Paykickstart Internet Affiliate Marketing Program

Paykickstart Internet Affiliate Marketing Program Impressive


What is Paykickstart?

Sell smarter, easier, faster, and more. This is the motto for Paykickstart an all-in-one payment and affiliate management system. It allows merchants to sell their products, recruit affiliate partners and manage customer transactions simply by clicking a mouse.

In addition, affiliate marketers can easily form vendor partnerships within Paykickstart. In this article, I am going to focus mainly on their internet affiliate marketing program because this blog is generally geared towards affiliate marketers. I will mention a few details about the vendor program.

Before I begin, Paykickstart is most similar to another company I wrote about. If you are interested in comparing the two please have a look at How to Make Money With ShareAsale Affiliate Merchant Programs. Although, I have not written an article about it yet, another very popular platform is ClickBank which deals in digital products only.


Paykickstart Pricing From Reasonable to Excellent

New vendors receive a FREE 14-day trial which gives them access to the entire shopping cart system. If you are happy with the service at the end of two weeks you’ll be charged a flat fee based on the service you choose. Paykickstart Vendor Pricing Chart

As shown in the snapshot at the side there are three vendor membership types: basic, professional and premium. Each one offers various features which you can find by clicking here.

The yearly fee provides a 25% savings – but you must pay for it annually.

Although, no hidden charges exit there will be an additional amount for services provided by your payment processor.
For those of you unfamiliar with online payment processors we are talking about PayPal, Stripe and Braintree for example.

These services store your financial information all in one place – credit cards, bank accounts and the such. Your customers pay through these services.

Promoting Paykickstart vendors as an affiliate is 100% FREE. I have been through the registration process and it is very simple. One can create an account within a couple of minutes max.


Click Here Register at Paykickstart Free


How Do I Get Started As An Affiliate?

The process is similar at most of the affiliate management platforms. The first step is to register as an affiliate and you can do that by clicking the red button above or visiting the Pay Kickstart registration page. Fill in the necessary information and once inside go to the top right navigation and click on “My Profile”.

There are two important tasks to do next. Authorize your PayPal account so vendors can pay you instantly whenever a customer uses PayPal to make a purchase. Other payout methods are Payoneer, wire transfer and/or check.

Secondly, before you can receive any commissions, you must submit a W9/W8 tax form which I guess is used for income tax purposes. It’s not difficult to do. Like everything else at Paykickstart, the process is user-friendly.

I am from Canada and was required to fill out a W8 form stating I do not live and work in the States. I downloaded the PDF – entered the information and then, I uploaded it again. I will claim my business earnings in my home province.

The third step is to get approved by the vendors. You’ll find a list of vendors in the Marketplace. They can be searched using categories and sub-categories, vendor name, payment frequency and language. Click the green square to request approval. You may need to answer a few questions.

Finally, you can retrieve your affiliate link and start to promote the product or service you have chosen. Each vendor has been given unique links for their affiliates so you will be sure to collect the commissions. In case, you are not aware of it, affiliate links are like web page addresses but including a special code unique to yourself.

How Often Do I Get Paid?

There are two kinds of payments – instant and delayed. As mentioned above any customer using the Paypal Adaptive API results in instant commissions into your PayPal account. Isn’t that a hoot! However, credit card use means waiting to be paid until after the refund period has expired.


Paykickstart Marketing Library A Nice Touch

The team has developed marketing materials FREE for all of their clients. The two which I am specifically interested in are for affiliate and FaceBook marketing. However, a number of the other materials will come in very handy too. Paykickstart Free Marketing Guides

1. The Recurring Membership Success System.

Membership sites are trendy now because they are a source of reoccurring income. Mike Dillard uses this technique very successfully at Self Made Man.

2. The Perfect Webinar Funnel.

Webinar funnels are somewhere between education and sales funnels. Anik Segal, founder of Inbox Blueprint is a master at creating webinar funnels.

3. The Perfect Video Sales Letter.

A necessary skill for marketing unless you want to pay big money. One of the best in the business is Mike Dillard and he teaches this at List Grow 2.0.

4. How to 2-3X Any New or Existing Sales Funnel.

I imagine this will help already established vendors increase sales.

5. The Affiliate Marketing System.

There are so many courses related to affiliate marketing. I will be checking this one out and reporting back but in the meantime, I highly recommend you read my Wealthy Affiliate review if you wish to earn money as an affiliate blogger.

6. 15 Facebook Hacks for Viral Traffic Success

FaceBook has billions of members all over the world. I know from experience it is expensive to buy advertising. Any information to improve advertising campaigns is welcome.

7. The Ultimate Guide for Avoiding Disputes & Chargebacks.

Especially for e-commerce students, this could be very helpful. As affiliates progress into additional models of earning money online it will be a necessary read. E-commerce wannabes can read my Drop Ship LifeStyle Review.

To check out the free materials click on Becoming a Super Affiliate image above or the website address underneath. The programs I have added to the list from one to seven are of product reviews I have written. They are not related to Paykickstart’s written guides.

You can read more about them by visiting my affiliate reviews section.


Finding Affiliate Promotional Materials

The vendor must upload promotional materials before you can use them. Accessing these materials is straightforward and the knowledge base will show you how. Generally speaking, you will navigate to the marketing tab, choose a vendor which has approved you and check out what is available.

Usually, there is the primary affiliate link followed by the banners’ HTML code. This is copied and pasted on your website. Some vendors also have email swipes (copies of sales emails you can use). All of this is pretty standard. Oh and don’t forget to customize the materials with your own links!

Bonuses can also be delivered through the system. Simply upload the URL and choose the campaign it applies to. Paykickstart will deliver it immediately upon purchase. Adding this incentive is a proven way to increase sales. The thank-you message sent is similar to the following.


Adding A Bonus to Affiliate Campaign


My Final Thoughts …

Company Name: Paykickstart LLC

Product Type: Shopping Cart & Affiliate Management System

Founder: Mark Thompson, Matt Callen

Cost of Service:     Basic $29/mth, Professional $99/mth, Premium $149/mth (25% discount for annual payments)

Ease of Use:     Excellent For Affiliates (I didn’t try vendor features).

Training:     Good – Bootcamp Training, Quick Start Guide, Knowledge Base, Marketing Guides

Customer Support:    Website Live chat, Knowledge Base, Skype Group, FaceBook Group, Email

Affiliation:     Kickstart Affiliate & I use their service to find vendors.

Opinion:     Legitimate, Highly Recommended for Affiliates.



I like this product very much because as an affiliate it is easy to register, navigate around and use. I am not familiar with Mark Thompson but I have come across Matt Callen previously and his products have a good reputation. I didn’t see a big selection of vendors compared to some other affiliate/merchant management sites.

However, I think they have recently re-launched their service and I have seen the numbers increase. It is safe to say that the numbers will increase once the word gets out how comprehensive and easy it is to use.

Affiliates should add it to their list of programs to join. The only problem I have is that support by telephone seems to be missing. I am a bit old-fashioned but from a customers point of view, it is faster to deal on the telephone. I understand the younger generation may feel differently and customer service can be time-consuming but human contact is necessary.

Are you registered with Paykickstart? What affiliate management services do you use? Please share your experiences with us. We’d love to hear all about them!



6 thoughts on “Paykickstart Internet Affiliate Marketing Program Impressive”

  1. Gomer Magtibay

    Sounds like a new, good, affiliate network. Right now, I’m with Amazon, Clickbank, and Wealthy Affiliate. Maybe, I try exploring this one, too. Paykickstart.

    I got one question, which I thought of while reading your post. What type of products are best sold or best promoted via this Paykickstart? Digital products, physical products, or combination of the two?

    1. Thanks Gomer!

      You can promote both. I think it will depend on your niche what is promoted more heavily. As far as the vendors are concerned you need to do your due diligence but like the other affiliate networks I imagine PayKickStart tries to take on reputable business owners.

      Click Bank is strictly digital. Amazon I guess is mostly physical – PKS is both as far as I saw.

      Hope this helps.

      Thanks for dropping by.



  2. Loved this review of PayKickstart. I personally never heard of it, but I am new to all of this. It seems like an affiliate program I am going to give a try, or at least research a little more. From your article, it seems pretty simplistic with easy to understand directions. It could be just what I need for more interaction and possible sales.

    1. Hi Mary

      Thanks for your comment. It is pretty simple to use. I believe the more affiliate programs we have the better quality products and services we can find. I wish you the best of luck with Paykickstart!

      Best, Devan

  3. This sounds interesting. While I’ve never heard of it before, it seems like it could possibly be a good way to earn extra income.

    The only thing I don’t like right off the bat is how expensive the premium option is.

    Have you or are you using Kickstarter? If so how is
    It going for you… are you marking more money?

    1. As an affiliate (which I am) it is 100% free to join because we sell business owners products for them. It’s like being an Amazon affiliate. We don’t make the product we just sell it for a commission. 

      However, if you are a vendor there is a charge. I don’t think it is so expensive for vendors considering the money they will earn from all the affiliates promoting their products.

      I am an affiliate but I am only promoting one or two products at the moment. My main service is Wealthy Affiliate and they do not use Paykickstart. They have their own private affiliate program.

      Hope this helps.

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