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What is Mike Dillard’s Self Made Man?

Self Made Man is an online membership site owned by Mike Dillard. It began as a podcast where Mike would interview successful business people. Presently, the mentoring community has just been opened and members can watch video recordings of experts from a variety of fields speaking on their specialties.

According to the homepage it was created for men and women who want to achieve greatness, a legacy of honor, integrity and achievement in all areas of their lives – business, relationships, health, finance. This is the reason why there is such a wide range of topics.

You may think this is strange at first but all the well-known life coaches such as Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, and John Assaraf teach this exact point – to be truly happy and financially successful we must be content and well-rounded in all areas of life. So there are people from various business sectors – hugely successful – sharing their stories and methods.

Now, because this is the age of the internet everyone is using an online presence to contribute to their business success and that means we can learn and use these people as mentors and hopefully, that information will help us succeed too. I respect Mike’s vision. He began as a waiter and struggled for several years online.


Self Made Man Pricing

It is difficult to get the latest pricing on this product. I don’t think it is well advertised and to be quite honest the initial price is fairly low. He may be using the membership fee to fund some of his other business operations so the price has been left below market value – this is my own speculation.

I have been grandfathered in at $97 U.S. per year and the last I heard he will be adding one new video each week. The initial offering for his followers was even lower. I decided to join a few weeks after the initial offering which is my usual practice.

New customers are asked to join for free and receive a 7-day trial before being charged. I believe the reason I could not find the latest pricing is that at some stage a much higher annual price or a reoccurring monthly membership fee will be put into effect.


Click Here Self Made Man Free Trial


What Kind of Online Mentorship is Offered Inside?

The site has two sections open at the moment. One covers podcasts recorded over the last two years when Self Made Man was first conceived. The second is the new classes section where you can find all of the recorded videos to date. I counted 144 podcasts and 35 videos so far. Self Made Man Categories of Video Classes & Podcasts


The categories covered are:

Mindset, Productivity, Entrepreneurship, Money, Health & Fitness, Marketing, and Relationships.

It is simple to navigate around the back office. Anyone who has played a video online can use it so age should not be a barrier.

The quick start challenge is a nice touch. Complete 3 classes and you will get a Self Made Man founder’s Hat.

This cannot be purchased. It is a limited edition black with yellow logo. You only need pay the shipping charge.

One of the things I forgot to mention is the length of the classes or podcasts. Generally, they last an hour but maybe shorter or a little longer.



It will be very difficult to give you a full appreciation for what is offered at Self Made Man. However, I will list some of the videos and podcasts offered under the Marketing Category, as that is my area of expertise. Although, I am not nearly as good as these folks.


Marketing Video Class Examples

  • How To Create Amazing Instagram Photos (Nick Unsworth)
  • The 7 Steps to Writing a Best Selling Book (Tucker Max)
  • The Real Way to Build a Huge Social Media Following. (Natalie Jill)
  • Tapping Into the Four States of Your Customers Fine Brain. (John Benson)
  • How to Generate Traffic and Sales with Facebook Ads. (Jason Hornung)
  • The Truth About Making Money in an Online Business. (Russell Brunson)
  • Case Study How You’re Book Can Launch a Brand and Make You Millions. (Tucker Max)
  • Create Conversational Influence in Sales and Marketing. (Sherry Alexander)
  • Using Online Quizzes to Quickly Build Your Audience. (Jeremy Ellens)
  • Write a Creative Brief for Your Business. (Ron Lynch)


Podcast Interview Examples

  • How to Create a Perennial Seller. (Ryan Holiday)
  • How to Build a Massive Instagram Account. (Andrew Goodman)
  • How to Dramatically Improve your Ability to Sell. (Matthew Pollard)
  • How a Sonic Logo Can Dramatically Increase Revenue. (Julian Treasure)
  • How to Create Massively Viral Facebook Videos. (JP Sears)
  • How to Gammify Your Customer Experience and Win. (Justin Winter)
  • How to Attract 1 million Fans While Raising Four Kids. (Rachel Maser)
  • How to Write a Sales Message that Moves Millions (Craig Clements)
  • The King of Social Media. (Branden Hampton)
  • How to Grow Your Brand and Live Your Dream. (Louis Howes)
  • YouTube Fitness Sensation Shares the Secrets to his Success. (Mike Chang)


Who is Mike Dillard?

Mike is an online entrepreneur who started in the trenches like many others. His story starts in college when he found network marketing. Mike failed miserably for 5 years until one day a mentor gave him some advice.


His mentor suggested that if he wished to be someone making several figures per month he had to start behaving like a real business person. Do the things they do. In other words, change.


Now, Mike and I have one thing in common, we are both introverted. First, he decided to transform himself into a real business leader and learn the skills required. So he studied how to write sales copy and excel at using Google Adwords.

The goal was to create automated marketing campaigns to sell products (then there would be no need to talk to strangers). This led to his success within 18 months. He could quit his job waiting on tables.

Some of you may have heard of one of his books that literally changed the approach to marketing online. It is titled Magnetic Sponsoring. I remember coming across it in 2008 when I first started out online. Unfortunately, I was too new and naive at that time to appreciate what he was offering.

Anyway, Mike went on to invest his money which in return has created his enormous wealth and now he is doing what many rich people do – making the world a better place with his efforts to produce chemical-free food for everyone and Self-Made Man to create leaders with integrity in our society. Visit his blog to read Mike Dillard’s Rags to Riches story.

His Hydroponic business was bankrolled by a product he developed named List Grow. I have written an in-depth review of the product/service that I highly recommend for folks interested in online ventures.


What is My Opinion?

Company Name:     Self Made Man        Lady Giving The Okay Sign

Service Type:     Entrepreneur Self-Improvement/ Online Mentorship

Owners:     Mike Dillard

Cost of Service:     $97 US per year (at present)

Ease of Use:     Excellent

Training:     Not Applicable

Customer Support:    Excellent

Affiliation:     Member ( & affiliate – I only recommend products I believe in)

Opinion:     Legitimate, Excellent Value.

Website:     Self Made Man


I think Mike Dillards Self Made Man is a wonderful resource or library of videos and podcasts because you have access to so many successful online entrepreneurs. It is so difficult these days to find a personal mentor and this is the next best thing. I am sure the platform will continue to grow over the years to come.

At the moment, the price is very low and the value is definitely there. However, I would be careful not to get distracted from whatever business you are working on. Although there are no upsells, links are provided to websites and blogs for further research. Unless you really need to spend time learning about a particular topic, it is best to limit your time on the site.

For example, I am implementing social media into my business. My mentor at Wealthy Affiliate has recommended FaceBook and that is the direction I am moving in. I watched Natalie Jill’s video class. She recommends Pinterest and YouTube. Rather than getting distracted and following up on it, I have decided to only focus on FB until it is successful.

There are a couple of reasons – first, my time will be split, meaning I will be average at all instead of an expert at one and secondly, Pinterest doesn’t really work well for my niche. So be careful to use your time wisely!

Special Note: If you are the best at what you do and would like to be an instructor or podcast guest you can contact Self Made Man at Support@SelfMadeMan. com.


Are you a member of Mike Dillard’s Self Made Man? What do you think of it? Do you know of any other similar products online? Please let us know and if you have a friend who would be interested in SMM please share this post.




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