FB Audience Blaster 4.0

FB Audience Blaster, Is It Here to Stay?

What is FB Audience Blaster 4.0?

FB Audience Blaster is a scraping software developed by Thomas Lee (which may be an alias, I am not sure) of Vietnam. Scrapers have the ability to gather specific information from the web, in this case, FaceBook. I first noticed the ad in my gmail account. Because I have a business page on FB I decided to investigate.


What I Found Out About Thomas Lee?

Not much really. There is a photo of him on the sales page and also on FaceBook. However, my attempts to reach his listed website says it is suspended. I did a search of whois to confirm the owner’s name and it was registered to a Vietnamese national in the state of Dong Nai.

The geolocation of the IP address is situated in the United States which may mean a VPN is being used to mask the original location of the site or owner. It could also mean that is where the nameservers are located.

On a FaceBook page it states the company exists in Singapore but none of the links led me to a website or an about me page to find out more about him. It has 793 likes and 826 followers. The FB Audience Blaster closed group has members’ totaling 1,198.

The other interesting fact I discovered was the Vietnamese language being used in some posts. This occurred again when I visited a blackhat blog and noticed at the end of the sales pitch in very good English some Vietnamese language is used. In addition to this, I was brought to a cryptocurrency site owned by a Thomas Lee.

[And the next day, that same company advertising the cryptocurrency (the XYO network) started placing ads in my Gmail account – truly scary stuff. Once again, absolutely zero information about the owners.]


How Much Does It Cost?

At the time of writing this article, there are four different payment plans. Each one covers a license for 1 personal computer. Price is determined by how much support you would like.

There are 3, 6 and 12 month support packages as well as an offer FB Audience Blaster 4.0 By Thomas Leefor a lifetime license (available for a limited time only). Prices are set at $37, $47, $67 and $97 respectively.

I first thought that it was a one time charge but after clicking through to PayPal the fine print states that you will be re-charged automatically at the end of each respective time period unless you cancel first.

No credit card is required but you must have a PayPal account to make the purchase. Also, according to the site the price is only available for the first ten people who visit the sales page and make a purchase.

I get the uncanny sense that some of the endorsements are fake due to the names and English used.

Although some reviews claim there is a 30-day satisfaction guaranteed refund policy, I couldn’t find any information about it on the sales page or at PayPal.

What I did find was a 7-day return policy at the discretion of the vendor (Thomas Lee). PayPal also indicated this product is sold in conjunction with JV Zoo which is well known in the internet marketing industry.


What Does FB Audience Blaster 4.0 Actually DO?

First, I have not bought FB Audience Blaster and I would never do so. It is not my cup of tea, although, I understand there exists a whole group of niche marketers that would. I am not discouraging people from using this product because people will always do what they want to do but later in my opinion section I will explain why I won’t buy it.

I am listing the features as advertised on their sales page and from other reviews but I have purchased similar products before (a scraper for a business venture) and I think with my 10 years of online experience, trying hundreds of internet marketing tools and services I am qualified to draw some conclusions without making this purchase.


How Does it Work?

The software retrieves the following information after entering a keyword you are interested in:

  • FB UserIds
  • Members Full Names
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers

It has the ability to scan page & groups, group members’ info, posts, and post interactions to get the user information. Some info is also returned about the person’s website address and whether it is open or closed.

More specifically:

It scraps FB User Ids, full name, email address & phone number from the FB Fanpage.

It gathers all valid public email addresses and telephone numbers from FB Groups and Profiles at a rate of 3% to %5.

Lastly, it removes any duplicate content.


How Can You Use This Information to Your Benefit?

This question bothered me initially. What could you do with the public email addresses? The owner says you can target people with specific interests. For example, if you gather the public email addresses from an affiliate marketing group of people you can target them with products and services they may be interested in.

I suppose this means you can email the offer directly to the addressee. In which case, there are serious ethical and legal issues. Another use is to sell the list of public email addresses to businesses who need it for marketing which again is a questionable practice and lastly the info. gathered directly from fan pages can be imported to FaceBook custom audience.

In the final example, you would need to learn how to advertise on FaceBook which will cost you money. I have been experimenting a little with FB paid advertising recently and it isn’t cheap at the beginning. There is a learning curve which needs to be mastered before being able to maximize your returns.

So I think the potential is there to make money using FB Audience Blaster if you know what you are doing and are careful not to trigger any red flags with the associated authorities.


What is My Opinion?

The Risk Is Yours

Let’s look at the practical side first. This is a short-term monetary solution. Google, FaceBook, Twitter, and governments all regulate against this method of gathering personal information. Therefore, the chances of beginners getting caught and being penalized in some form I believe is high.Man On A High Wire

The tech savy “hotshots” will be able to stay a step ahead of the authorities. Always moving onto the next best way to skirt the rules and make money but for most of us we’ll get caught and have to start our business over. For example, FaceBook may decide to ban you from advertising on their platform.

Next this falls into the blackhat category of marketing which means companies do not approve of the methods and usually regulate against them.

Scrapping is a blackhat technique. FB Audience blaster is both advertised and discussed on some black hat forums and blogs.

Thirdly, this kind of practice shows poor business ethics. Leaders need to show good judgment when it comes to ethics. In our case, it is unethical to steal people’s personal information and that is exactly what scrapers do. In certain cases, it is also illegal.

Why is this important? For your reputation in the future. People need to know that as a business owner they can trust you and that will only happen if you build that trust. Why not build an email list the proper way with people’s permission? It’ll be your list for years to come; with FB Blaster it could be taken away at any time.

How About The Product, Itself?

Well, I am sorry to Mr. Lee (if that’s his real name) but I just won’t buy his products because I don’t trust him. There is no transparency. I could not find any information to verify who he really is. His website is suspended and the information I did find lists him as selling cryptocurrency and living in Vietnam. Although FaceBook says its Singapore and another site says, San Diego.

The endorsements are dubious. Marc Jacobs is a CEO of Elite. The English he uses in the endorsement has profanity and the structure, word choice and grammar is atrocious. I am a former EFL instructor and I can tell you a native English speaker did not write that review.

Actually, the whole sales page was quite amateurish. His FB group is locked – secret which is another alarm bell. There are probably good reasons for that because this kind of product is best kept under the radar.

It is a shame because whoever has developed this software is obvious quite gifted. I expect he or she has not been in marketing for long and has been influenced by the wrong sorts of marketers. Producing legitimate marketing software would really help him to make a name for himself in the industry.

Too much risk for me. I want to build a business once the right way so in the future I do not have to start over again but instead enjoy financial freedom without worrying about losing my business because of questionable practices.


What Do I Recommend?

Software Name: FB Audience Blaster 4.0

Product Purpose: Personal/Public Information Scraper

Developer: Thomas Lee (possible alias)

Price: 3 mths @$37, 6 mths @ $47, 12mths @ $67, Lifetime @ $97 (US dollars)

Difficulty: Looked easy to use in sales videos.

Provided Training: Says Step by Step – Not sure about quality.

Customer Support: Live chat on sales page, email at PayPal check-out. Be careful.

My Affiliation: None, nada, never in a million years.

Final Verdict: Questionable Legitimacy. Not recommended. Buy at Your Own Risk.

Website: FBAudienceBlaster.com


I know there are people out there that disagree with me. They would rather game the system with whatever advantage they can because they believe it is smart. If you are one of those people please go ahead and buy the product. I sincerely wish you all the best. Making money online can be challenging and there is a steep learning curve. Everyone must follow their own path.

However, if you are more like me and would like to do things correctly the first time I highly recommend you do one of two things. Check out my review section which has a variety of honest make money online programs. You will most likely find something to your liking.

Alternatively, you can join me and thousands of others at my business. It is the community I belong to and promote as I know it works for many members’ and the people and owners are really exceptional. You can learn more about it first by reading the articles I have posted explaining the features and benefits of Wealthy Affiliate.

As usual please let me know if you have any comments or questions. Anyone who has bought this product and disagrees with my opinions let us know below. Has anybody tried a similar product? What is your opinion on scrapers?




6 thoughts on “FB Audience Blaster, Is It Here to Stay?”

  1. Hi Kewi,

    Thanks for the heads up with your FB audience blaster info. I have to agree with you it does sound like a piece of software that’s certainly on the dark side.

    When you have ‘real fans’ on a facebook page and can create real relationships. Marketing to them it’s far easier if they found you rather then you seeking them out. Not at all random – which a scraper would produce.

    Ads help to build a targeted pixel list and from there it’s a whole other ball game….

    1. Thanks, Toni!

      I agree it is best to build “social relationships” with the followers. Real relationships. However, I think with this software they will take the information and target the scrapped profiles with paid for ads. They can use keywords to zero in on potential customer interests. Then target those people with products they may be interested in.

      And I think I read they use the email addresses to identify and target the specific profiles on FB. So they aren’t really looking for followers. Have I gotten this wrong?

      FaceBook is also at fault here – because they have a responsibility to protect our personal information. Of course, they make money off of it so why would they do anything? Similar to the election fiasco. They actually have to be forced to do the right thing.

      Wow, I didn’t know about FB Pixel – putting a piece of code on your website that lets you measure, optimize and build audiences for advertising campaigns. I guess it serves a similar purpose to the scrapper only we need to let our readers know what we are doing – full disclosure.

      Thanks so much.


  2. Is what FB Audience Blaster does even legal? Sounds like it would definitely go against the new GDPR rules when it comes to peoples’ information and privacy online. What do you think?

    So the program lets you collect information, including email addresses, so you can then spam people with promotions who never gave consent to be on your email list?


    While I can see some benefits to what this tool can do (if it indeed works), there’s something rather unethical about it all.

    1. Hi Darren – I believe it breaks many rules and regulations and with the GDPR it is definitely illegal to harvest personal information without people’s consent. These tools have been around for years. I don’t use them with my business. 

      I think FB (European Union) etc should be able to targeting people using these tools instead of honest ethical marketers such as ourselves.

      The thing about black-hat tools is the good guys always catch-up meaning the bad guys lose money and then need to come up with a new tool. There is no consistency & their business source of income can be wiped out at anytime with no warnings.


  3. Thanks for the great product review Devan. It is somewhat of a concern that such software exists to retrieve this type of information from Facebook users.

    I can’t see the benefits of using a software like this, even if you were to directly email an affiliate offer to these people, your open rate (and click through) is going to be incredibly low since there is no trust or rapport built with these people.

    1. Thank-you Cem! I agree 100%. It’s amazing I had a scammer target me already because of this post. They were able to scrap my information from FB (including credit card). I was lucky security at my bank caught it within 24 hours. Stay away from FB.ME chat too.



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