’t mean there is no work involved unless you purchase a ready-made package which is my recommended option for those with the funds. Doing this by yourself requires effort and persistence like any other venture on the internet.

Easy to me means the course is well organized and thought out, simple to follow with free and paid assistance available to those who need it. The approach is different from many other drop shipping companies in that you will have a unique store based on a research method that increases your chances of being profitable.

There are a few online owners who I respect and admire because they are down to earth, sincere and honest with a strong desire to help others better themselves. Anton is one of these 5 or 6 people I can recommend to my readers as an excellent mentor and coach.

I do own the program and I have worked my way through several of the units. I stopped because of my personal financial situation. I was in a place where I needed an almost zero cost option to pursue. However, I know there are plenty of folks around where a few thousand dollars is nothing to spend.

This is a great program for those folks with cash if you’d like a business where you can actually have some contact with the real world via calls to suppliers or for dealing with customers. This would also benefit the older generation, especially who may find modern methods of doing business online uncomfortable.


Anton’s Drop Ship Lifestyle Synopsis

Name: Drop Ship Lifestyle


Price: $1297, $1497, $4,997 (US dollars)

Owners: Anton Kraly

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Affiliation: Purchased Premium Package @ $ 1, 497

Verdict: Legitimate, High Quality, Excellent Value



Who is Drop Ship Lifestyle For?

The product is targeted at three groups of people. The basic program is for people who are still unsure if a drop shipping eCommerce website is for them. This gives you a chance to wet your feet and see what’s involved. It is possible to upgrade at any time.

Premium is described as having the best value and provides access to the core training, software, and communities. This is all you need if you are going it alone. At some stage, you may need to purchase some coaching. Fast Business Forum access comes with the package which is quite helpful.

The third service is the all done for you package and it includes everything with a full year of coaching. Anton’s sister designs and builds the website. I’ve only ever heard good things about her work. This is obviously for those with little time and much money.


“Time is money so I would recommend the complete package to those who can afford it. The pay back will more than make up for the investment.”


Who Do I Think Will Benefit?

My perspective on this is a little different from owners of online businesses doing the marketing because I believe character or personality is something which should be taken in to account. This business does not only involve sitting behind a computer.

Introverts or painfully shy folks need to take into account that you will need to interact with the suppliers and customers at-least at the beginning. So if you fall into this category and feel uncomfortable cold calling on the telephone you will need to work through it or find a partner to do it or eventually outsource that part of the business.

I think people who love communicating with others in person and want a mixture of offline and online business tasks will excel at this type of work. Now introverts can absolutely be successful with the drop shipping business model, I am just saying please be aware of what’s involved before making a purchase.

Skills are learned throughout the course that will last a lifetime. I believe that anyone can do well if you follow the program and get help when stuck. Like any new venture success is not guaranteed the first time but starting off with reputable training certainly increases your chances.


How You Will Benefit From Drop Ship Lifestyle

Anton Will Show You How

  • to find the best products within your chosen niche to sell.
  • to earn $300 or more per sale; large ticket items mean less work.
  • to get approved with the best suppliers; a difficult task made easier.
  • to build a long-term sustainable business which you may be able to sell.
  • to advertise so buyers find your store.
  • to build a website which converts at a rate well above average.
  • to compete and win with established brands.
  • to automate order processing and outsource tasks.


Anton Will Show You How to Build Your Business Without

  • drop shipping from China
  • having to sell cheap products
  • running FaceBook Ads
  • selling on Amazon
  • quitting your job,
  • making a huge investment (well, I think $5000 is a huge investment for some of us)
  • maxing out your credit cards (well that’s relative, isn’t it?)
  • learning a single line of code


Drop Ship Lifestyle Courses & Resources


Inside of Drop Ship Lifestyle Backoffice



The Basic Dropship Blueprint Course

This is a step-by-step guide to creating your very own profitable, semi-automated e-commerce store. There are seven task-oriented modules (41 lessons) which guide you through the necessary actions needed to be successful such as:

  • Selecting a winning niche.
  • Conducting “smart” market research (saving precious wasted time).
  • Creating your own customer & SEO friendly website.
  • Convincing the best “gold” ranked dropship suppliers to work you.
  • Optimizing your site to increase conversion rates leading to more sales.
  • Getting additional traffic from alternative sources.
  • Automating your new online business to help you live the “lifestyle” you desire.
  • 7 Bonus Training Lessons


Google Ad Words For E-commerce Course

Learn how to target your buyers and launch campaigns. This has always been Anton’s highest converting source of traffic. When finished you will be able to successfully run text, product listing, re-marketing and display network ads.

Three modules with 25 lessons covering:

  • Adwords & Sales Funnels (with metrics, tracking, installation, and segmentation).
  • Product Listing Ads (including creating product feeds, a merchant account and diagnosing common errors).
  • Search Text And Display Ads (which includes a secret weapon for text ads).


Social Media Paid Traffic Course

In this course, you will discover how to drive quality traffic from social media to your store. Each online business has a unique approach and drop shipping is no exception. There are six sections with 38 lessons covering:

  • Marketing Fundamentals For Social Media
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Putting It All Together


Shopify Video Course

Shopify is a Canadian company from my hometown well know for its e-commerce platform. DSL uses this Shopify to create its stores. Anton has found it to be the best of all the available businesses. The series will walk you through the complete setup and includes two bonus lessons.

There are 11 lessons which cover topics such as:

  • Domain names
  • Creating collections
  • Uploading products
  • Adding pages & blog posts
  • Creating menus and navigations
  • Theme customizations (you get the free DSL theme to use)
  • App store & discount codes
  • Test orders/Reports/Analytics


Doing Business Abroad

There are many folks from outside the United States that would like to do business within the U.S. This course helps you to get started. There are a fair number of Canadians for example who need to set up the biz a little differently. There are also American citizens living overseas who have built successful stores.

Learn about:

  • Business Set up
  • Supplier Contact and Approval
  • Pricing Your Products
  • Shipping Your Products
  • Marketing


Outsourcing For E-commerce

Templates with instructions are available for anyone who wants outsource parts of their business. The goal of Drop Ship Lifestyle is to help you create a semi-automated enterprise so you can enjoy the lifestyle you want. A few of the topics covered are as follows:

  • Why and when you should outsource
  • What you should and shouldn’t outsource
  • Where to find the best VA/Freelancers for success
  • How to Set Up Your Virtual Assistant for Success
  • Outsourcings SOP’s and downloads.


Inbox Funnels

I am not sure if this course is active at the moment. When I click on it in my back office I get sent to the coaching program. The course is described as teaching you how to use advanced email marketing automation.

What that means is using autoresponders and other software to build a list of email addresses in which you can market to possibly saving you the expense of advertising.


Membership Site Masters

This course is open for enrollment once a year. It instructs members on how to build an information product business based on their passion. So if you operate an e-commerce store selling physical dog products you could create a new membership related to puppies providing all sorts of useful digital information.

It seems to be trendy right now. Other well-known marketers like Mike Dillard are using it in their teaching models. The good point is receiving reoccurring income. The negative side is it is not included in the original cost of DSL. Last year, the charge to be a member was $997 U.S. dollars.


Other Resources Available

Web Design Services are available for all members. The DSL team will design and create an e-commerce store for you with the Shopify platform. There is a basic ($997) and advanced design ($1297). The differences are significant but it is worth the extra three hundred dollars.

Shopify is the go-to platform for Anton and anyone joining through Drop Ship Lifestyle receives a 21-day free trial (usually 14 days) and a 10% discount for the first year. You can check out Shopify pricing on their website.

Grasshopper is a phone system for entrepreneurs. You can get your own toll free number and virtual assistants at reasonable prices. Local or national numbers are supplied and it works with your existing smartphone. Visit the how it works and features page for more information.

Members deals are provided for the DSL community. I won’t explain the details in this post but here is a list: Shopify, Grasshopper, Privy, Klaviyo, Norton Shopping Guaranteed, Lucky Orange and My USA Corporation. All of these are extra paid services you may need on top of the training costs.


6 Figure Coaching & Support at Drop Ship LifeStyle

Private Coaching consists of two systems. The first is group coaching once a month for 90 minutes at a cost of $97 per month. The second is one on one coaching for two hours per month at a cost of $297 per month. It also includes one group coaching call. There are three or four other minor features included.

Fast Business Forum has over 40,000 posts and 5,000 members. Topics include everything related to creating a drop shipping business. There are also a few success threads which are very popular with members who have started from scratch and succeeded in building very profitable stores.

Drop Ship Labs was created with the beginner in mind. It gives newbies a chance to see if this is the right business model for them. You have free access to the lab if you have a dropship lifestyle membership but you can pay a small amount to enter also if you don’t. I started off there and paid $97 at the time.

FaceBook Groups is a private community. Membership in Labs or Lifestyle automatically gets you in. Like many FB Groups members help each other when they have difficulties. There is also a DSL Ambassadors FB group in the works. I am not sure if it is free or if there will be a charge.

Kewl Tip: Anton has a strong Youtube presence. I suggest you check it out to see what you think before joining. You can also pick up a lot of useful information from his videos lessons.

Anton Kraly’s Story on Youtube    (Anton tells you why he got into dropshipping).

This is an interesting youtube video which gives the other side of the story. It is about why a member decided to stop promoting Drop Ship LifeStyle.



My Final Opinion of Drop Ship Lifestyle

This is a high quality, legitimate program which I highly recommend to anyone who desires to build an e-commerce store using the drop shipping method. The system works and produces successful store owners. I have read a couple of the success threads in the forum and spoken to one of the coaches directly.

The courses in the back-office are easy to follow and Anton is a natural instructor. I am a former ESL teacher myself and I have experience with good and poor online instructors. Although I have never spoken to his sister directly I have read the FB comments and she is well-liked and praised for the work she does on designing and building sites for members.

The missing ingredient for success will be you. I have written numerous times the intangibles are what will determine your success – the education, the training, the information, the support are all here – you need to bring the persistence, dedication, willingness to learn the drop shipping business and ability as with any legitimate online business venture.

The only thing I don’t agree with is the price of DSL coaching. Anton may deserve $100 an hour but his other coaches certainly do not. It is way too much. I think the same for most online coaching, not just his program. I understand some people have the money to pay but it is a rip off – at-least in the early stages of developing a business.

I think $50 an hour is more than sufficient for beginner coaching. I base this on my direct experience with his program. However, this should not deter you from joining Drop Ship Lifestyle. Those of you that are on a tight budget can easily get the help you need from other sources of support and making friends with other community members.

Also, to be fair I think he has tried to address this issue by having the lower cost group coaching sessions once a month. I would suggest he has free live group coaching sessions once a week like in our WA community and then offer private help at an extra cost for those who can afford it.


My Verdict: LEGIT (Buy It If You Want to Be a Successful Drop Shipper)


Alternative Business Model:  Blog Your Way to A Full-time Income for $30 a Month.

6 thoughts on “Drop Ship Lifestyle Review”

  1. Hi, Kewl. Great, thorough post on Drop Ship Lifestyle. I’m interested in drop shipping and in having an commerce store, but I’m limited by my budget. I wish I wasn’t because you don’t come across a good, legitimate business opportunity like this everyday. I guess it’s true that quality costs money, and it’s a lot less expensive that many other business opportunities. I’ll see if i can save up for it in the next year or so.

    1. Thanks Grant! Anton is the one to learn the business from. The problem is his business is growing and as happens with so many others the prices go up and they sometimes lose that  “personal touch”. 

      I have watched his training business grow and he is starting to use guru selling techniques more and more. It is a shame people feel they need to resort to that way of doing business. I think that is why he got misled on the cost of coaching and had to add the group coaching option at a lower price.

      Group coaching isn’t really coaching it should be included free with the program like other business models do. Anyway, it is excellent training. I do highly recommend it and his heart is in the right place. 

      Maybe after earning some seed money through WA you could start an e-commerce store. It’s best to diversify anyhow. Makes good business sense. I am using WA to build a strong foundation (website) that will last for years to come but I do plan to pursue other business models in the future.

      Best of luck,


  2. Harvey Brown

    Helo Kewl, very well laid out review. I have heard about drop shipping and especially Shopify. I am not sure I would want to lay out that amount of funding, especially when Shopify does provide training. Like many one of the reasons I joined Wealthy Affiliate because of their pricing.
    For a while I was wondering if Drop ship Lifestyle had any negatives. You had mentioned the pricing, but towards the end of your review you did mention others. Thanks

    1. Thanks Harvey.

      I appreciate the comment – I’m glad you could get some value from the review. I hear you about the cost. I am at WA especially for that reason – affordability. I think we are spoilt a bit with the quality of training.

      Good luck as you move forward.



  3. Thanks for the review Kewl.

    I have been skating around the edges of websites, online businesses and online selling for a while now and struggle to find legitimate online training so it is good to see a positive product review for a change.

    I will take your advice and go check out Anton’s youtube videos then see where it leads.

    1. Hi Remy,

      Sound like a plan. Here’s a link to Anton Kraly’s videos on Youtube. If you need anymore information please let me know. I am still a member and I can tell you who a couple of the successful members are ( to follow 🙂 ).



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