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How to Earn Money Blogging in WordPress?


Three Ways Sure Ways To Earn Money Blogging:

The most popular platform in the world today used to create blogs is WordPress. In the beginning, most people just wanted to write and share their experiences with the world. However, as time is progressing more and more bloggers are interested in making money.

The answer to the question, how to earn money blogging in WordPress, is quite simple. There are really only three main ways to make a living from a blog. They are as follows: Advertising, selling affiliate goods, and creating your own product or service for sale.

In this post, I will briefly describe how the process works from start to finish. I will then go on to explain in more detail each of the three ways to monetize your blog. Third, I will provide a few examples of where to search for the goods you wish to promote on your website.


What You Need to Know Before Rolling In the Dough


How to Earn Money Blogging In WordPress? | Rolling In Dough


Okay so you have a blog and you know how to write. Is that really enough to operate a successful blog which makes money (dough)? The short answer is no. There are two crucial steps that come before you can monetize your site.

First is to create the blog itself. This, of course, would consist of writing content. It is essential to have a strong foundation before starting to sell products and services. The information must be of high quality and published consistently. Speaking in a tone that connects you to your audience is a must.

Secondly, a marketing strategy is imperative to get visitors to your blog. Organic or search engine traffic is one technique which can be implemented in writing. Other methods could involve social media or paid advertising. The number available are many and varied.

It’s only after these two very important steps have been accomplished that you can begin thinking about selling. The length of time it takes to reach this stage is different for different people. However, I would say 3 to 6 months based on my experience.

Do you feel that is too long to wait? Trust me it really isn’t. You may be attracted to other get-rich-quick programs but they rarely work. The choice you have made to begin a blog is the best possible choice you could ever make because you will be building a long-term sustainable business with steady streams of income for years to come.


The Inside Scoop On Blog Money Making Techniques


How to Earn Money Blogging in WordPress | Adsense


#1. Receiving Ad Revenues

Advertising is one of the most well-known ways for bloggers to generate income. The company used the most is Google’s AdSense. It provides a way for blog owners to make money from their content. Ads are matched to the written material as well as the visitors who frequent the site.

The first step is to paste already prepared code into an empty space on your blog to indicate space is available for advertising. Advertisers will bid to place their ad on your site. Of course, the highest bid wins. The amount paid is determined by the number of user-clicks or ad impressions.

This is a free source of revenue. Google does not charge anyone to use AdSense. Alternative advertising programs may differ slightly however the fundamentals remain the same. You can find more information by visiting the following site:


Google Adsense Help


#2. Earning Affiliate Revenue

This is a quick and relatively painless way to start and some of the affiliate programs can be quite generous with their commissions. Physical or digital products are already created. Your job is to search for top-notch products or services related to your blog content.

The topics that you write about should be relevant to the product or service being offered. Relevancy is extremely important if you wish to succeed using this strategy. Next, an affiliate link is placed within the post itself. Visitors will click on the link taking them to another page where the purchase is made.

This system is really that simple. It takes about 10 or 15 minutes to learn the technical side of implementing this strategy. These companies also have software to keep track of sales. Affiliates are usually paid with cheques or through an online payment system such as PayPal.


#3. Making Money With Your Own Products & Services

This is probably the most lucrative way to earn money blogging. Developing and selling a product or service will require a certain amount of start-up capital. In other words, it is more expensive than using AdSense or affiliate programs. Most marketers begin with advertising or selling other peoples products.

After achieving a certain level of successfully they create their own products or services for their customers. Exceptions can be made, however. For example, if you have professional service provided to off-line clients and you have created a blog, it may be worthwhile, looking for ways to promote your service via a website or blog.


Where To Find The Hottest Products to Sell


How to Earn Money Blogging In WordPress | Affiliate Neworks


There are two ways to find products to sell. First, visit an affiliate or cost per sale network also known as an affiliate marketplace. Companies will list products and/or services with the network. Blog owners wishing to earn money register and once accepted into the program can begin to promote goods.

There’re hundreds of these networks available. I will briefly describe several which have a good reputation and are widely known amongst affiliate marketers. Some marketplaces specialize in physical products while other networks specialize in digital products. There’re a few that do both.


Rakuten Affiliate Network

Voted the number one network by publishers and advertisers the last six years on It’s a Japanese Internet company which has expanded globally. A wide variety of products for bloggers to promote.


ShareASale Affiliate Window

ShareASale has recently been acquired by Affiliate Window. It has a reputation for being fair, honest and ethical. They provide a range of tools to help affiliates succeed. A Variety of merchants to choose from.


EBay Partner Network

Billions of items to choose from. EBay claims partners receive a 50 to 70% commission depending on what is sold. They also provide their affiliates with tools and support same as most of the major players do.



Specializes in software and digital solutions. There are 50,000 affiliates registered to sell the products of 4000 leading businesses. They also provide a modern robust platform for affiliates to use.


Amazon Associates

Amazon remains an entry point for publishers (bloggers). It has numerous products And an excellent system in place to make the process easy and user-friendly; Even storing products for you in their warehouse houses if you wish.


Google It Works Like A Charm!

There’s a second way to find affiliate products to promote which should not be discouraged. It’s a super way to find unique items to sell from a company that is not saturated with other marketers. An added bonus is to develop a mutually beneficial business relationship with the owner.

Simply go to Google. Type in the name of your niche plus affiliate programs. The search engine will return a whole list of URLs linking to websites looking for bloggers wanting to promote their products. You will need to do your due diligence and go through an application process but on a smaller scale compared to the big players.


How to Earn Money Blogging in WordPress | Google Search For Affiliate Programs


Concerning the screenshot above I entered “baby furniture” + “affiliate programs” into the Google search engine. It returned the page that was 80 to 90% filled with potential affiliate programs I could register with. I have highlighted two the examples in the above image.

You can do this research with any niche and also any search engine. Check very carefully that it is a reputable company that provides sufficient support and pays on time. That will be a topic for another post.


Why Have You Made The Best Choice?

The answer is quite simple. You want to have a sustainable long-term business. Sure there are other ways to make money and in some ca, es if you have a pre-existing presence online you can receive money much faster.

Quite honestly, that is the reason why gurus can claim to make so much money quickly. What they do not tell you is that they have spent years online getting to the point where they can generate overnight cash. In many cases, these entrepreneurs have spent a substantial amount of time building email lists.

So you made an excellent choice choosing to learn how to earn money blogging in WordPress. You will be creating a blog or website with authority and as your site ages the authority will grow and grow resulting in increased revenues. On another note, you may be able to sell your blog or website for thousands of dollars in the future.


How to Move Forward?

I would suggest that you join a community that offers task-based training and exceptional support with all the tools necessary to host, write and monetize your blog. You should be looking for an all in one package. One without any hidden costs.

It should be affordable and offer a free trial in case you feel it is not a suitable match for the goals you would like to accomplish. it is possible to do this all on your own. However, the cost will be higher in the long run. Finding the answers to questions as you build your business will be frustrating too.


“Trust me. After spending years online I’ve been there. I know how you’ll feel”


I know of three communities that I would highly recommend. Each one is affordable and offers exceptional value for the money spent. The fundamentals taught are all similar however each targets a slightly different clientele and approaches the training in a slightly different fashion.

They all offer money back guarantees which they honor faithfully. The company I belong to offer a free starter course which never expires. It is enough to learn the ins and outs of creating a money making blog business. You can actually have your blogs hosted at no charge.

Those of us that are serious about earning a living online always upgrade to the premium membership. However, it is not necessary to do so and many don’t upgrade until they are in a position financially to do so. The majority of new members are amazed at the community’s friendliness and support.

If you are ready to start a blog or have an existing blog which you would like to earn money from please click the WA banner at the top right of this page or read my wealthy affiliate review here:


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Thank-you very much for visiting my website. Do you have any questions about making money online? Do you know of any helpful resources? Are there any blogs you know of that make money?

Please share with us in the comment section and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Happy blogging!





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  1. This article goes into depth on how to truly make an income with the online space. 

    It seems like affiliate marketing is on the rise, and with that being said there are many individuals that are choosing to switch, due to the influx of traffic on a great scale. 

    I appreciate you devoting serious time to this site, and hope to see more articles soon.

    1. Hi Ryan

      Thank-you for your kind words. I agree that affiliate marketing is very popular probably because it is one of the easier ways to learn how to make money online. I am glad you enjoyed the article.



  2. Thank you for showing us your methods in monetizing blogging. And also thank you for providing tips and websites for affiliate marketing. I agree with your statement about the quick-rich programs going all around the internet. Truth is there is no quick rich way, it’s all through time and effort. And while blogging may not be the only solution it is indeed one of the most sustainable ones.

    1. Hi Levon!

      Thanks for visiting my site. I appreciate your comments. You are absolutely right there are other ways to make money online other than blogging. However, I think in the end everyone builds a blog or website.  So I don’t look at it as a waste of time and I believe it is the hardest part of the business – all that writing!

      Creating an email list with a capture page doesn’t involve so much writing I suppose but even Anik Segal has a blog and education website now!

      I hope your business is going well. Let me know if you need any help.



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