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What Motivates People to Write Online?

What is the main benefit of writing online? Well, it depends on your purpose but basically, it is all about money and to make cash you must find online writing jobs that pay a decent wage. Could there be other motivating factors? Sure, perhaps you enjoy writing and would like to share valuable information with the public.

However, for most folks, it is about finances. Why do you need to earn money? Maybe it is a way for you to make some extra cash to pay the bills or to help you get by while you are building an online business. You may want to purchase a gift for a boyfriend, girlfriend, friend or family member.

How about a way to pay off debts or saving for college tuition? I imagine there are hundreds of reasons which motivate people to take on legitimate online writing jobs. The question then becomes where can you find these assignments? How do you know which companies to trust? What do you need to comprehend to run a flourishing writing business?

I will answer all of these questions while discussing the more traditional approach to uncovering real-time online writing jobs as well as a few out of the box ways to increase your clientele. Furthermore, I will explain to you an additional way to earn a reoccurring income from your written material.


How to Find Online Writing Jobs

I am going to discuss how and where to find online writing jobs. However, before I do that I would like to share with you some different types of freelance online writing jobs. My primary focus will be on jobs that require no or little college education. Obviously, some of these jobs will require experience in the field.


Web Content

A number of content sites are looking to hire writers to stock content for their sites. They may request writers provide quality content centered around a specific keyword phrase. A flat fee or a fee based on page views and maybe traffic bonuses is paid.

Experience will depend on the content site in question. A few of the sites are as follows: Associated Content, Love to Know, Constant Contact, and About.com.

Web Copy

Whereas web content involves informational script based on a selected keyword, web copy refers to writing sales promotional or other copy with the intent of bringing in traffic and fostering interest in a product or service.

The first will receive a good portion of its revenue from advertising on site while the second from the sale of goods. It helps to have some training or experience in writing sales copy.


Individual web property owners such as myself and companies looking to create an online presence are hiring writers by the dozen. Owning a website myself I understand the need to have articles posted consistently. I have seen writers charge as much as $200 per article.

Knowledge in a certain field is an asset however not necessary as you can do the research for the article you are going to write. Websites such as ProBlogger, Blogging Jobs, Performance Scene, Craigslist, Freelance Writing Jobs and more offer gigs.

Magazine Freelancer

This may be a tougher assignment to secure. However, when I was teaching English in Japan several of my colleagues wrote articles for travel magazines. They often have an online blog or website. The compensation can be quite lucrative once you have a foot in the door and management likes your writing.

Check out Writers Market or Magazine.com to get ideas for applying. Determine what the magazines expect of its writers before presenting your sales pitch.

E-Book Writing

The beauty of writing information products is that you only do the work once and the money keeps rolling in. This is exactly the case with e-books. There’re no real technical difficulties, at least none that you cannot easily overcome. Software exists with templates included and if you are writing for someone else they usually handle the sales details.

These are only a few of the most well-known writing jobs available. There are many, many more specialties that you could target and later I will provide you with some ideas on how to find these specialties.

Lady Thinking About Writing Niches

Writing Niches

  • News reporting
  • Features
  • Real estate
  • Grants
  • Nonprofits
  • Ghost Writing
  • Essays
  • Business Plans
  • Corporate Copywriting
  • Advertising Copy
  • Technical Writing
  • Legal
  • FAQs
  • And so on …



Traditional Method to Finding Online Writing Jobs

By the traditional method, I mean hiring a writer from an online writing jobs website. There are hundreds of these companies acting as a liaison between writers and employers needing to hire. Doing a search on one of the search engines is all you need to do but I have made a list of a few below.


Founded in 2012 by Dave Nevogt and Jared Brown. The business now has over 8,000 clients meaning tons of projects available in various fields. They are fully transparent earning writers 243K per month. Staff is situated globally.


One of the world’s leading freelancer websites. Earning its users over 1 billion dollars per year. Showcasing 3, 500 different skills. A very reliable platform for finding content assignments.


Based out of Australia Freelancer continues to grow globally. It claims to be the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace. There are 62 different writing categories.


There wasn’t much background information on the site. However, I liked two things. First, you can choose a subject category to write in – travel, marketing, fashion and the like. The price paid is the same for everyone.


It is also based out of Australia. Great resources for those of you who own a blog. You need to pay to advertise a job posting. Last I checked it was $70 for 30 days. It’s worth a look for the free materials.

Blogging Pro

I really don’t like it when websites do not have an About Me page. However, this is another mystery site that offers freelance writing jobs. They claim to update jobs daily but if you are posting a job there is a wait of 24 to 36 hours.

Writer Access

I heard it has all US-based writers. They charge by the word starting at .03 cents for a 3-star writer and going up from there. I think it is a good paying platform but you’ll need to write quality content.


Unorthodox Ways to Search For Online Writing Jobs

Most of the time thinking outside of the box can land you an exceptionally good online writing job. There are a number of ways you could attempt to find these gems.

Cold Pitching

Contact blog or small business owners and explain to them how you can help their business. In your sales pitch let them know how you found them, who you are and how you can help them.

Follow Tweets

The first way of finding online writing gigs is checking out the job boards. This way is similar but you follow their tweets so you will nearly always have a job – @Write_Jobs, @WhoPaysWriters, JJobsTweets etc.

Ask Colleagues, Friends, and Family

This seems obvious, however, you never know what kind of work will pop up. Believe me, if I knew someone close to me who enjoyed writing I would ask them in a minute to write content. I could trust them more than a stranger.

Advertise On Your Own Website

Having your own website can also attract potential clients especially businesses willing to pay corporate rates. In addition, some of my colleagues welcome guest posts on their websites. Possibly for free but it provides exposure for your work.

Network With Freelancer Authors

Hang out wherever the writers are and build relationships. Sometimes writing gigs will come your way. I even heard of an established writer getting so many gigs he would look for others to give them to.

Join Facebook Groups

Here you are networking with entrepreneurs. Never just throughout a sales pitch. Get involved in the conversation, build trust and when it comes up that someone needs content writing to offer your skills. Do a FB search.

Use A Freelance Writer Directory

For example, Jennifer Mattern has a Directory of Freelance Writers for hire. You pay $15 and can post your profile with your photo. Especially if you are new to writing you need to get lots of exposure.


The Business Side of Freelance Online Writing Jobs

Take a look around the web and you will see there are thousands of freelance online writers for hire. Most freelance bloggers start with a talent for writing, however, they possess very little business sense. It’s not a problem if you just want to make a couple bucks on the side.

However, if you would like a lucrative writing business You will need to fill in the knowledge gaps. The reason being the longer you leave it to learn, the longer you will go without the money you deserve.

Let’s say acquiring and applying some basic business knowledge will bring you in an extra $1000 a month. Then waiting a whole year will mean you are short $12,000. The truth is having strong business skills will let you grow your business too much more than $1000 a month.

Sophie Lizard who originally presented these ideas in her article How to Survive the Business Side of Freelance Blogging explains that she did what many of us do which is worry too much and charge too little because we have no idea about what we’re doing or how to value our services.

She schooled herself by visiting several prominent business blogs and then invested some of her pay back into her business by joining some training, mentoring and mastermind groups. I do the same in my field of affiliate marketing.

Here are some neat tips from Liz:

#1 Offers

When making an offer it’s easier to charge a decent rate for a smaller number of writings than a low amount for numerous gigs and it is much easier to get your payment in advance.

This is definitely something I have experienced first-hand with my ESL teaching business. It’s so much easier to get paid before teaching the lesson. It’s no wonder so many businesses want to get paid upfront.

#2 Products (writing assignments)

Determine which of your products give you the most profit for the least amount of effort. Perhaps your best-selling product only pays you $10 per hour. What can you do to change that? Have your unbillable hours being taken into account? How about the time spent trying to land the writing engagement?

Allowances need to be made to increase payment commiserate to the value of your time. So you can Increase the price, get paid sooner, learn to produce the product faster or make the product easier to produce. In my case, although I don’t pay myself I try to learn to write faster.

#3 Get Started

There’s nothing like diving right in. It’s the best way to get started and to keep improving. Analysis of your business and how to improve quality and profitability will come with time.


Investment Blogging Makes More Money in The Long Run

What do I mean by investment blogging? I’m not talking about stocks or shares. You are an online content writer. The goal is for you to write blogs or web copy for other website owners. In exchange for this service, you are paid a fixed or hourly rate. It’s a simple trade-off: time versus money.

However, what if you only had to write blog posts once and continued to earn money from those posts for days, weeks, months, even years into the future. Revenue which begins as a trickle quickly turns into a profitable stream of income as more and more content is being written by you.

And that’s not all, these writings on the website are owned by you and the value is in the thousands of dollars because it is a profitable, income producing series of posts. Something you could sell at a later date. Wouldn’t that be so much better? To do something you love (writing) and at the same time earning money and securing your future?

If you are looking for online writing jobs for cash then you need read no further. Please check out some of the sites that I have listed above. However, If you were looking for something more than just writing and exchanging time for money. For example, earning a long-term, reoccurring income from your online writings, then please continue.


Your Next Step In Creating an Online Writing Presence

I belong to a community that teaches people how to build authority blogs or websites and guess what it involves writing! Those of you that love writing will flourish with a site of your own. We also teach folks how to earn money from their blogs when the time is right.

Don’t have any technical skills? Trust me you don’t need them. Everything these days is click, click, click. Yes, there are things to learn but they are relatively easy. Most of your energy will be spent writing so why not make yourself a piece of online real estate and reap the rewards for years to come.

It won’t happen overnight. Nothing does and if you are desperate for money right now it is best to find an online writing job at one of the job boards but you can still work on this at the same time and I promise you’ll be thanking me in a year or so.

What I would like you to do now is to read this success story from my community. It is a small success but this member has many more on the way. See if you can relate to her story and what she has achieved through writing.


LittleMamma’s Success Story


Questions & Comments For Online Writing Jobs


4 thoughts on “Online Writing Jobs Available Everywhere”

  1. Thank you, Devan. This was a very informative article. There was one thing I was a little confused about, though. Under ProBlogger, you wrote, “You need to pay to advertise a job posting.” Does that mean if you want to write for someone else, or have someone else write for you? I appreciated your article very much because I love writing!

    1. Hi Danette

      My understanding is it is for the person or company that requires a writer. They advertise what jobs they are looking to be filled. A job posting can be placed for 30 days at a cost of $70. 

      I think if you are searching for work there is no charge.

      I hope this helps.

      Best regards,


  2. Thanks a lot for the information! I’m especially keen on writing an ebook to try and drive more traffic to my blog and build a healthy email list. Do you have any specific tips on ebook writing?

    I’ll definitely have a look at the sites you link for getting hired to write for websites. What is the normal sort of money for something like that?

    1. Hi Stephen

      Thanks for your comments!

      I hope to write an article soon providing some information on writing e-books. I am sorry, I haven’t reached that stage in my business development yet. I will be creating a short e-book to use for list building in the future.

      As far as earning money writing, it depends on the company you work for. Some have set prices per word depending on your experience and customer reviews. Maybe like Fivver or iWriter. Salary can increase with experience other places it is up to you what you would like to charge.

      I recently tried outsourcing some work and it was $30 for a 1000 word article – including research, everything. I have seen people charge up to $150 dollars. On the contrary, I have seen it as low as $10.

      I think we pay for quality.

      Hope this is of help.

      Best regards,


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