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List Grow Review Offers A Pleasant Surprise



This list building training program is 100 % legitimate. It is one of a handful of high caliber courses I have taken over the last ten years. Fully loaded with tons of first-rate information which will get your business up and running, it is similar to all honest work from home opportunities in that you must persist by completing the course.


List Grow Review


Name: LIST GROW 2.0


Price: FINAL AFTER DISCOUNT Cost of $1,497


Overall Rank: 90/100


The Good & Not So Good


The Pros:

# 1. Mike Dillard
One of the absolute best at building lists. He is your video instructor for the complete course. This is a crucial asset because he has been there before. He’s in the money, as they say. He’s a good teacher too.


# 2. First Class Training

Comprehensive step-by-step training is offered. It is organized into several modules each with a number of lessons. There is also a resource section and access to the list-grow 1.0 course. There are a few differences.


# 3. Valuable Mentoring Program

A fairly decent mentoring program which consists of Mike interviewing other successful entrepreneurs in this industry. There is also a chat feature to post questions answered directly by Mike. A one time cost of $97 at time of writing.


# 4. Amazing Special Offer

A 30-day money back guarantee is valid under one condition. Show proof that you have tried the course by sending in a short business plan (it’s simple). The pleasant surprise is a 100 % refund after completing the course. No kidding!



The Cons:


#1. Beginners Beware

I am not saying all novices can’t do this. A few parts are basic and others more advanced. However, true starters to online marketing may find it somewhat frustrating when they get stuck. I’ll explain more below.

#2. A Bit Expensive For Some

Even though the value and quality are very good, there is a whole segment of potential customers that can not afford the price. People who probably need this product more than the ones that can afford it.

#3. Non-Inclusive

There are other extra costs such as hosting, funnel-building platform, coaching, autoresponder, microphones, screen capture software and so on. All necessary for the business but it’ll cost a couple a hundred extra a month.



Who is List Grow 2.0 For?


This product is targeted at self-starters, people who take action to make things happen. That is why some real beginners may become frustrated. There is no one there to hold your hand throughout the process, although, a mentoring program is offered and you can join a Facebook group to interact and ask others questions.

Internet marketers who have found some success online and are ready to reach a new level of personal growth will benefit greatly. I guess this is one reason why the cost is around $1500 (after discount). It may be to discourage the quitters from joining.

It is also for those that want to master a new skill set. Developing the technical ability to create market funnels and to write sales copy, will be a lifelong skill which can be applied to any business.


The Down and Dirty About Tools & Training


The training is comprehensive and consists of four main modules broken down into a series of lessons. First, module one covers the usual basics. The second one is where things begin to get interesting.



  • Overview of How to Build A Large List
  • How to Choose A Niche
  • Choosing The Correct Domain Name
  • Registration & Email Set up


  • Marketing Funnel Overview
  • Setting Up Online Services
  • Introduction to Capture Pages
  • Explanation of Click Funnels
  • Creating a Capture Page
  • Video Sales Letter Script
  • Writing Upsell Script
  • Making Slides With VSLS
  • Recording & Editing VSLS
  • Uploading VSLS to Click Funnels


  • Make VSL Website Page
  • Check Out Page Integration
  • Design Check Out Page
  • Product SKU’s (Membership Site)
  • Upsell Page Creation
  • Make Order Confirmation Page
  • Membership Site Overview
  • How to Set Up A Facebook Group
  • Using Click Funnels For Membership Sites
  • Legal Disclaimers
  • Email Autoresponder – Getting Started
  • Important Funnel Audit
  • First Credit Card Transaction


  • How to Make Over $100,000 A Month With FaceBook Advertising Campaigns


Mike focuses very much on the money. He is business savvy, I suppose. He is more than fair to his customers such as offering the complete refund to folks finishing the course (and the 30-day money back guarantee). However, resources needed to succeed in this course are not included. You must pay extra. This is not an all-inclusive program.
I have tried out several of the resources and I have heard good things about the rest. I would wholeheartedly recommend the products to those who can afford them. The main ones required are as follows:


1. Click Funnels – Basic $97/mth, Full Package $297/mth

I actually really loved Click Funnels but it was too expensive for me at the time. Depending on your business and how much money is being brought in it is worthwhile looking into.

2. Mail Chimp – Free, $10/mth, $199/mth

Charges increase as your business grows. Many autoresponders have similar price lines. Other popular ones are Awebbber and Sendlane. It is a necessity when having a list.

3. Domain & Registration – Around $30/ year including security and privacy.

It varies depending on where you buy a domain, what kind and how many add-ons you purchase. Generally speaking, always buy if it is available.

4. JingProject – Free

A communication tool by TechSmith. Allows you to capture images and record 5-minute videos of your desktop to send to people. It is a definite time saver and information sharing is more efficient and easier.

5. SnagIt – Free Trial, $49.95 US (one-time charge), $12.49 One Year Maintenance Agreement (Optional)

This is a more robust, advanced version of the Jing Project. Longer recordings and photo modification are key features. I have used Snagit for years to capture images for my website.

6. Blue Mics – $50 to $220 Depending on the model.

High-quality microphones which you will need to record your sales videos. You can also use them for webinars you may create and other training. A good long-term investment.

7. Grasshopper – Solo $24/mth, Partner $49/mth, Small Business $89/mth

Every business needs a telephone number. Most people do not want to use their personal contact information. This provides an affordable way to get a prefix 800 number for your sale page.

8. Copy Writing Resources – Free

Mike provides access to his own personal swipe file. This includes sales letters, upsell writings, proven headlines. Invaluable information which has helped him earn thousands if not millions of dollars online.


How is Support at List Grow 2.0?


I think the overall theme behind the support is based on Dillards’s philosophy toward business. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, one must be an independent problem solver and, everything has value. Technical support exists for the video training series and you need to pay a small amount for mentoring.

My belief is the program is designed this way so as not to baby its members. There will be times when you have questions and part of the challenge will be to find somewhere or someone to answer them. One example is having issues setting up a capture page at Click Funnels. In this case, the List Grow support team won’t help you.

He does promote his mentoring site and Self Made Man which both have membership fees and a wealth of information and the ability to communicate with other members via chat. This is the business side of it. Support can be bought at a price. I must say the money is put towards good use and the cost is reasonable.


Final Thoughts


I would certainly recommend joining. Money is not a factor for some people. If you have the cash and some online experience, I would go for it. Keep in mind, you will need to learn how to write sales copy and to operate your own membership site. It will take time, effort and persistence similar to any legitimate work from home program.

However, if you are new to the online experience, on a tight budget or are looking for a lot of support from the owners and other members I would suggest checking out my Wealthy Affiliate Review as an alternative option. You can always incorporate Mike’s kind of training into your business as it grows to bring in an income.


Summary of Product



Name: List-Grow 2.0

Sales Page:

Owner: Mike Dillard

Overall Rank: 90/100


Thanks so much for reading this review. Have you completed one of his courses? If so, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear about your experiences and successes. We’d also be happy to answer any questions you may have.



5 thoughts on “List Grow Review Offers A Pleasant Surprise”

  1. Hi, and thanks for the article. There is a lot of information here. I have been hearing that building an email list is one of the most important parts of any internet marketing business. Is that still the case? It seems that I get a ton of these emails, but I almost never see them as they end up in my spam folder. How would you avoid this problem? I love the idea of using email and sales funnels as a marketing strategy, but how do you get them to the in box and not the spam folder?

  2. Hey. I am a beginner in affiliate marketing and I am looking for some interesting platforms and I have a dilemma whether to choose Wealthy Affiliate or List Grow. I did not know before that it costs the membership in List Grow so much cost and you mentioned that you should have some experience. So I think I will choose Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for this review.

    1. Hey Michael,

      It’s true, I tried List Grow and it is a bit advanced (and expensive). Beginners would be better of starting with WA. Mike Dillard though is a very successful marketer. he has some other programs you may like to join.

      Self-made Man is a new community of his – cost $97 per year )special offer right now). It is a collection of successful people on video explaining their stories and giving advice. 

      It is not necessary to own but their are some interesting folks. Wealthy Affiliate is better of course for actual training to build a business. Self Made Man is just a series of interviews.

      Best regards,


  3. Thanks for the review,

    I’m a rookie in the world of online marketing and am ascending my own steep learning curve. I love a challenge, though, and making List-Grow work for my business will be my next objective once I have gotten a few runs on the board and set up a proper online business that actually earns revenue. Step by precious step…

    Thanks again, and all the best,


    1. Hi Norman,

      You are quite welcome & thank-you for taking the time to visit my website.

      Mike Dillard has been around for a while and although he is a “guru” he cares about the little guy and sometimes has reasonable deals on his products.

      His latest is Self Made Man – a library of videos with interviews of successful people. He adds one a week. I paid $97 for a one year membership. It’s more affordable than List Grow and may give you an idea of what he is like in person.

      I must say though if you are new to Wealthy Affiliate you may want to just focus on building your first website for a while until you receive traffic and make a few sales before purchasing any other products to get ideas on how to expand your business.

      I am sure Self Made Man will be there for a long time to come.

      Thanks again,



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