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Is Powerlead System A Scam?

Introduction to Is Powerlead System a Scam?

Wanna mess things up? Destroy your chances of having a legitimate online business. Then try Powerlead System. I wouldn’t personally go as far as saying it is a scam although there are some questionable practices.

Whether it is or not, from my years of experience online I can guarantee you will have difficulty making money with it and I will provide my reasons as to why in the conclusion; this in addition to what my employee has written.

The picture above shows a man having trouble keeping paint on paper. Now I am sure he could clean things up and learn how to create a beautiful picture. However, it would probably be with much wasted time and effort.

“And most folk will never be able to”.

This is how I view Powerlead System. It’s messy and unless you have an email list or some legitimate way of marketing to a lot of people it’s not going to work.


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What is the Power Lead System?

The Power Lead System is two things in one: a suite of marketing tools for your online business, and an affiliate network for promoting and selling the Power Lead System.

Like many sites in this category, it is designed to educate people on how to join and sell the Power Lead System itself, and the affiliate network has shades of an MLM scheme, with part of your earnings going to the person who recruited you.


What are the Power Lead System Core Marketing Products?

Customers can choose to buy The Power Lead System suite of marketing products, which includes:

  • Custom Google hangout pages
  • Lead capture pages with custom embedded video
  • Unlimited auto-responder email campaigns
  • Unlimited sales pages
  • Custom sales funnels
  • Audio and video postcard system
  • Floating lead capture forms
  • Integrated lead capture system
  • Contact manager and segmentation
  • Weekly marketing training

This suite of products cost $30/month and has a 30-day free trial. As a customer, you are limited to 25Mb storage space for all your files, including video, text, and graphics.

For those who only want to adopt high-performing marketing tools, the Power Lead System has an excellent package at an affordable price. However, you should be prepared for further upsells and recruitment campaigns if you choose to stay at this level.

The next level of the Power Lead System is “Viral Affiliate Marketing,” and they are careful to point out that it is not technically a multi-level-marketing (MLM) system, although it operates very much like one.


What is the Power Lead System Viral Affiliate Marketing Program?

The Power Lead System affiliate program is voluntary, and you don’t have to participate in it, and can merely remain a customer of the base product.

But here is how The Power Lead System Viral Affiliate Marketing program works:

  • When you sell the Power Lead System marketing product described above and sign up someone to pay the $30/month fee, you get to keep $20/month, and $10/month is passed up to the next qualified affiliate who recruited you.
  • The next product in the upsell queue (Power Lead System Diamond) is called Free Ad Secrets and costs $147. If you sell that product, you keep $100 of the purchase price, and $25 is passed up to the next qualified affiliate
  • The next product (Power Lead System Platinum) is a Facebook marketing course called Social Profit Academy, selling for $500. Affiliates earn $400 for selling this product and pass $50 up to the person who recruited them

There are additional educational products in the Power Lead System inventory, and they all work similarly.

Being a Power Lead System affiliate costs $23.97 per month. You also need to purchase qualifying products to become an affiliate at all. To become a Power Lead System affiliate, you have to:

  • Purchase the Power Lead System and maintain an active subscription


  • Sell two copies of a Power Lead System product, and those buyers must keep active subscriptions

And the qualifying purchase must be made for every single product in their inventory if you want to sell it and earn a commission. The act of either buying or selling a product “activates” it for your affiliate commissions.

Additionally, in the Power Lead System, you don’t earn any commissions on sales of your second, fourth, sixth, eighth, or tenth sale, and on every fifth sale after that. Commissions on those purchases are directly passed up to the affiliate above you.

Finally, 4.97% of every sale is deducted as merchant processing fees, but you are responsible for any charges related to refunds or chargebacks, which will be deducted from any future commissions.


Do People Make Money Using the Power Lead System?

Among affiliate programs, the Power Lead System seems particularly challenging to earn money with. You have to maintain the $30/month base subscription, pay $24 a month to the program, purchase every product you intend to sell, and share profits with the person who recruited you.

And THEN you forfeit any commission on every other sale, MLM-style. It’s a program with an unusually high financial burden on the affiliate.

Therefore, it is almost impossible to find impartial reviews or opinions on the Power Lead System. Everyone who has purchased it is strongly motivated to sell it to others, making it difficult to find honest, impartial, professional assessments of earning potential.

It’s likely that those who are enjoying the highest earnings are those who joined early and therefore are getting the highest returns from those who they recruited.


Reasons to Avoid the Power Lead System

While the primary Power Lead System marketing product seems like a solid product at a reasonable price, it is probably wise to avoid it. Subscribing at the basic level will open the floodgates for a wide variety of tactics designed to sell you more and more products at a higher cost, or recruit you as an affiliate, or both.

If your objective is to grow your own online business, other sites will offer advanced internet marketing training, and/or allow you to easily create pages and funnels that will promote your business.

If your objective is to make money as an online marketing affiliate, there are other programs that will allow you to earn commissions without such stringent personal investment requirements, and to retain a more significant percentage of your earnings.

Another issue is they promise you can make up to $500 per day by doing little work. Making up to $500 a day is possible but saying you won’t need to put much work in is very misleading. It actually takes a lot of work and determination to reach that point.

In either case, the Power Lead System is questionable, and a borderline MLM product. It will not give you the results you deserve for your efforts.



by Devan

I agree with my writer on this review. From my years of experience online I know It takes a fair amount of effort and skill to be successful with any business model. You need to find a community which:

  • Offers you an all in one package because this keeps expenses to a minimum which is very important for new entrepreneurs. A monthly or yearly membership is common.
  • Includes web-hosting, training, research and marketing tools, coaching and support all FREE of charge with the one membership price. If you are paying more than $500 US a year you may be getting ripped off.
  • Does not ask you to pay to join their affiliate program. You are marketing for them. They should be bending over backwards to accommodate you not the other way around. You are making them money. Why pay a monthly fee?
  • Doesn’t steal your hard work. This company is called Powerleads but you must give others your hard-earned leads. If they did not do this they could not maintain the MLM like pyramid structure.

I am not saying Powerlead Systems is a pyramid or scam. They do have a system that works for some members but I doubt very much that it works for the majority. Go for a legitimate company with a proven methodology.

One that can help you create a long-term sustainable business with a reoccurring income for years to come. Join a community where people do not need to exaggerate claims of success because they know it is possible.

You can take your chances with the Powerlead System or give my community a try by clicking the red button below.  The choice is yours but I highly recommend the latter. In any event, I wish you all the best!


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