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How to Discover The Best Work From Home Business Ideas?



Coming up with the best work from home business ideas is easier for some than others. Anyone similar to me will find it extremely frustrating. I have many interests but tend to lack creativity and I used to be so indecisive when making choices. All the great ideas have been taken was my motto and I had no idea how to approach a proven niche from a “new angle”.

You are not alone if you struggle and luckily for us, there are methods and information available to help us narrow down our choices leaving us with only the best business ideas to pursue. There are many places to initially search for inspiration, however, determining if there is a market takes a little finesse.

This article is mainly for those folks that lack ideas for building a business from home. I will provide a few examples of places where you can search for topics and then I will explain a little of how it is taught in my community.


Instant Google Rewards

In a previous post we talked about making a list of our strengths and weaknesses, as well as things we are good at. However, after doing this we still may not have a clear business idea going forward. This is perfectly fine and to be expected. The next step is to research and as we do that the list will ensure whatever we choose suits your strong qualities and interests.

Google is a great beginning point. Simply enter your interests into the search engine and take a look at the websites that are returned for ideas. In addition, you can use the alphabet soup technique to dig a little for a suitable angle.

For instance, let’s say I am passionate about “ethnic cooking”. Instant Google will return a number of keyword phrases that people are searching for. This may give you some ideas on how to approach or narrow down a niche.


The Best Work From Home Business Ideas | Ethnic Cooking


I can see a couple of possible choices to research further: ethnic recipes from all over the world, one dish recipes (potluck), or dish ingredients (ethnic food list).

Furthermore, if you go through the alphabet from A to Z entering one letter at a time either before or/and after the initial search term, you will get more suggestions.

Now I agree most of them will be unusable, however, it is an excellent way to do some brainstorming. Please see my post on the Alphabet Search Technique if you wish to learn more. Below is an example using the letter “a”.


The Best Work From Home Business Ideas | Alphabet Soup Technique


See, we have discovered a few more such a cooking schools, classes, shows, and equipment. All related to our main theme. We could build a business around each one and if we have the cooking skills look out world!

The other way to research is to dig down further by looking at the individual websites – potential competition. When I did this I returned the following:





These are discussion groups. Although the model is becoming a little outdated, forums can provide wonderful conversations presenting real-time feedback. They can be a great source of inspiration for brainstorming.





Magazines on and offline are another fantastic source. Just browsing through the menus I came up with two more topics to add to my list: ethnic salads and party foods.





Social media sites are very popular these days. Especially if they have photos such as these two. Reddit returned a whole slew of YouTube cooking channels and from the titles some amazing concepts. Pinterest has many “pins” on boards which are categorized.


These Days Social Media is King

Most of us use various forms of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Reddit, YouTube and there are many more. These places are great for finding some of the best work from home business ideas. I am not kidding. Here, I will show you an example.



The Best Work From Home Business Ideas | Facebook Groups
FaceBook Groups can turn up some amazing niches. Generally speaking look for something you are interested in and then check how many followers it has.

The way to do this is to visit your FB homepage. Scroll down on the left side until you come to ‘Groups”. Click and it will bring you to the main group page. You should be able to see the ones you manage and belong to.

Second, click on the word discover. There will lead you to a list of categories with photos along the top. It is possible to scroll horizontally or vertically to choose a group to view.




The Best Work From Home Business Ideas | Manage FB Groups The Best Work From Home Business Ideas | Choose A FB Group



⇒     ⇒     ⇒






Let’s say we are interested in sports click and you will be brought to another screen listing hundreds of FB groups. The one possible business idea that stands out above is keeping fit in your 40s and 50s. Looking under the heading I see it has about 15,000 members. It’s not bad but I would like a topic with a larger following.



The Best Work From Home Business Ideas | Food FaceBook Groups


Notice in this screenshot all the categories are to the left. I find that FB makes it quite unnecessarily complicated for beginners to understand how to navigate to do certain things so I am pleased we don’t need to backtrack to look at a different group.

This time I chose food. The gastric sleeve support group is fascinating. There may be special dietary needs for this group. It is definitely a theme where people are looking for solutions and there is a lot of members probably willing to buy solutions – food or otherwise.

Low carb life is another winner. Lots of interest. Investigating this further may even provide more specific ideas within the low carb lifestyle to chase.

Instant Pot kind of relates to our original Google search. One pot ethnic dishes. This could be a product we can sell as an affiliate. Over one hundred thousand members. I am sure some of them would be interested n cooking ethnic foods in an electric cooker.

So, you can see Facebook is a great place to brainstorm ideas. The other social media I use for this purpose that is somewhat similar is Pinterest and Twitter. At the moment Instagram is becoming trendy for marketers but I do not have an account yet.


The Most Successful Company In the World Must Be Doing Something Right

I used to think I always had to be original. You know at school they teach us not to plagiarize other writers and I guessed the same thing applied for ideas. It took me ages to realize people with original ideas are rare. Once I accepted this fact it opened up a world of opportunity because now I could go looking for them.

In our business, they say don’t reinvent the wheel. There’s much truth to the saying. Amazon is huge and it works bringing in millions in business every day. Of course, we can’t copy their website but we certainly can do research. Bestselling category is a wonderful place to start.

Like FB, we can collect potential topics and if we find a suitable one approach from a unique angle – after all, that is what marketing is. Selling the same stuff over and over in different ways. A new story so to speak. Let’s take a look at how we can use the largest e-commerce website to help us.

It is perfectly fine to research using the departments but I tend to go a step further because I build authority websites with affiliate commissions as my income. It is just one approach to brainstorming with Amazon. First, go to Amazon and look for the word departments on the top left.


The Best Work From Home Business Ideas | AmazonAfter clicking on the down arrow, choose Kindle E-readers & Books. Another menu will pop open.

You want to pick the heading Kindle Books that will bring you to a new page with the same title.

There is a reason to my madness. Electronic books consist of digital information which people are buying online.

Therefore, I can certainly write content for my website and sell associated goods.

This is actually part of analyzing if an idea can be monetized but we can get a head start while trying to discover great business ideas.

Now you want to scroll down to the category section and choose one such as Health, Fitness& Dieting. This is divided into subcategories. So choose another you are interested in.


You can keep digging as far as you like. Some even have a best-selling section on that topic. Here is a flow of what you can do with dieting, for example.


The Best Work From Home Business Ideas | Amazon Kindle - HealthThe Best Work From Home Business Ideas | Amazon Kindle - Dieting We can go all the way down to the various kinds of diets.

So, you are interested in dieting there are lots of ideas to start up a small niche business.

You can expand or grow your business larger in the future too.

The last thing to do is look at the titles of the books to gather additional themes.


And of course, if you see the best-seller section check that out too.

A bonus is to come here to get ideas for making a free gift to give to your subscribers.



The Best Work From Home Business Ideas | Amazon Kindle - Kinds of Diets  The Best Work From Home Business Ideas | Amazon Kindle - Book Example



Discover Ideas With Free Video Training


The Best Work From Home Business Ideas | Wealthy Affiliate


The community I belong to provide some free video training to the public (we also have a 100% free starter course) so they can experience firsthand what we have to offer without paying up front. You can pick up many excellent tips that will help you to get started.

In affiliate marketing another term for work from home business ideas is niches and as I mentioned earlier sometimes it can be a real struggle to come up with a winning idea. Kyle the owner of Wealthy Affiliate has prepared this free lesson for folks like us.

When you click on the green play button above it will open to a new page. You can read the information on that page, scroll down and watch the video. Please don’t worry, there is no charge and no upsell involved. You will learn how to use (a different method from mine), and see the Alphabet technique in action by a pro.


So The video Will Explain:

  • What is a Niche (business idea)?
  • How Can You Earn Money From It?
  • How to Choose the Best Idea?


If you’d like to skip this video to check out the Free Starter Course just click the link below.


===>The Best Work From Home Business Free Certification Starter Course <===


As Always …

There are hundreds of different places for folks to visit gathering ideas for their new business. Our way is just one that works well for our members. It is not the only way and there is no right or wrong method. Remember, this stage is only about brainstorming not analyzing the feasibility of the topic. That will come later.

The one thing I’ve learned online is there is so much more to know. So please share your comments and questions with us and the rest of the readers. Of course, we will be very happy to join in the discussion. If you have a friend that may be interested in this video please feel free to share it with this post. Thanks!



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8 thoughts on “How to Discover The Best Work From Home Business Ideas?”

  1. Kewl,

    I absolutely love this website. Not just the name, but what you have done with the way you explain your ideas and the content that is available to all of us internet users out there. Picking a niche can be difficult, but with the right training and persistence it can easily be done. I love the way you wrote your content, great work.

    1. Ryan,

      Thank-you so much for your kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the content.  Yes, I agree – with the correct support and stickability anything is possible. I hope you are finding success with your endeavors. 🙂



  2. Sukumar Thingom

    Great article. To a beginner or to an aspiring internet marketer, I guess finding the right avenue to learn all the ways to building an online business is not so easy. There are so many claims and counterclaims and one could get easily overwhelmed with the sheer number of money-making platforms available.

    Personally, I feel all online courses are incomplete without community learning. And what you have said about THE community you have joined is interesting. Seems like this is the place to be for beginners. Thanks!

    1. Thank-you you for visiting my site Sukumar!

      Many people get information paralysis when trying to decide on an online business to pursue. There are so many ideas out there and as you say they become overwhelmed.

      Having a community, support, mentor or online coach is a must and can really shorten the time to achieve success. I like our community because there is a wealth of information at my fingertips. I often do a search which leads me to the answer to my question via a blog or post or classroom comment.

      It’s not perfect – having a personal coach 24/7 would be perfect (and expensive) so this is the next best thing. Gets rid of a lot of my frustrations. Also there are a lot of great people to help out.

      Thanks again,

      Best, Kewl.

  3. I too seem to have trouble finding the right idea or niche to promote. I like how you went about the Instant Google Rewards simply based off of your interests. Google always has multiple phrases they want to search when you start typing something in, so we might as well use it to our advantage. I will be referring back to your page often because there is a lot of good stuff here.

    1. Hi Nate

      Thanks for your comments. It is true Google has such a large market share we should use their resources as it can only help us in our business.

      I think I heard recently there have been some changes to Google Instant because of the increase in mobile searches. It is now called Google suggestions. I’m not sure how it differs.

      I also have other ideas of places to search for niches so if you have any questions just let me know. I’ll be happy to answer them.

      Thanks again,



  4. Hello 

    Thanks for a detailed article about the stepping stone when venturing into your journey of starting a business.

    First of all you should choose a good niche then after that you have to get some ideas from those who had been in industry for some time who really know almost everything. 

    Mentorship is the key to success.

    1. Hi Lorrinc,

      I agree with you or else choose a niche with your mentor’s advice.  It is tough for some folks because they don’t want to make a mistake. What most folks don’t realize is there is money to be made in almost any niche.

      There are only a few small criteria – there needs to be visitors to your site and there needs to be people spending money in that niche.

      The rest will come with time and education.

      Thanks so much for dropping by. 



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