How to Sell Items Online

How to Sell Items Online


Shopping online is starting to become the norm.  Statistics show that 79% of Americans have shopped using a computer and spent $10.7 trillion.  This is just going to get better so if you don’t know how to sell items online, now is the best time to learn.


What Are The Best Ways to Sell Items Online?

  • Through Marketplaces Such As Amazon or eBay
  • Starting An E-commerce Store Using A Platform Like Shopify
  • Building A List of Email Addresses
  • Creating An Affiliate Marketing Business By Joining a Community
  • Moving A Small Business Online


Online Marketplaces

This consist of three players and learning how to sell items online with them is straightforward. First, is the operator ( i.e. Amazon). Second, there are the retailers and wholesalers that supply the merchandise (IE. Dell, Apple etc.) and lastly, there is the seller ( i.e. you or me).

The process is straightforward. The operator offers tutorials to help. Basically, you choose the products you wish to sell and upload the information to your own personal site (supplied by the operator). Consumers make a purchase and you arrange to have the goods shipped.


Owning An E-commerce Store

E-commerce involves more research and preparation than a marketplace but the potential to make a large amount of money is greater. The way it works is you research a market, find suppliers, build your own site and as sales are made notify the supplier to ship the product.

The most successful folks can make thousands of dollars every month and go on to sell their websites for a lot of cash too. Like all online businesses it initially takes much work.


Email Lists

One of the smartest ways to build a business. In simplest terms, after choosing a niche market, you create a capture page (one-page website). Traffic is driven to the page. The viewer is offered a free gift in exchange for their email address.

If they agree, it is then part of your “list” and you can use it to promote products to them anytime. Once again it is possible to make a very good living with this method but requires commitment too.


Affiliate Marketing

One of the ways I earn my money online. I can sell services, memberships, digital products or even physical products. There are different ways to do it but I write informative content to help others.

You can also buy paid traffic to your site and if people like what they read they may decide to buy the goods. All customers need to do is click on a link. I don’t need to arrange for shipping. It is very simplistic.


Making A Website For Your Offline Business

It doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. You can hire professionals or if strapped for cash you can do it yourself or get one of your employees to do it for you. This is definitely an additional source of revenue for your company.

Revenue in the e-commerce market is a whopping $461,500,000 annually and is expected to grow at a rate of 8.4% each year (


How Much Money Should You Spend?

  • Free
  • Breaking The Bank
  • The Real Deal


Free Stuff

Something everyone loves and it does have a place in marketing. However, there are many folks on a very tight budget who are tempted to go with the “free” offerings.

I would say be careful of two reasons. There may very well be upselling with high-pressure selling tactics which will end up costing you and next, the quality is probably not so good.

Having said that, I believe every new product or program in this industry should have a free trial or a no question asked 30-day money-back guarantees. There are quite a few around if you search thoroughly.


Going For Broke

We have all been there. Before I knew it, I had spent a ton of money with little to show. Be very wary of dishing out hundreds or thousands of dollars to join a program.

The average price these days seems to be about one to two thousand. I am not saying all of these products are bad. Some are quite excellent but with a little research, you can find other more affordable, high-quality services.

These high ticket items also have upsells and the coaching can be outrageously expensive. I have tried a few and the coaches are not always competent at what they do.


My Opinion

Best to find something in the range of up to $50/mth or $400/year. I have been in this business since 2009 and I believe they offer the best quality, training, support and overall value.

Make sure there is a free trial or money back guarantee offered. This advice is especially true for people new to the industry and those (like me) that have “failed” forward for years chasing the dream online.


“If you haven’t found success yet, you just aren’t in the right place, with the right people” .


Gold Button Right Place Right Time



What Do You Need to Build Your Business?

  • Training & Support
  • Website & Hosting
  • Traffic


Guidance in the Form of Training

This is an essential part of learning how to sell items online. Check out what is offered and, if your preferred method of learning is included. I suggest using short recorded videos accompanied by written lessons. The instructors should not only have experience but also be able to “teach” their audience effectively. I am a teacher by trade so I understand those who can instruct and those who can’t. There are many that can’t. Support is also extremely important – email support, live support, telephone support, live webinars and a mentor, if possible.


Website and Hosting

The foundation of your online business. Selling on eBay or Amazon or building an email list ranking in the search engines will not be a concern. However, if you belong to one of the other categories it may be. In any event, having a secure, professional looking site with fast loading times is a necessity to make sales. These days creating your own has become very simple. It is as easy as clicking a mouse to make additions or changes. Check it is included in your membership price or it will cost you extra and cause a whole different level of stress.


Life is Wonderful

When you have visitors (traffic) to your site. The question is how to get it. Paying for advertising is one method and it is very efficient. You still need to learn how to advertise on FaceBook or Google etc. As with everything there is a learning curve. Once again, if you have the money you can hire a pro. For those of you on a limited budget building an authoritative website to sell things using well researched long-tail keywords takes some time to rank well in the search engines but is definitely worth it in the long run. The long and short of it is traffic will make or break your biz.


What Do I Recommend?

  • Amazon
  • Drop Shipping Lifestyle
  • Inbox Blue Print
  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • Fletcher Method/Ask Method (Business)



The King of Marketplaces is Amazon

I only recommend Amazon because it is one of the most well-known. I have never tried it, but I have investigated the pros and cons. You can sell your own stuff there the same as eBay. It is permissible to buy goods from suppliers, as well. Storing your products at home is one option and another is storing it at Amazon. There is a cost, of course. The one thing that turns me off this method is the competition. It’s brutal which tends to drive prices down, meaning the seller has a hard time turning a profit


DropShip Lifestyle

A program I highly recommend if you’d like to have your own personal e-commerce shop is DropShip Lifestyle. I was an active member and the training and support are fantastic. Prices range from $1,297 to $4,997. Depends on whether you want to do everything yourself or have things done for you. It is a one time charge for a lifetime membership. The owners are very transparent and honest. You can get a free mini-course by signing up on the website which may help you to decide whether to join.


The Circle of Profit

It is a book you may have heard of written by the owner of Inbox BluePrint. It is another program I fully endorse. I was also a member here. The cost I believe is around $1,497 (onetime). The training is awesome while the tools are great for beginners.

There are a few extra minimal costs and support is offered in the way of live chat, a forum, and email. However, the optional personal coaching is terribly expensive – costing thousands. One other irritating thing was the emails. Sometimes 3 to 6 a day repeating the same thing and very difficult to be removed from a list.


The Legendary Wealthy Affiliate

My savior. It is where I started many years ago and the place I have returned to in order to complete the journey. It is one of the best, as far as affiliate marketing goes. For beginners or those low on funds, it is a great opportunity.

For only $359 /year you get it all. If you’d like more information, please read my Wealthy Affiliate review. There are other great affiliate marketing platforms out there such as SBI (I was also a member). I suggest you just do some due diligence and find the one best suited to your personality.


The Fletcher Method (Core Community)

This is what I recommend for business-oriented folks. People with experience in the corporate world or operating a small business. That kind of mindset. The jargon the set-up, the approach, the delivery is all very business like.

I was once a member at Fletcher’s for a short time. The staff and training are very good. They charge $49/mth or $297/year. Be careful when signing up because the MasterMind Elite program is $997/year. I say try the less expensive option first. You can always upgrade later.


Questions Anyone?

Have you tried any of these programs? Has this information has been helpful to you? If so please leave your comments below so we can all learn from your experiences.

I do know of other programs that can help you start a business on the internet. Please browse around my site and if you have questions please I will be very happy to answer all of your inquiries.







4 thoughts on “How to Sell Items Online”

  1. I really appreciate that the author said that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best for people (like me) on limited budgets. I was not aware that some of these programs can charge hundreds or thousands of dollars to join, or that the average price to join is $1,000-$2,000. Based on this information, it sounds like many of these platforms are for people who already have a lot of money, and once a newbie has paid the high-cost membership fee for the platform, the platform has already made its money off this person and has little or no incentive to provide quality training at low price. One question did occur to me: maybe I didn’t understand it correctly, but it sounds like some of the methods to gather emails might be a variant of the old “telemarketing” method. Please tell me if I am right or wrong. Thank you.

    1. Hi Paul

      I think it maybe a variant of the old telemarketing method. In the old days folks would be on a direct mailing list and this is similar. My friend who was into insulation used to do cold calling. After he landed a contract he would keep the person’s contact information.

      A few years ago he moved cities and at that time he had 8,000 contacts. I was trying to convince him to sell his list to someone else in the home renovation industry. Folks always need stuff done on their homes. It was really valuable.

      Anyway, email marketing would be a modern version of that. As a rule of thumb online marketers can make $1 for each email sent out with a promotion. So 10, 0000 email addresses means 10,000 dollars with the click of a mouse. 

      It takes time to build a quality list and trust but it certainly is worth it.

      Thanks so much for visiting & the great question.

      Kind regards,


  2. Kewl Web, great post. 

    Thanks for taking the time to point the best ways to sell online. I still feel like I don’t completely understand the concept but I am getting it little by little and your information is a big help.

    How do you find items that sell right away, how do you go about finding out? 

    I like how you mentioned Wealthy Affiliate because they are the cornerstone of affiliate marketing online; your knowledge was very helpful and I appreciate it because I feel like it could help me out a lot.

    1. Hi R.J.

      Thank-you so much for your comments. I appreciate you visiting my site.

      To answer your question, I have written a detailed post on how to find the best niche ideas . Just click on the link and the post will explain in detail some great laces to find things to sell.

      Now things that will sell right away – that’s difficult because a lot depends on the marketing. People new to marketing without an established online presence can take anywhere from 3 months to a year to make their first sale. 

      It doesn’t really matter what business model you use there is a learning curve and it takes time to set up the business. that’s why I encourage people to stick with one program until it works.

      I hope this helps.

      Best regards,


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