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My Wealthy Affiliate – A Goldmine of Information

What is My Wealthy Affiliate?

It is an online affiliate marketing community which teaches ordinary people HOW to EARN money from home with a computer, by selling other companies products, who in return give the person a percentage of each sale. It is one of the oldest and easiest ways of learning how to make cash online.

Founded in 2005, it has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. It is well-established and has a “cult-like” following. It is sometimes overrated or somewhat exaggerated by its members as being the “absolute” best in the business. However, I do believe it is one of the cutting edge leaders in this industry and a great place to learn the ropes or build a biz.

Presently, I am a member of WA (2018). I do receive a commission for people who join the community from my website. I first joined in 2009 and again in 2014. In between, I have tried many programs and spent thousands of dollars. I have returned because of the cost and quality.  The value provided is easily better than 90% of similar programs.


Ranking At A Glance …

Name:    Wealthy Affiliate

Website URL:    www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Price:     Free Starter Membership                                                                                                                         Premium Membership – First Month $19, then $49/mth or $359 /year.

Owners:    Kyle & Carson

Rank:    95/100

Affiliation:    Premium Member

Chance of Success:    Excellent (with program completion & perseverance).


Let’s Share Some Little Known Insider Secrets

Who Are These Awesome Owners?


Kyle and Carson are great guys. No question about it. I’ve dealt with them through private messaging and live chat. They genuinely believe in what they are doing and do not like “gurus” because they believe people are often taken advantage of. Making the time to answer everyone’s questions personally is a badge of honor. With thousands of members, there is sometimes a delay but that is only to be expected.


Unparalleled Price System Aims to Please Members … New & Old


New members join for free. It provides an opportunity to explore the training and tools, as well as, interacting with the members of WA. The use of certain features is limited to free members. Starters are offered their very first month of premium membership at $19 which will give you complete access. Then, at the end of 30 days there are three options to choose from: cancel, pay $49/month or select the yearly subscription of $359/year ($30/month). All of these figures are in US dollars.


For People Who Want to Succeed But Don’t Quite Know How


There are two kinds of training which kick butt. The first is the online entrepreneur certification course which contains 5 levels. Each level with several lessons. A person with a strong passion for something, for example, an interest or hobby, would be suitable for this course. Basically, it teaches you how to choose a niche, build a website, get traffic or visitors to the site, and finally how to make money.

The second type is Affiliate Boot Camp. This has seven phases. Each phase with several lessons. It is for people who cannot come up with a niche they like and/or for those folks who wish to promote Wealthy Affiliate. It helps to have experience online before starting this course but it is not necessary.


Now You Can Have 24/7 Coaching At Your FingerTips


The support at Wealthy Affiliate will knock your socks off. It really is available twenty-four hours a day and one of the methods provides instant replies. Live chat is just as it sounds. You have access to thousands of members (as well as the owners) to answer your questions in real time.

In addition, classrooms are available. Similar to forums, each has a different topic and one can comment/ask relevant questions.

Finally, there is private messaging for premium members which are similar to sending an email and best of all you have access to the owners. There are a couple of drawbacks but the support is as good as it gets online without needing to pay an arm and a leg.


State of The Art Hosting, Unsurpassed Security, Lightning Speed


Site Rubix integrates WordPress hosting. Quick and easy to follow instructions allow you to “set-up your basic site in minutes flat”. The actual building of content, as with any platform, will take much longer. This is certainly one of the easiest step-by-step training programs around for using WordPress. As an added bonus hosting, security and email accounts are all included in the membership price.  Speed and security are taken very seriously.


Why Pay Hundreds of Extra Dollars?


There is no need to pay additional money to purchase products for constructing your new business.  The keyword tool here is of good quality. It specializes in helping you find long tail keywords to target, increasing the chances of getting traffic to your website. Jaaxy is a much more powerful version of the original. It is faster, more efficient and provides many additional features. The first is free to use. The second has both free and pay for versions.

Hosting, professional email accounts, a site content builder, affiliate marketing research tools, support and the training are all included in one package. It’s a money saver and although not impossible very rare to find these days.


What Everybody Ought To Know About Success . . . . .


There is no way of knowing exactly how many students at Wealthy Affiliate are achieving success because the statistics are not known amongst the general community. This is the one important factor which I believe would give the community the credibility it deserves as I know from my own personal experience there are folks making a living from what they have learned at WA.

I know for certain there is a certain number of people who have become “super affiliates” making more than 300 sales per year at WA and being rewarded with an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas each year. However, I expect there are many more that are making money from both types of training (successful members often make posts).

I believe your chances are much higher here than with 90 % of other online programs. After considering my overall experiences, I expect at least 10% of the active members to be making a full-time living solely with their affiliate business (and many remain for years).  I guess that another 40%  earn a part-time income or have made some sales. Another 50 % are in the process of building the business.

The percentages are pure speculation on my part, however, I have made sales so I know it works. Furthermore, members endorsements on the main site are authentic.  They are worth checking out. As I mentioned, on my About Devan page, with any quality program a lot still depends on an individual’s persistence. You need to see it through to the end. That’s the biggest reason people fail anywhere.  They quit too soon!


Things I Like & Don’t Like

#1.    Cost

+ Big plus:    An Inexpensive Yearly Sign-up Charge

The average cost of the industry has been rising greatly. This price is still very low compared to the quality provided. Everything you need to build a business is included in the price. There are no real up-sells and folks are forbidden from promoting outside products.

Having said that, there are a few other programs such as SBI and the Fletcher Method that have equal quality and price points. The point I would like to make is even though I love the WA community, it is not the only affordable, high-quality choice product out there, as some would have us believe.


– Small minus:    Jaaxy Pro: $19/mth  –  Enterprise: $49/mth  –  Lite: Free

I understand why it is necessary, however, adding the price of Jaaxy Pro or Enterprise onto the monthly membership brings the overall price closer in line with industry standards. I believe it is worth the extra money. If you are on a tight budget, what I suggest is to just use Jaaxy Lite (Free) until you are making sales and then upgrade. Members do get a discount. Non-members pay full price.


#2.    Training

+ Big Plus:    Courses Will Help You Start A Real Online Business

The lessons are detailed and well organized. They will be easy for you to follow and implement each step. They are accompanied by videos which are usually short and well done. By the time you finish the course you will have a fully operational website receiving traffic. After that keep building content and fine tune until the sales come.


– Small Minus:    Live Recorded Video Classes May Slow You Down

There is a wealth of information here and over the years it has been organized better than in the early days. Jay who does the live training has so much advice to offer and is very popular amongst the members. However, people new to the community can be a bit overwhelmed and find it difficult to find exactly what they are looking for.

My advice is to go through the other training first. Attend the live video classes and then maybe go to a recorded video class as needed or once every couple of days and make notes. Keep a special notebook so you can save time by not having to watch them repeatedly.


#3.    Support

+ Big Plus:    Knowledgeable Marketers Offer Free Advice

Except for free personal mentoring from experts somewhere, this is the best deal in town. Why? This is because you actually get to interact with the owners on a personal level. I’ve never seen this anywhere else, although, live chat with customer service is becoming more common in the industry.

Live Help means you get your questions answered instantly or at-least quickly (by other members). While private messaging is similar to sending an email to friends or colleagues. Both can help you find knowledgeable people to assist in building your business.


– Small Minus:    Easy to Become Distracted

With so many avenues for communication, it is very easy to lose focus from the work that needs to be done. As I mentioned, earlier too there is just so much information available it is easy to become side-tracked. Another significant tidbit: you need to find the “right” people, the money makers who can provide sound advice.


#4.    Tools

+ Big Plus:    Ease of Use & High-Quality Results

The hosting and website set up is a breeze for beginners and folks familiar with WordPress will fly through the initial steps. You will save a lot of time. Security and back-ups are also taken care of. No need to worry about hacks.

The keyword tools are also excellent. They are specifically built to target long tail keywords. The number of features, speed, and ease of use make it one of the best you will ever use. The formula (QRS) to choose keywords will help you to rank on the first page of Google.

SiteContent is a tool for writing. It will help you to write quality content of the correct length and with the proper grammar and spelling so you can get higher rankings in the search engines.


– Small Minus:    Jaaxy Pro & Enterprise Not Included in Membership.

As mentioned earlier these two are not included in the overall cost. However, Jaaxy Lite is available for free and to be fair a tool like this most likely cost the owners a lot to develop. In addition, you will only need the advanced features as your business grows. By then, you will have the extra cash to invest.


What I Really Think?

I think it is definitely worth trying. The free membership will allow you to decide for yourself if it is something you would like to pursue. The only problem is I wish it gave everyone complete access to premium for a month to realize the full potential of the system. In order to get a proper feel for all the features, you will need to upgrade. It is worth it, but I would prefer everyone to get the full sha-bang free for a short time right away.

As with any business, there are skills you will need to develop. WA initially focuses mainly on content and search engine optimization. The technology takes care of the keyword research and ranking and helps with the spelling, structure, and grammar for writing. However, you do need to write. No need to be scared. It takes time and it is a skill anyone can learn in time. Later you can learn how to use social media and paid methods of advertising if you wish.

Whatever, you do you will need to learn and take action. It is the same with any program you decide to join. At Wealthy Affiliate, you are building a business for the future by consistently adding posts and pages to your website. This is called building an authoritative website. Take the time to do that now and it will pay dividends down the road. There is another company called SBI that uses a similar approach but with an entirely different system.

Here you will have a supportive community to help get you through the difficult times. I am personally quite introverted so I like the writing and I find it easy to receive help whenever I need it. To be quite honest I don’t use the Live Chat or classrooms very often but it is nice to know they are there if I need them. I focus on producing instead of wasting time socializing – I also believe the time to help others is after success has been achieved.

All in all, there are only a handful of online affiliate business programs I recommend to my readers. I do suggest giving Wealthy Affiliate a try if you are serious about making money online. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme and if you follow the lessons and ask for assistance when stuck, you can make money online using this method.


My Special Offer …

Join the starter program for ZERO dollars.  Yes, it’s FREE.  I will make sure to get in touch with you within one hour.  Please look out for a message or comment on your profile page.  I do want you to make me a promise, however, if you do join, that you set up your account right away!  It is simple and you will be walked through it once inside.


Join Wealthy Affiliate Risk Free


After you sign-up for your FREE Starter Account, I will offer you a bonus if you decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days. This is in addition to receiving a 59 % discount for your first month.  When your account is ready I am going to personally contact you on your profile to say “hello” and provide some more information about WA, how to get help from me, and how to claim a few extra goodies. This is awesome stuff and I am so looking forward to making your acquaintance … I know you will be very satisfied.


Ask About My Wealthy Affiliate!

If you have any questions, I’d more than happy to answer them. Please feel free to contact me by email or leave them in the comment section below. I can try to steer you in the right direction. In addition, if you are already a member or successful marketer somewhere else please leave a comment below. We always welcome positive and constructive feedback!








6 thoughts on “My Wealthy Affiliate – A Goldmine of Information”

  1. Hello,

    Nice and very detailed article a lot of of very important details. 

    I could not agree with you more I have been using wealthy affiliate for a while now and I cannot begin to emphasize how important it is especially the support of the community which has proven very important to me, and the jaaxy key word tool is simply priceless.

    I would recommend this to anyone especially the beginners.

    1. Hi Dave

      I am glad you enjoyed the review. 

      I agree the support at Wealthy Affiliate is very good. I like to work autonomously but their are times when I need to find answers to questions I do not know and WA has some many avenues for discovering them.

      Yep, Jaaxy is great. I have tried many keyword tools – it is simple but delivers all the pertinent information. Very user-friendly – a young child could learn to use it.

      Thanks Dave,

      I hope your business is going well!



  2. I certainly agree with your comment that Wealthy Affiliate is a excellent way to learn affiliate marketing.

    It’s also true that affiliate marketing is one of the long-established ways of making money online. It’s amazing that many people are still unaware just how long affiliate marketing has been in existence and that most established businesses participate in some form of affiliate marketing. It is one of the oldest and easiest ways of learning how to make cash online.

    As yourself, many of us have tried many programs and spent thousands of dollars looking at “shiny objects”. This is also my second time back and I plan to stay around until my goals are accomplished.

    1. Hi Howard,

      Thanks for the wonderful comment. I hope my readers see it. Affiliate marketing is a great way to get started online and not difficult to learn. It just takes time to become established. Our society is into instant gratification. I am guilty of this too.

      I am happy to hear I am not the only one returning! I look forward to hearing more about your success at Wealthy Affiliate. I am plan to stay here until I accomplish my goals too!

      Have a great day.

      Warm regards,


  3. Hey. I would like to make money online, but I did not know what to do. After reading your post, I know that I will register with Wealthy Affiliate and I want to be one of many users who have achieved success. I did not know that there are such wonderful platforms. I like the statistics that so many people earn there.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thank-you for your comment. I think you are making a good decision. You will be able to build a long term sustainable business. There are lots of people at Wealthy Affiliate to help you on your journey including me. 

      My WA username is Kewl Web. Please look me up inside the community and I will be more than happy to assist you in any way I can.

      Looking forward to seeing you inside.

      Kind regards,


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