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How to Build an Opt In Email List From Scratch


I first discovered how to build an opt in email list from Anik Segal. His model is just one of many which have a number of similarities; the basics are the same, however, the methods used to collect the emails may differ. I highly suggest if you are looking for a program to join and help you build your first list read my review of Inbox BluePrint. Those of you new to the technique please continue reading to get a feel for the process.


First Choose an Email List Business Idea

Every business needs a theme. I have already written in detail on how to discover the best work from home business ideas so I won’t rehash that here. What I will say is competition really doesn’t matter so much when using an opt-in website page. Landing or capture pages have one purpose – to collect email addresses.

My website relies on search engine optimization so it’s important to think about competition when writing content because my hope is to rank high up in the search engines. On the other hand, a one-page website like an opt-in page will never rank high enough to attract traffic.

Different traffic sources will be used to attract your visitors. Therefore, you can enter very competitive niches and still do really well right off the bat. The one thing you want to avoid is entering an obscure or unprofitable niche. For example, I once started a business on hermit crabs. It was a very small, unprofitable niche.


Free Marketing Gifts an Important Part of the Equation

Everyone likes “free stuff” and what better way to entice people to give up their email addresses than to offer them a gift at no charge. It is important to get this right as it will determine the level of belief they have for you. Offering them something of value with quality will build their trust and means they will be open to buying from you again.

So, what do you use? Well, you want to deliver something which provides a sample of what your newsletter has to offer. Anik suggests a modest display of your knowledge with meaningful information. He has done extensive testing and from his vast experience recommends a few tips or tricks that provide quick, tangible results.Example of a Free Report Cover With a Woman Using a Computer

There are three approaches you can take when creating the marketing gift. First, you can pay someone to make it. Second, you can write it yourself and third, you can combine the two. In addition, there may be the odd online business program that automatically produces content you can use.

Writing a short report yourself is the most difficult but the positive benefit is you control authenticity. Outsourcing can be expensive but freelancing companies such as can provide members who will do it for a reasonable price. Be careful when choosing your freelancer.

The combination route means using a company such as PLR Assassin which has downloadable digital products available to its members which may be used in any way you wish depending on the accompanying license. I have personally found the materials at this particular company to be a little outdated and of questionable quality.


Lead Capture Page Design Needs to Dazzle Your Viewers

The lead capture page or opt-in page is what grabs your readers attention. It not only needs to be visually pleasing, it must have captivating copy (that is titles, sub-headings, and call to action). These work in union with the free gift persuading many readers to give up their email.

Today it is so much easier to create landing pages because the software is automated and experts have ready-made templates available. Business owners even help with the copy by offering swipe files – a collection of headlines and script that has proven to be successful in the past. You need only make a few tweaks here and there.

ClickFunnels is probably one of the most well-known companies to come onto the scene recently. I tried it and was impressed with the ease of use. I really liked it and it is not easy to impress me. I stopped because of the cost and I decided to take my business in a different direction. Leadpages is good also and cheaper last time I checked.


Get Quality Traffic Fast: Money vs Time

The next step in the process is what causes the most frustration. This is the first point where the entrepreneur may feel like giving up either because the number of website visitors is few or they are going about attracting traffic the wrong way. It can be frustrating and a game stopper for many.

The choice you have here is time or money. I have spent years online and I highly recommend if you can afford to go for the paid traffic. The reason is it is more targeted towards your audience saving you time and money in the long run. Those of us on tight budgets often spend months or years before making our first sale.

This doesn’t mean it is easy. There is a learning curve for using paid traffic methods too but I figure if you can pay for traffic then you can afford to hire experts to run your campaign or a coach to teach you. Online communities usually include such training in their membership.


Showing Free and Paid Traffic Resources


Emails & List Relationships Another Part of The Puzzle

The emails which you send your list is what will further build a relationship of trust with the subscriber. You need to have at-least ten emails prepared before launching your opt-in page. Now, Anik is a hugely successful business person but I kind of disagree with part of his advice. I find the number of emails he sends me extremely annoying at times.

However, he is a millionaire and he says it works while I am still on my journey to fame. Emails should consist of three types: content, relationship and promotional. I have no issue with this. I think it is a smart strategy. He says we should send out emails every single day. I have experienced this firsthand from him and as I said I don’t like it.

I think you will find what works best for your business. You want to protect your list. They are your bread and butter so you need to find out what works and what doesn’t. Quizzes are very popular now in the marketing world. Actually, I didn’t mention it earlier but there is such a thing as a quiz opt-in page which has impressive opt-in rates.

So you could send your list a quiz which questions related to content desire and frequency. The Ask Method uses this to find specific niches within a niche to target and apparently, it increases profitability and retention rates and overall list contentment. It means you can divide your list and send them information or offers tailored to their wants.


Payday Secrets and Tactics to Expand Earnings

The whole point of having a list is to make money. In the marketing world we talk about monetization; setting up a blog, website or list to sell products to our audience. There are ways to start making income immediately to cover expenses. I teach people to sign up at UserTesting to pay for our WA community membership.

In your case, you could pay for solo-ads. This is an email which you create. It is sent to another marketers ezine list and as part of the email, you promote your opt-in page (free gift). Now once, the person subscribes to your list and receives the free report you can promote a digital product on the back-end (Thank-you page).

A small portion of the people will make the purchase. You can use the proceeds to buy more solo ads and to continue building your list. The process is really is that simple.

What products do you promote to your list? Well, most folks start off with affiliate marketing – that is what I specialize in using authority websites to promote items. However, it works the same way with lists. You register as an affiliate. They provide you with a tracking ID which you use in your emails or website.

You collect a percentage of the total sale. Others ways to increase income potential is to create a product or have one specially made for you to sell. You may decide to use event or webinar marketing in addition to your list. Finally, offering bonuses always increases conversions.


What You Need to Do Next

What I have explained in this article is a brief overview of what building an email opt-in list involves. Honestly, it is only about 1% of everything you need to learn. Beginners should join an all-inclusive training community which is centered around building while you learn. Lurn owned and operated by Anik Segal is my recommendation.

More advanced marketers may wish to join Mike Dillard’s Self Made Man Society. He also teaches how to create a list with a few more advanced techniques such as copywriting, sales letters and membership sites. I am sure you will find there are plenty more if you do a google search.

Do you have an email marketing business? Do you have any tips to provide our readers? Please share in the conversation by adding a comment below so we can all learn more from your experiences.



4 thoughts on “How to Build an Opt In Email List From Scratch”

  1. This article is well timed for me. 

    I have been considering email list for my affiliate marketing website but have been hesitant until I am further along. You article contains very useful information for me in this process. 

    I guess my question is, do I need an email list to be successful in affiliate marketing?
    At what point, or how far along do I need to be to start an email list?

    Thank you for the information.

    1. Hi Curtis,

      Thanks for your questions!

      “Do I need an email list to be successful in affiliate marketing?”

      I don’t think so. If there is plenty of targeted traffic coming in from Search Engine Optimization or paid advertising methods, even social media folks can run a very successful business and do.

      The thing about lists is you have already built a relationship of trust with the people on your list. They like your email and blog content, they trust the products you recommend so they are more likely to purchase from you whenever you promote a product.

      You don’t need to pay for advertising or hope the search engines rank your site on the first page of Google. It is just smart marketing, 

      “At what point, or how far along do I need to be to start an email list?”

      I think it is never too early to start. My concern is if there is little traffic to the website or blog it will take ages to build an email list. Presently I am building a foundation for my site. In the future I hope to use some of Anik’s methodology to build a list for the make money from home business.

      I’ll use a capture page and promote a free gift – later I will use my list to promote WA. I will probably be using paid solo ads as an adverting method to start. I’ll offer a low cost product on my thank-you page to recuperate the advertising costs and as I said in the future make my money on the WA memberships.

      That’s the plan so I am in no rush to build my list yet although I will add something to my website in the not too distant future for the odd person who wishes to join through my site.

      By the way, I am a member of Inbox BluePrint 2.0 so it won’t cost me anything to use Anik’s lessons. He has a special coming up at the end of April, early May. It will cost around $1000 I expect. It sounds to me at your stage  of building the business it would not be necessary to join his program. You should probably focus on continuing to build your site’s foundation like me.

      People like Jay, Kyle or Carson at WA may also have some ideas on how it’s members can go about creating an email list.

      All the Best,


  2. Great timing for this read for sure, as my site is getting polished, and I am just starting to see my article ranking’s really see some great jump’s to the first page. My site is only about 5 month’s old, and this is my first venture, so I will ask about paid advertisements, I have been trained within this platform, that is is all about content, however, I continue to hear about paid add’s, so I will do more research, what is your take on these platform’s at my stage of the game?. Certainly, this question arises due to many marketers talking about taking sometime’s year’s before they see even one sale, for me that is unacceptable, as I know patience is the virtue in this market. but I need to see some harvest before that!!. Also, Kewl, at what point should I start my email campaign, thank you for the informative and captivating content, and I hope to see you soon, Jack

    1. Hi Jack,

      I think paid traffic is best if we can afford to go that route because the traffic is more efficient or targeted. I am talking Google Adwords and the like (I am not sure about adsense). Retargeting has now become popular. This is where someone visits your site but takes no action. A cookie is placed on their computer and then your ads are shown on their computer whenever they are browsing.

      It’s a pain for the viewer at times because I continue to get ads for things I have bought but it seems to work for business owners.

      A year is a long time for just one sale but I understand. If content marketing is done correctly with the right niche you should be making at-least $1000 per month by year end. I would say between one and three thousand a month and it should grow from there. Everyone niche is different and it depends a lot on the marketers ability, work ethic and getting unstuck when there are problems. 

      I would continue to focus on increasing traffic to your website. Once there is a steady flow and you are making sales you could start an email campaign. It all depends on how much time you have too. It is never too early to start but if you do it Anik’s way it will take a lot of time and distract you from building your blog. 

      I hope to create a free gift in the future with a series of emails and just have a sign up form on my blog. My real email marketing campaign – using some of Anik’s methods will begin after I am making some consistent sales form my blog.

      That’s just my opinion – Jay has some videos on email marketing in the recorded video library. Here is one from March of this year!

      Kind regards,


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