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How to Promote Your Blog on Twitter With Pizzazz

Modern blogs are a very effective publishing system. What once began as writing on personal feelings and thoughts has evolved to become similar to online magazines. They are more like commercial websites and it is often difficult to distinguish between the two.

The advantage is publishers (bloggers) can write about anything they want and in many cases get paid. On the other hand, the disadvantage is blogs are no longer personal and with all the scamming going on we can’t really blame the owners. However, trust is significant for promoting a blog and selling products.

In addition, unless you are starting off good blogs will be filled with guest posts, paid writers and ghostwriters. It is the dream of every online marketer to reach the stage where they can enjoy their “passive income” and of course, the biz grows so hiring becomes a must.

This brings us to promoting blogs on Twitter. It provides an opportunity for you to get more personal with your readers even if you are using a professional writer.


“Twitter works best by creating curiosity. You need to tell people something about you, not something you want them to do”.


Folks want to be a part of your life so they will be interested in what you are doing next. They will read your blog post not because they are interested in the content but because they are curious about what YOU have to say. There is a difference. Can you see that?

So when you first join twitter tweet about yourself, what you are doing and how you are feeling. Reply to other peoples tweets especially those interested in your topics and the ones with large followings. Offer advice and solutions similar to what you would do on any other social media site.

In my case, I had been doing it wrong for years. I was advised to tweet out all my new blog posts from the start and I added anyone who desired to follow me. The problem with this approach is I created a “spammy” tweeter feed with very few quality followers.

My point here is even if you have a large following you can change your approach. A combination of tweet types probably works the best: personal comments, news announcements, answers to questions and blog posts. Readers will get a feel for your business’ personality or style and want to read your posts out of curiosity.


Getting Started The Right Way on Twitter

Registering on Twitter is quite simple. It’s not necessary to enter a lot of personal information like on other social media sites. However, as Joel Comm wrote in his book Twitter Power 2.0 it is important to get the username right. Now if you already have an established account its possible to change the username (as I’ve done).


“Your username might be one of the first things you enter, but it should be an item you think about deeply.” 

Joel Comm


How to Choose A Twitter Username Related to Your Blog

It’s best to create a username that is memorable and easy to find. This is significant because Twitter’s search engine is very precise so when potential followers search for your name if it is not exact the search engine will return a not found message. In addition, it just makes it fun and easy for followers to remember.

There are two approaches you can take. The first is to use your own name. Branding yourself is a smart way of establishing your web presence. People are interested in people and many novices of various fields start off this way. You can also use your business or website name.

In my case, I changed my username to Projekt_Freedom the same as my affiliate marketing blog because I want to build that brand. However, in doing this though I may have lost the ability to use my name in the future as someone else might be using it. In any event, I use my real name in the first field and my business name as a username.


Twitter Name & Username Example


Just a few other tips to keep in mind. Long twitter usernames increase the chances of small typos sending your potential followers the wrong way and using numbers is definitely a no-no. Keep it short, simple and closely related to who you are and what you want to accomplish.

Be careful if you choose to change your username because it may confuse your followers and you will lose all past conversations. In my situation, I had about 3, 500 followers and there was no real or meaningful connection and in addition, I have always used my real name so there was still some familiarity.


How to Create an Effective Twitter Profile

Profiles always cause me problems because I don’t like to share personal information. It is often complicated by gurus telling us we need to build relationships with our followers or list etc. The truth is it is impossible to build real meaningful personal relationships online.

We can build a sort of relationship but it is very superficial. What they really mean is connect with your followers and earn their trust. They are very different meanings and the same goes for profiles. It is not necessary to bare your soul. We do need to be personable though.


Devan's Twitter Profile For ProjektFreedom


You can see my name, followed by my username as previously described. This is followed by a short personal and professional bio. Another popular format is to use three, one or two-word phrases concluding with a joke. Here is an example:

“Football fan, youth coach, and all-around sports nut with dodgy knees”. Twitter Power 2.0

Another approach is to write a bio that reflects your current business projects. The beauty of this is it can be updated as often as you like. In my situation, I could write something similar to – “Now working on the ultimate guide to real success with affiliate marketing”.

These approaches provide some interest. Followers will have a desire to learn more about you by visiting your blog or website which is conveniently listed below your country.


Marketing Your Blog on Twitter? Forget Confidentiality

Twitter gives you the choice of who can see your tweets. You want as many people as possible viewing the tweets and visiting your twitter page. Folks need to see them so they can follow you and potentially visit your blog. There are some people who have a personal blog just for friends and family and that’s fine. Just not for you.

So please leave the confidentiality box unchecked in the settings section – very important. The last point I’d like to touch on in this article is your Twitter picture. Yes, you do need an image and it is preferable to use a real one of yourself. I suggest a personable, professional photo.

Either have a professional or someone else take the photo and make sure you are the primary focus with nothing distracting in the background. My photo isn’t bad but I could improve upon it by using a plainer background while getting a closer shot of my facial features. Make sure you do this otherwise people will not take you seriously as a marketer.


Share Your Twitter Experiences…

I have just given you a brief overview about setting up a blog on Twitter. It is not difficult but it is important to get it right. Do you have a blog you are promoting on Twitter? Or are you just starting out? Leave a comment below to let us know how you are getting on and of course, if you have any questions we would be pleased to answer them.




8 thoughts on “How to Promote Your Blog on Twitter With Pizzazz”

  1. I have been struggling with Twitter for a long time. Your article on how to promote your blog may have just helped me to get it right. I am going to follow your suggestions and for the first time in my life will make Twitter a success or at a minimum make it work better for me. i agree with you that just joining Twitter is not enough. You need to make it personal and let people know who you are. Thanks very much!

    1. Hi Jerry,

      You are very welcome. I can’t take all the credit though. As I mentioned I did research my information from Joel Comm’s book. It’s a few years old but still very much relevant. I found a video promotion company you may be interested in checking out for Twitter promotions.

      It has 15 second advertisements – the music and pictures are ready made. I am thinking in the future I maybe able to work it into marketing WA (of course after I have made the personal connection with my followers). 

      It’s called Promo video. (professionally curated videos)

      Thanks again,



  2. Modern blogs are a very effective publishing system which is good and efficient marketing.So when you first join twitter tweet about yourself and see how you feel after. Branding yourself is a smart way of establishing your web presence, or just use as name unique to you. In other words, just be yourself!

    1. Hi Taq-uee,

      Thanks for the advice. I agree that personal branding is very important. The nature of social media and twitter in particular moves us away from that personal touch!

      Have a great day!


  3. “I was advised to tweet out all my new blog posts from the start and I added anyone who desired to follow me” struck a chord with me as that’s what I’ve been doing. And in several month on Twitter, I’ve only managed to get 248 followers. I only post about my new blog posts and send out promotional offers. Looks like I need to make my feed much more personal for my readers. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Hi Gary,

      Thanks for dropping by. I think it is the same with most social media – a mixture is of content is good. Maybe start mentioning things you do with your business and how you feel instead of just the blog posts.

      By the way, I visited your website. I like it.

      Thanks again,



  4. Rebecca Coppersmith

    I have always been hesitant of social media, so Facebook has been the only site I have a small presence on. I’m not that familiar with Twitter, do we always write small posts, one to two sentences like in your example post or are they normally longer ones, 1000 words?

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Thanks for visiting my website & your great question! Originally the character limit for tweets was 140 including photos etc. They changed it to 140 characters & images allowed and now the character count has increased to 280. It makes it easier for English speakers especially to Tweet as 140 characters was very difficult to express ideas in such a short sentence. You can find more here on the Tweet Character Limit.

      Best Regards,


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