Social Media Plan Outline

Natalie Jill’s Social Media Plan Outline

Who Is Natalie Jill?

I had never heard of Natalie Jill before I joined Self Made Man. It just so happened that I was looking to make a social media plan outline for my blog posts and I came across this one hour lesson taught by Jill. The cool thing is she has a following in the millions but she is a fitness expert.

Actually, she is a licensed Master Sports Nutritionist and Functional Fitness Trainer. She is the owner of a website called Natalie Jill Fitness with more than 2, 000,000 social media followers. Her story is similar to a number of high achievers in that she has overcome great adversity to obtain her level of success.

So how did this come about? What did she do that was so different from other fitness coaches? How was she able to build such a large following on Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook and other social sites. It could be said it was partially done by accident because Jill had no idea she would become so popular but I think it was her down to earth approach.

I am going to explain what I learned from Jill during the lesson. None of these ideas are originally mine, although I was familiar with most of the advice before watching the lesson. However, I give Jill full credit and any mistakes in the content are mine alone. I will also give you a direct link to the lesson further down in case you wish to watch the video yourself.


How She Started Off Using Social Media Accounts

Ms. Jill had hit rock bottom. She was going through a divorce and thousands of dollars in debt. On top of that after giving birth she was quite a bit overweight. The way she began her new career was trying to take care of herself. Keeping healthy while eating well and exercising.

Her idea was to make herself accountable to an audience and the method of doing that was to share her progress on social media so, whenever she cooked a meal it would be posted. Each hardship she endured on her journey was shared. Folks began interacting, liking her honesty and connecting because they also had similar experiences.

Before she knew it there were requests for her recipes and that was the beginning step towards being able to monetize her social media accounts. Requests led to a recipe e-book. Now she sells fitness recordings and has published several books offline. Whether it was intentional or not she became a social media expert.


Social Media Approach is Really Just Common Sense

Which Will You Use? A Hammer or a Wrench?At least where I am from and the way I was brought up her social media strategy is just plain good old-fashioned common sense.

Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to make money or be “successful” that we forget what is most important to people.

In addition, we lose ourselves and ignore the basic principles that help us all live a more real existence and having a true chance of accomplishing great feats.

What follows is a few of Ms. Jills cautions taken from her outline delivered during her presentation entitled The real Way To Build A Huge Social Media Following.


Necessary Social Media Mindset

  • Whatever you do, you need to let perfection go, make it not about ME but others. I must say I am guilty of this mistake. I always want things to be perfect -it’s hard to just be me, human. I need to let go of my insecurities and be me too!
  • We can’t be anyone else. I can’t be the next Natalie Jill, Mike Dillard or Bob Proctor. I have to be me. You have to be you. Unique. There are people that will like and follow you. I have learned this the hard way over a number of years.
  • Things don’t just happen, you make them happen. You make your own luck. You need to start and keep at it. Take action, keep moving forward. I’ll add one more – don’t quit and start over – it’s a time killer. Keep going!
  • You are accountable for your own success and failures. When you fail, don’t blame others. Pick yourself up, go right back at it. There are millionaires who have lost everything just to get it all back and more because they are accountable.
  • Nobody cares about you unless they know how much you care. It’s a big world and let’s face it peoples are selfish always looking out for their own interests. Give something first and watch what comes back.
  • There are no shortcuts. You can’t cheat the system. You can save time and reach your goal sooner by doing things properly the first time. Trust me on this. I am an expert on wasting time looking for the magic bullet.
  • You won’t be discovered – well you may but the chances are slim. Better to do what you need to do to achieve the results you desire. Don’t leave it to chance or you may be waiting a lifetime.
  • Get some mentors. I agree but it is so difficult. Even Ms. Jill said don’t contact me personally because I am too busy. That’s the problem online these days. Mentoring to them means following blogs or what’s said on social networks. However, from my experience it’s not enough, you need a real mentor.


General Outline of the Social Media Plan

1. Sales vs Marketing

Social Media is the place to connect with people. Be who you are and not who you think you should be and focus on others. It isn’t about selling at this point. Build trust and social media relationships with followers. Market.


2. The Money Objection

It’s too expensive. I am charging too much. Natalie says, people always find the money to buy what they want. I am not sure I agree with the “always” part. However, the idea is sound – if folks want something badly enough they’ll pay.


3. Brand Awareness

Identify your audience. Who do you want to help? What encourages or motivates them? What words should you use that is representative of your brand? What images? Be consistent in all posts and messaging.


4. Maximize

Maximize content value over time. Ms. Jill says connector platforms are key. For example, YouTube and Pinterest. Posting on FaceBook or Twitter is less effective. Why, Because the posts are lost. People see them one time unless you repost.

The problem with re-posting is there are limitations to how often it is allowed. Take a look at the chart I have included on the right. It is taken from an email sent to me by Lucas from Postcron a social media scheduling site.

Postcron Recommendation For Sharing Same PostOn YouTube or Pinterest, your post or video lives forever. The benefits of using these kinds of social networks are it

  • Saves time.
  • Attracts the perfect customer.
  • Drives traffic to your website.
  • Provides massive exposure.
  • Never dies or becomes obsolete.

The way to save time is to repurpose your content. For instance, create a video for YouTube and then take screenshots, make a card and post it to Pinterest.
By linking your message to various places you will create the traffic you require. A word of caution here though. Ms. Jill’s niche is fitness and cooking two very visual niches. It may not work with some others like the make money online niche.

So think carefully or make some adjustments when using this last strategy for your marketing. The rest of the advice is spot on and can be followed no matter what business you are promoting.


What Do I Think?

Most successful people stumble into their success. I am not saying they don’t work hard or try different strategies. They do. The problem is when they teach what they didn’t realize they were doing at the time and as Natalie says we can’t be them.

We need to be true to ourselves especially with social media. We can schedule posts to be published or use techniques that will save time and make our work easier but in the end, we are marketing ourselves or business.

People like people who are real and care about what they care about. Remember that and sincerely offer them assistance or information they desire and you will be on your way to a huge following.

Share your expertise with us. How do you use social media? DO you have a social media plan outline? Would you like to share it with us? We’d love to hear from you!

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6 thoughts on “Natalie Jill’s Social Media Plan Outline”

  1. Hi Devan,

    I found your post extremely accessible and useful. I know that it may not relate directly to the idea of scaling your business, but the idea of content placed once on a platform such as TouTube and Pinterest, and it “living” there forever and the concept of “re-purposing” existing content, really caught my attention. I see how these approaches can leverage each piece of content to the hilt and save valuable time in order for the marketer to be able to dedicate more of their precious time to creating NEW content…

    Your post really got the wheels turning in my head. Thanks!

    All the best,


    1. Thanks, Norman!

      Re-purposing content on Social Media is a time saver and I being around for a long time is important. I have heard changes are coming to the ways organic rankings are done – where they may not work as well in the future. So social media posting may become even more important in the future.

      Best of Luck,


  2. I was actually also taking it all the wrong way before I found out that I had to put my audience first. Putting your audience first will result in much more trust, like you said, and also will convert much better because relate to you directly. If people know that there is a human on the other side, who has had experiences, and not a robot or an automated post, then they will genuinely be more attracted.

    1. Thank-you Reyhana. I appreciate your feedback. It’s a hard thing to do – putting your audience first. Many folks need to earn a living and tend to take the wrong approach. It’s a shame some gurus play of this. That’s why I liked Natalie’s approach – getting the truth out there as well as some useful tips!

      Best regards,


  3. I agree with what your saying.

    If you plan to be successful with social media then you need to be able to connect with people. From what I have seen the better you can relate to your audience the more successful you be able to grow your social media following.

    Then the method that you mention such as re-purposing content will be beneficial.

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