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Legitimate Work from Home Online Jobs Are Everywhere

Introduction to Legitimate Work From Home Online Jobs

In the age of the internet and due to the changing economic conditions involving globalization with a major shift to using technology in the workplace, more and more people are searching for legitimate work from home online jobs. The good news is the opportunities are vast for doing both conventional and modern work.

In this article, I will begin by offering you some ideas for the more traditional approach to finding an online job. I will touch on being a writer, translator, book-keeper and web designer. There are many more. As a matter of fact, I would say almost any conventional kind of work can be brought online these days providing you with an opportunity to work from home.

The last part of this post will let you know what modern skills you can develop while using them to develop a valid, legal online business working from your home or anywhere in the world. I belong to this latter group of people. A fast-growing group of like-minded solopreneurs taking control of their work, life and financial security.

Let’s get started.



There are many opportunities for talented writers to work from home. Writers are in demand to create the content for blog posts, web pages, and social media posts. They also produce white papers, e-books, press releases, and detailed guides.

Work-at-home writers may have specialized education or experience that uniquely qualifies them for the job, but often they merely need fluency in the language and the ability to write.

Freelance writers can find work through websites that have freelance writing jobs or gigs, they can work for sites that offer writing services to their clients, they can work as traditional writers selling articles to news outlets or magazines, or they can even work genuinely independently as bloggers or authors of e-books.

In 2015, full-time freelance writers earned a median income between $20K – 30K per year. That is significantly less than the median wage in the US that year, but freelance writers work for rates across the spectrum, from less than a penny per word to hundreds of dollars an article. Writers who find a good niche and good clients can earn significantly more.



For those who are fluent in two or more languages, translation services are in high demand around the world. Because countries grow more connected, there is more need than ever for documents, entertainment, websites, games, and content to be provided in multiple languages.

The explosion of social media and online video, where many people prefer to watch or share video content without audio, has led to an ever-growing need for all content to be localized and all video content to be captioned in the language specified in the user settings, for every piece of content created and shared online.

These freelancers can work at home either as freelancers, finding clients or gigs through freelance job sites, or through specialized translation job sites. They often need to pass skills or proficiency tests to get listed on these sites or to have their translations approved by a supervisor during a trial period. These freelancers can also specialize in specific skills, like technical or medical language translation.

According to the American Translators Association, US-based freelance translators earned an average of $45K/year in 2015 if they were not ATA certified, and certified freelance translators earned an average of $54K/year. Obviously, with that kind of disparity, it’s worth it for a US-based translator to get ATA certified, but not necessary. Good translators with an excellent reputation and strong self-marketing often earn more than six figures.



Bookkeeping and accounting are jobs that are well-suited to work-at-home online freelancers because they often don’t require much direct human communication and can be done outside of office hours. Online bookkeepers are also a good solution for small businesses, who often don’t need and can’t afford a full-time staff person, or don’t have room in their office for another employee. An online freelance bookkeeper will record transactions for accounts payable, accounts receivable, or payroll. They manage data entry, maintain accurate records, and can monitor budgets or inventories.

While a bookkeeper is primarily concerned with ensuring that math and records are accurate and up to date and often doesn’t need specialized skills besides accurate data entry and some experience, an accountant requires higher education and certification. An accountant is better equipped to provide financial advice, oversight, and strategy in partnership with company leadership. Of course, freelance accountants charge higher rates, and their jobs often involve a higher degree of real-time communication and collaboration than a bookkeeper’s job.

Bookkeeping services are in high demand because it’s a service that every business requires, but many small business owners are too busy or too inaccurate to do the work themselves. Like translators, freelance bookkeepers can find work on freelance job sites and boards, or through specialized sites that provide virtual bookkeeping services to their clients. They can also work with online accounting services sites, which provide combined accounting and bookkeeping services to their clients, and often these specialty sites pay the best rates.

Full-time staff bookkeepers usually start at over $18/hour, depending on experience, and earn an average of $40K/year. Working online and remotely often means the ability to charge a higher hourly rate, but usually means not working full time unless you can find and balance multiple clients, so there is a wide range of possible earnings.


Web Designers

With the ubiquity of WordPress and the ease of using their themes, you might think that web design is no longer in as high a demand as it was. However, people’s expectations for online experiences keep growing, leading to more advanced customization, creative solutions, and tailor-made designs. Web design is as strong as it’s ever been, and freelance work from home web designers have an excellent future outlook.

Web designers often have a lot of formal and informal education, and they need to have experience in a variety of specialized software, with particular attention to the Adobe Suite, including Photoshop and InDesign. It’s also helpful for them to know at least the basics of how to code a website, including HTML and CSS because they need not only to plan how the design looks but ensure that the design works. They need to understand SEO and user experience as well as visual design.

To top it all off, they have to have excellent people skills, because they will be entrusted with creating a design that works for their client as well as for their client’s site visitor. Because of the number and complexity of skills involved, formal education can be helpful, but it’s not strictly necessary if you have the skills and the portfolio to prove it. Web designers often specialize in particular areas or industries, including online scheduling, databases, e-commerce, social media integration, and more.

In the US, freelance web designers earn an average of $64K/year, but specialists and those working with high-end clients can receive much more than that.



Passive Income Streams is the Key to LifeStyle Freedom

All the above ideas are legitimate work from home online jobs. There is no question that they will supply you with a stable income to provide for yourself and your family. The problem is you are trading time for money. Your ultimate goal should be to use your money and time wisely to make money.

This is a process and the very rich know that. We all need to start somewhere. Doing writing gigs will not get you there. You need to take it a step further – maybe write a best-selling book. Something which can be sold over and over again once the original work is done thus providing you with a steady passive income.

The top 1% invest in real estate. Large buildings that pay for themselves and bring in huge returns. That is steady streams of “passive income”. We are not in a position to do this right now because we need more cash flow. In the example above becoming a best-selling author would give you the necessary resources to become truly independent financially.

However, there is also another way. A path thousands of others have taken and are quietly turning into an online revolution. Folks are seizing control of their financial future by starting legitimate online businesses. They are doing so well that the governments of the top economies around the world have implemented taxes to cash in on their success.

I am a part of this revolution. I have one of these legitimate online work from home jobs and my goal is to eventually turn it into a steady stream of passive income allowing me to leave the lifestyle I wish. This is my project – projekt freedom. I am talking about doing affiliate marketing, email marketing, or e-commerce marketing online.


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Basically, you are selling items on the internet. There are different business models which you can choose from but the results or end goal is the same. You do the work once and you reap the rewards for decades to come. Like anything in life, you need to learn the skills, apply them and finally enjoy the benefits.

In my case, I have a blog. I try to write quality content. Google learns to trust my site and rewards me with high rankings which in turn sends visitors to my site. The readers who find my writings compelling will make a purchase. I only do the work once but I can get repeat sales for years to come.

In time, (I have already started) I can outsource the writing and other tasks allowing my business to scale up at an amazing rate. Once this happens the sky is the limit because the cash flow is available to invest in real estate. Mike Dillard was able to accomplish this in a few short years.

I recommend you take your present unique abilities (such as the ones above) and turn it into a thriving online business selling a service or products. The skills you lack will be acquired along the way while you are establishing the business. The overhead is minimal and actually, in many cases, it is free to get started.


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