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Slidely Promo Makes Video Marketing a Breeze


What is Slidely Promo?

Slidely is a visual content creation service. Specifically, the customer can create video slideshows from photos, video clips, and music. It was founded in 2012 by Tom More in Tel Aviv, Israel. So, what is Slidely Promo? It is a new service which provides clients with premium videos already produced with licensed music and copy.

These promotional videos can be used to promote sales, coupons, brand awareness, new products and more anywhere on the internet -website, blogs and social media to name a few. The system is flexible enough to allow you to pick and choose which background and music you wish as well as adding your own copy.

The above feature image is a screenshot of a video I made to promote brand awareness. I wrote my own copy. The actual video when running is clearer – the lead caption disappears after a few seconds.


Slidely Promo Pricing a Tad Expensive

Promo Monthly Pricing PlansSlidely offers both monthly and annual plans. Now if you purchase the monthly plan the prices are as shown on the right. My advice is to register for free first. Play around with the software for a while.

Tom will eventually send you a discount link via live messaging on the website offering a 20% discount for each of the first three months. It works out to the same monthly rate as offered through the annual plans.

Three months later if you like the service you can upgrade to yearly. The promo annual plan costs much more up front. I have done the math because I noticed the site says we can save UP TO 30%.

The truth is we save 20% on the basic annual plan and 30% on the plus, pro, and agency annual fees. Here is a breakdown comparing the total cost of a 12-month membership paying monthly versus yearly.


Yearly Cost Paying Monthly vs Yearly Cost Paying Annually

Basic $588 $468 (20% savings)

Plus $1188 $828 (30% savings)

Pro $2388 $1668 (30% savings)

Agency $4308 $2988 (30% savings)


Is There An Affiliate Program?

Sildely Promo does not have an affiliate program for marketers at this time. However, before I registered for the monthly membership I was given an affiliate referral link. The owner offered me two free videos if I refer a new paid member.


“If you are interested in working together to promote Promo please email us at and tell us a little about your business and your ideas and we hope to connect and see how we can work together.” – Promo Staff

So if you register for a free membership and feel you only want one or two videos without having to pay you may be able to get your promo videos through referrals. Note: I can’t guarantee at the time of reading this the offer will still be on (and the same goes for the 20% discount on monthly membership).


Click Me to Visit Promo Videos


What Do The Promo Plans Include?

The only difference in the features offered with the plans other than the number of videos included is the ability to upload original footage and white label sharing. All plans consist of the following:

  • 12.5M+ high-quality videos
  • Premium music
  • Ready-made Collections
  • 24/7 support
  • Lifetime license
  • Facebook integration
  • Square & vertical formats
  • Upload original footage (not basic)
  • White label sharing (only Agency)


Promo Videos

There are millions of videos to choose from. The quality is quite good. However, it will also depend on the platform you are using for promotions after being uploaded. I tried using my video as a Facebook cover on my business page which is one of the advertised features but it didn’t quite fit properly and I choose to delete it.

They worked well for posting on Twitter, Facebook pages, and Pinterest. I could not post it to Google Plus but that may just be because I am not familiar with how to do it. I think posting YouTube videos to G+ is easy.

Having said that you can do a search on any topic at all at Promo and find a huge variety of videos to sift through. I spent a whole afternoon viewing potential candidates. So be careful, it could end up being a time waster. Here is an image of a few videos.


Examples of video footage from slidely promo


Adding Captions & Text

Nowadays, content management systems (WordPress for example) are so sophisticated that a child can use them and I imagine there are many adolescents and teens doing just that. So it comes as no surprise to me that promo has taken the time to develop a video system which is a very easy to use.

The best places to position the text has been predetermined. You only need to click your mouse once and the style change is made. Entering text, changing colors and font style, all a click or two to do.


Text Styles For Promotional VideoOn the right, you can see an example of the way your text will appear in the video. I choose Ribbon for mine with the “love ya like a sister font”. The colors, red, white and black – in line with my website theme.

In the feature image above you can see the lead caption “The Dream Starts Here”. I have used three captions in the 15 to 30-second video. A second one is in the middle and another at the end with my website name.

There are 41 various fonts to choose from and it is super simple to move the text style box around the image for the perfect positioning. There are three font sizes since capitalization will be used mainly.



Just as with the background video film there are thousands of options for music. Of course, the licensing rights are included in your payment. There is an image with the name of the song and group. Simply click and it is uploaded.



The last step is to preview your work. I was not happy with my original attempt so I did some editing until I got the music & captions looking the way I wanted. It is also possible to discard videos and start over.

One of the features that are useful is to create drafts with the same video scenes and change the music or captions to see which one you like best. Similar to a split test. You can always ask colleagues to give you their opinion. Finally, you can download the video in two formats: for posting or for using as a Facebook cover.


Customer Support Limited to Modern Methods

There are two ways to receive help at Promo. The first is via the live chat feature on the website. I did not try it out but I read that there are 43 employees at this company so I am guessing they have someone on standby to reply to inquiries Next, an FAQ section and knowledge base exists.

The promo knowledge base consists of articles with images and some videos to explain how the system works and gives tips for marketing. In this section, it did say support was available 24/7. It was very difficult to find an email address – the one above was hidden away in the FAQ section (affiliate program question).

Telephone or email support does not seem to exist. I can only assume they prefer a more modern way of communication using the live chat feature. I suppose it is fast and convenient if there are service clerks available around the clock. From a customer and business point of view, I believe it more prudent to have several contact methods listed on the homepage.


A Few Answers to FAQ

  • Promo is 100% free to join. No credit card is required. Unlimited drafts.
  • Videos downloaded with the paid membership are yours forever.
  • You can resell or reassign your videos. All rights transfer at that time.
  • You can cancel anytime. No pro-rated refunds. Starts on next billing cycle.
  • Unused videos roll over to the next month. No limit as long as the subscription is active.
  • Special pricing may be available for non-profit organizations.


Conclusion of Sidely Promo For Video Marketing

Company Name:      Sidely Promo

Product Type:     Video Marketing Management System

Owners:     Tom More

Cost of Service:     Anywhere from – $49 up to $2988 (US dollars)

Ease of Use:     Excellent

Training:     Sufficient

Customer Support:     Okay (I’d prefer email & telephone support)

Affiliation:     Free Member (joined basic for one month to write a review)

Opinion:     Legitimate, Expensive for the small guy.

Website:     Promo


I think Sidely Promo is a wonderful service for business people looking to advertise on the internet. However, there are a few issues I have relating to the “little guy”, as I feel this service is specifically geared towards the big players. The cost is prohibitive. Fifty dollars for one video. Wow.

I understand the value of this service but it is out of reach for many marketers in my circles trying to make a living on the net. I believe for folks already making an income online this could be really beneficial because they will have the money to pay for the ads to show the video to others.

In addition, the new or struggling marketers tend to use social media as a way to build up their business but the social media platforms have limits to how often we can post the same content. Therefore, to be effective one would need the more costly memberships to get enough video exposure.

So I love the idea and the platform. I tried it myself and it is super simple to use. There are enough videos that the market will not get saturated – and I am sure that will continue to grow. All sorts of businesses online and offline will benefit greatly from this service and I expect will be able to easily afford it.

I don’t blame Tom More. He is a business man and if there is a market that will pay for his service at that price the more power to him. I just wish some of these really successful entrepreneurs would think of the little guy sometimes and give them a break.

Have you tried Promo? What was your experience? Do you know of any other video content management systems? Please let us know below. Our readers will be very interested to hear about your experiences. Thanks!




10 thoughts on “Slidely Promo Makes Video Marketing a Breeze”

  1. Derek Marshall

    Hi Kewl,

    Thank you kindly for this rather detailed review of slidely. It is really appreciated. Thanks.

    This software, my apologies I kinda missed it, is downloadable software or cloud based?

    Video is a very high quality traffic source of mine, not in numbers but heck in time spent on site and an average number of pages views absolutely! Thus my interets in making more videos!

    What are the quality of the videos that I could make with Slidey like?

    1. Thanks Derek! You create your video online and then download it to you computer. It can then be uploaded anywhere. You can even upload it directly to a few social media accounts. 

      Here is an example of one I created and posted to FB. Some of their examples are much better.

      Very easy to create. Videos are short though – 15 seconds to a minute on average. 

      I think the quality is wonderful but it depends on where it is uploaded to.

      I hope this helps.


  2. Nice in-depth review of Slidey Promo

    Making videos for your content especially on Youtube can get you more traffic and if this program is as easy to use as you say I would find it beneficial.

    Do they have a recommended time for the video length? And is there a limit to how long the video can be? Do you get longer times the more you pay? I probably just missed this nugget of info

    Thanks for making me aware of this video making software.


    1. Hi Jason

      Yes, they do have recommended times. They say for quick branding and special announcements, videos 15 seconds and shorter work best, while videos longer than 15 seconds are recommended to tell more about your product.

      With Promo videos range from 6 seconds to over a minute. The default setting is 15 seconds. 

      It just takes a few clicks of the mouse and a little dragging to re-set the time. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. You can find a full explanation here:

      Making Longer & Shorter Videos With Promo

       I do not believe we get increased video times with price just more videos per month. 

      I hope this helps. Thanks for your visiting.


  3. I think my business can benefit from this. I like that it has a lot of good videos.
    However I wonder how is the support. Since I am a newbie and will have a lot of questions daily. Do you think is this suitable for a beginner like me? And how long does it take to learn all necessary stuff?

    1. Hi Furkan,

      My name is Hila and I am part of the SLidely team.

      Our world-class customer support team is available via our in-app chat on the website or via email 24/7 to help with any questions or issues and always will bring a smile to your face and answer quickly 🙂

      We are proud to say that the average wait time on our chat is less than 1 minute.

      I hope it helps.

      1. Hi Hila,

        Thanks so much for answering Firkan’s questions and setting us straight on the response time. I will make a point of changing the part on Customer Service to reflect your comments.

        If there is anything else in my review that is not accurate I would greatly appreciate knowing so I can make changes.

        All The Best,


          1. Thanks, Hila,

            Of course, I have sent you an email.
            Looking forward to hearing from you.

            In case you did not receive it I can be reached at:




    2. Hi Furkan

      I am sorry I missed your comment but I am so glad Hila found it and replied. I would trust Hila’s response because as I mentioned in my post I did not actually contact support.

      It seems like a very professional company and I do recommend them to marketers.

      Once again apologies,

      All The Best,


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