Is Countdown to Profit a Scam?

Is Countdown To Profit A Scam?

Countdown to Profits Review


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Countdown to Profit Facts


Name: Countdown to Profits


Price: $ 97

Owners: Richard Paul

Overall Rank: 0 out of 100

Recommendation: Do Not Join


What is Countdown to Profits About?


It is some kind of system that claims people can make outrageously large amounts of money in a short time. I have researched extensively but I can’t seem to find any information about how it actually works. Each website I visited and video I watched contained sales and promotional materials with no details. I tried entering my email address to check the back office area but they refused to accept it.

Based on my 10 years of experience online this in itself is a huge warning sign. I am sorry I can’t provide more of an overview here, but if you read further down you will get a full explanation of why I believe it is a scam that preys upon the most vulnerable folks online. The Better Business Bureau Rating is an F – the lowest.



The Good, Bad & Ugly



Whoa … Even Bad Guys Have Good Points. Not!

  • Skillful Tricksters

This guy and their team are very good at what they do. They know psychology well and hit all the emotional weaknesses the consumers have. They make perfect capture pages with very little information given away. The comments and endorsements look authentic as do the video testimonials. The skill at deception is quite good.


Let’s Skip Straight to The Ugly

  • Scarcity Tactics

This means there is a limit as to how many people can join and it is shown on the sign-up page. In this case, it was only 8 positions left out of 50 places. The problem is if you visit the site again tomorrow the same number will be there. I do not like this tactic. Most of the time it is simply not true, especially if there is a digital product involved. This is a red flag that you need to be aware of. I imagine they have been using the same technique for years.


  • Ridiculous Earning Claims

I have learned the hard way from years online that when I hear a sales pitch like this one with so much hyperbole, massive exaggeration and outlandish earning claims, I should run as fast as can. The pitch is done very well and will fool many naive newbies but not the more experienced marketers. If you check out the earnings’ disclaimer, which by law they must post on their site, then everything you hear in the sales video is a lie.

Making money online never happens instantly, period.


  • Fake Comments & Videos

Everything on the site was too perfect. Companies usually have at least a few discontent members. The comments were all positive. Upon researching further I found some of the same photos used with different names. A sales video was also misrepresented. So I am extremely skeptical about believing what has been posted. In addition, upon doing a search of the owner, I discovered that he was a well-established actor. I know there are probably many Richard Paul’s and I could be wrong, but still, it seems a bit suspicious.


  • No Reviews or Access to System

Super difficult to find legitimate reviews on this program. I found a short one on YouTube and the gentlemen agreed with my assumptions. This is a serious warning signal. Another factor is no one knows what the system is without joining. A good site with nothing to hide will always provide a free trial or show you what you get before registering. The owners are hoping that with your limited knowledge and promises of riches you will sign-up. I imagine once you are inside it’ll be very difficult to get your money back or even the $500 they promise.


  • Uses Several Sites With Different Addresses

While looking around the web I found that I was directed to several sites, all having the same kind of sales message but site different addresses. For example, Massive Internet Profits, Instant Success System and Big Profits Plan. Interestingly, they all have an alias like Richard Paul but are not real people.

Although what is inside may be different, the sales messages are exactly the same. This is too much of a coincidence. It is important to note that legitimate work at home businesses do not have to do this. One authentic, authoritative site is all that is needed to be successful.



Who is Countdown to Profits For?


It is targeted at people who are new to earning a living online. Folks that lack the experience or knowledge to identify this as a false promise. It plays on the hopes of marketers wanting to become rich quickly.


Is Countdown to Profit A Scam?


Countdown to Profits is misleading. It takes time and effort to make cash using the internet. Having an online business has great benefits and after it is established can require less work. However, the initial months and years require a lot of determination and persistence. This is a get-rich-quick scheme and highly recommend you give it a miss.




I’d be happy to reply to any comments you may have and please feel free to ask questions below. I am always willing to provide advice to get new marketers pointed in the right direction. Thanks for dropping by my site!




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6 thoughts on “Is Countdown To Profit A Scam?”

  1. it sounds like one of the many sites that claim you can become rich overnight without any work. You are very right – that is just not the way it works with an online business. It takes time and effort like any other business.

    Great that you are getting some real info out there, so it can help the rest of us from wasting our money.


    1. Thanks Mikael. I agree and I think transparency is important. I don’t trust companies that are not fully transparent and use hyped up sales talk.

      Have a great day.



  2. Hi Devan
    From your review, there is so much that reveals that Countdown to profit, is a scam.

    Using fake testimonials and promising huge money returns in a short space of time is another dead giveaway.

    As embarrassing as it is, I fell for a scam or two a while ago.As you said, they work on your emotions and I was desperate to earn some money and fell hook, line, and sinker.

    Guess I learned the lesson the hard way. Thanks for the heads up on this one

    1. Hi Roopesh,

      Thanks for your comment. I think most of us have been taken in at one time or another. We are very lucky to have found Wealthy Affiliate. I hope your online business is flourishing. I am going to keep educating folks so they have a real chance of succeeding online.

      Best regards,


  3. Wow…Countdown To Profits sounds like a total scam. No wonder you gave it a rating of 0 out of 100.

    This guy, Richard Paul, I’ve seen his name attached to a few scams over the past couple of years. He must be like a serial scammer or something.

    I think it’s great that you’re writing about these scams and warning everyone. many people who have no online experience when it comes to making money might easily fall for these scams otherwise and waste their money and time.

    1. Hi Darren,

      Sorry for the delay in responding & thanks so much for your comments! Yes, doing my research I noticed he has a number of photos & aliases. It’s horrible.

      I hope to steer people towards the legitimate programs that’s why many of my reviews are about the good guys (although some may be a little pricy).

      Thanks again.

      Have a great day!


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