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Sendlane Review of Everything You Need to Know


What is Sendlane?

Sendlane is an email marketing platform specially designed for digital marketers who build email lists using landing pages. Now, what does this mean? Generally speaking, you can build a one-page website used for capturing email addresses inside of Sendlane.

You can also create a series of emails that will be sent out automatically to your subscribers. In past years these two functions were provided in separate services. Now, as digital marketing becomes more sophisticated so are the tools.

I believe the founders created this to make marketing easier for people in their field. They were very clever in the initial launch because they tied it into one of their popular online training programs, encouraging members to register for the automated service.


Sendlane Pricing Made Simple

Sendlane PricingThe pricing system at Sendlane is simple and fair. There are no set up fees, contracts or limits on the number of emails which you can send.

All features are included at each level with the price being determined by contact total. Prices are per month and they allow us to cancel or upgrade at any time.

Considering experts say marketers can make at least $1 per email address each month it seems to be reasonable.

Canadians and people from outside the United States may need to pay more in their own currency. For example, now it is expensive for Canadians to buy from America.

Twenty-five US dollars is the equivalent of thirty-one Canadian. Of course, if we sell our products in US dollars it evens out.


Sendlane Free 14 Day Trial


Feature Bonanza For Email List Builders

The best way to examine the Sendlane features is to actually go to the official site and sign up for the 14-day free trial. There is so much to see and understand that it would be difficult to explain everything here. However, I will touch on some of the more important items.

  • Newsletter Campaigns
  • Email AutorespondersE-book Funnel Template
  • Landing Pages
  • Workflows & Marketing Automation
  • List Management
  • Reporting Analytics
  • Optimized Timing
  • Tags
  • Data Migration
  • Customer Care


Most affiliate marketers are familiar with newsletters and autoresponders. Sendlane allows you to create a campaign to send either newsletters or emails to your list. This is sometimes referred to as broadcasting. Templates are provided to design a professional looking newsletter page.

The templates include those for promoting affiliate products, eBook offers, welcome emails, usual emails, testimonials, and thank-yous. You may also design your own templates and there is a drag and drop editor which makes it easy to design something to your liking. A template example is shown above.

Autoresponders are used to send out emails to the people who subscribe to your list. The same capabilities are available as those for the newsletters. Statistics are provided for both including the number of subscribers, spam reports, open rates and click rates.


Landing pages, also referred to as opt-in or capture pages are straightforward to make with the landing page generator. Ready-made templates including video pages and count-down timer pages are provided for your use. Capture Page With Woman Running

The image on the right is a landing page with a timer. Marketers like to use the timer feature to create a sense of urgency. I would be careful using timers.

Be certain you adhere to the deadline and don’t offer the same incentive a few weeks later as that could very well affect your reputation as a marketer. From an ethical point of view, I would use a standard opt-in form if you are running a lengthy campaign.

Of course, this will be automatically connected to your email marketing system and landing analytics is available. The usual information can be viewed: opt-ins, new and unique visitors, conversion rates and so on.


A subscriber and list manager exists. This is significant because as your list grows into the thousands you will need some way to keep it all organized. I have tested the feature and it is simple to set-up and use. You can also manage your subscribers within a list which allows you to target sub-niches within a niche.

Those of you familiar with the Ask Method will know that you can increase profits by creating lists within lists by targeting more specialized wants, needs or problems that readers have. Once again, various statistics can be viewed on the dashboard.


Customer Care “Happiness Experts”

My experience with the customer care team was positive. They refer to themselves as “happiness experts”. I did have my issue resolved quickly and appropriately. I would describe the service as being professional, friendly and polished. There are several avenues of assistance available including:

Customer Service Representative

  1. 24 Hour a Day, 7 Days a Week Service
  2. Email Support
  3. Live Chat Assistance
  4. Technical Support
  5. Billing Support
  6. Superior Compliance Support (not sure what this means)


Sendlane vs Aweber

The main difference between traditional autoresponders such as Aweber and Sendlane is the landing page generator and its accessories. Aweber is a good company and I like their product, however, if I was using opt-in pages to build my list I would need to make them at LeadPages or a similar company.

I would need to learn how to integrate my page with Awebber which may be simple but an extra hassle and time-consuming not to mention the additional expense. It would be better for me to use a service like Sendlane.

On the other hand, many marketers who are building authority websites or blogs don’t need the landing page feature (at least not in the early stages of their career) so Aweber or Mailchimp is sufficient. The one which is best to use will depend on the business model you are following.


My Conclusion of Sendlane


Company Name: Sendlane

Product Type: Email Autoresponder & Landing Page Generator

Owners: Jimmy Kim, Zakariah Meftah, Anik Singal

Cost of Service: Depends on Contact List – $25 up to $599 (US dollars)

Ease of Use: Good

Training: Sufficient

Customer Support: Excellent

Affiliation: Member ($25 per month membership)

Opinion: Legitimate, Good Value.

Website: Sendlane


I think it is worth joining especially if you belong to a community such as Inbox BluePrint (now part of Lurn) who use methods other than search engine optimization to attract traffic. Sendlane can simplify the technical side of using software to build capture pages and manage your list.

The price is reasonable because you would pay as much or more to purchase the services separately. I like the fact that beginners can pay a lower monthly rate as they build their business and they have access to exactly the same features as the more expensive memberships do.

There is video training, in addition to articles and a blog. The system itself is easy to use but the learning curve can be tedious. It seems we have to click a lot of links to get to the training we need to learn. Although the training part is fine, l feel a slightly different way of organizing the learning material may suit me better.

In conclusion, I am happy with this product. I think it will benefit my readers if they are pursuing an online business using landing pages to build their email list. Anyone who is still not sure whether this is the correct product or not please contact me and I will be more than happy to assist you in your selection.









6 thoughts on “Sendlane Review of Everything You Need to Know”

  1. Thanks for all the great information you have on your Sendlane Review Post, Kewi. I’m just looking at different Auto Responders at the moment and I visited your website. I’m going to need a good email responder at a later date because I want to start selling my own products online. This tool is exactly what I’m looking for and will bookmark your site for future reference.

    Thanks, Jeff.

    1. Thanks Jeff. I am glad to be of help. Sendlane may not be the best choice to use with an Authority Site business like we build at WA – but if we integrate opt-in pages to our business model it is a great choice.

      As I diversify in the future, I will use Sendlane & opt-in pages to build a list as another way to market my service to.

      If I can be of further help, please make sure to let me know.



  2. Gomer Magtibay

    Reading your article, I realized how competitive the game has become in the field of autoresponders. It used to be between GetResponse and AWeber, but now, there’s SendLane and other new services. So, these old companies need to adapt. And I like how you compared it with AWeber.

    I’m just thinking how it would fare versus GetResponse as I have heard they now offer landing pages like SendLane is offering.

    1. Hey Gomer! 

      Thanks for the heads-up!

      I didn’t know GetResponse offered landing pages. I agree the original autoresponder companies will need to evolve to compete. However, there are marketers that do not use landing pages. In any event, I’ll need to look into the GetResponse and maybe do a review. 

      Have a great day.


  3. I had heard of Sendlane and knew that some of the top marketers had developed it but I really never looked at it very closely.

    Your review gives me something to think about.

    There aren’t many good choices for autoresponders when it comes to doing online marketing so its good to have another option.

    Do they offer an affiliate program as well?

    1. Hi Chris, thanks.

      Yes, but at them moment they only provide free membership. For example, if someone joins, then I could get one month free – I have seen quite a few services resort to this method as of late.

      Once again, I only think it is good if you are using landing pages to build your list because everything is in one place and it saves money in the long run. 

      Hope this helps.



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