Starting A Small Home Business

Starting A Small Home Business With The Right Skills



Many work from home programs instruct their members to create a business based on a passion or interest. This is, of course, important for generating ideas to ensure you have a viable venture. What they do not explain to you is there exists a number of fundamental skills necessary for your success. When starting a small home business you will naturally have some, others you can learn and the rest can be outsourced. You must understand which is which.


Is Passion Enough to Make Money?

While it’s certainly recommended that you choose a strong interest or passion to build a biz around, I don’t believe it is good enough to be “in the money” so to speak. This is what upsets me so much about the gurus stating “anybody can do this” and showing screenshots of people making outrageous amounts of money.

What they often do not tell you is they have spent years online before hitting the “jackpot”. Many of them went through similar struggles to what you will experience but they don’t offer potential solutions or even explain the “missing link”. Every person who wants to be successful online or offline in business must possess or acquire a specific skill-set.


The 3 Make or Break Roles You Must Play

The following ideas expressed (in my own words) are from the E-Myth series authored by Michael Gerber and first read by myself in PC Pro magazine. They articulate my sentiments exactly with the struggle I had during my first few years online. I always thought there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t crack the secret code to make a living on the net.

The truth is there is no secret and it isn’t just about hard work either. There are 3 different roles necessary for starting and maintaining an online business from home. Each of these requires very different skills that will determine how much success will be achieved.

I, for example, am a good technician and possess reasonable managerial skills. However, I lacked creativity and being an introvert and somewhat shy and too polite the necessary assertive communication skills. There was nothing wrong with me but I needed to develop these, partner with someone else or outsource certain tasks.


Let’s take a look at the three roles:


The Entrepreneur

A similar term being thrown around these days is solopreneur which I will get to a little later. With an eye to the future entrepreneurs are creative, innovative and always on the lookout for opportunities. Some skills required would include creativity, sound judgment, critical thinking, and open-mindedness. The ideas guy.

The Manager

The face of the company. A pragmatist which needs administrative, organizational, marketing and communication skills. This person will set goals, organize resources and solve problems. I suppose if there is outsourcing oversee results and performance standards.

The Technician

This guy’s the workhorse. He builds the product (in our case the affiliate website). Having technical skills as well as a good work ethic are important here. Each one of these roles rely upon the other. They are symbiotic and without one the other two will fail.


What Does This Mean?

Well, most people like me are technicians because we are good at something and feel we would rather make money working for ourselves than an employer. The problem is we end up doing the things we like but not necessarily what is necessary, efficient and profitable.

There are solutions. I think learning the last two roles is certainly viable. We can read managerial books and take courses on or offline to improve technical abilities. Actually, the technology is so good these days it really is reasonable to assume most people can set up a website.

Outsourcing to individuals such as hiring writers or technology like autoresponders which are used to automatically send emails out to a list of subscribers is common. Managerial roles can be outsourced too. I was once hired to manage the marketing for a job coaching company.

The entrepreneurs’ job is the tricky one which I get around by researching for my ideas. I keep a notebook and jot them down whenever I come across them. My judgment is not allows proven to be sound, however, I have taught myself to be decisive because indecisiveness is a business-killer for sure.

Now on to the solopreneur. This is the guy or gal who does all three. A term coined mainly for the internet where it is entirely possible to build a business and assume all three roles. The crucial points here are you must provide adequate attention to each area for your business to survive and if you lack the skills acquire or hire.


The Truth Is … Skills Matter

The following are a few examples of skills in each role necessary to build and run a successful small business opportunity online. There are quite a few more and I didn’t really touch on the emotional and interpersonal: for instance, confidence, perseverance, empathy, and dedication will all play a significant role.

I recommend you take a character or personality test to determine the attributes or qualities you possess. The human resource department at your company may be able to help you here. Googling will provide results too. Another idea would be to contact a friend in the career coaching niche.

When finished I would make a list of the physical skills you are good at like using a computer, participating in social media, photography etc. After these two tasks are completed, you will have a much better idea of the tasks you are capable of doing, the ones you need to learn how to do and any which will be outsourced.


Skills for starting a small home business


Starting A Small Home Business The Correct Way

The knowledge you have gained in this post will put you miles ahead of the competition. Self-awareness and understanding your strengths and weaknesses is a critical step towards succeeding in business. It will prepare you for the many challenges ahead.

Furthermore, you will be creating the necessary mindset which is needed to deal with difficult issues. In addition, you won’t fall into the trap of giving up too soon from frustration because you will understand what you are going through is just a phase and something that can be remedied.


Sharing Is A Virtue

Do you have your own business? Have you started one and quit too soon? What skills and character do you feel is necessary for business ventures? Please share your comments and questions below. We’d be more than happy to reply and join the conversation.


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6 thoughts on “Starting A Small Home Business With The Right Skills”

  1. Great article and so true that this business is not for everyone. It does take time and it is not just about your passion. You have to put in the time and work in order for dividends to start coming in. The 3 simple rules of running an online business, The Entrepeneur, The Manager and The Technician, yep, makes sense and thanks for a great article and not sugar coating this online home business like others out there.

    1. Thank-you Bobbi. I appreciate your comment. We all have it in us but we don’t all finish the journey. People need to understand what is required to succeed. 

      I may be scaring some folks away by explaining some truths but I am tired of the folks with little or no money being taken advantage of by uncaring marketers.

      The rewards are great but it takes some time to get there.

      Thanks again!

      Best regards,


  2. If passion alone was enough to make money, I’d be a billionaire by now. Passion helps you keep going through thick and thin, but on it’s own it won’t usually make your successful without other factors in play.

    I much prefer to be the entrepreneur than a manager or technician, although at times you need to be all 3 as an entrepreneur or solopreneur.

    You’ve written a handy resource here. It’s different to other posts I’ve read on a similar topic.

    1. Thanks Darren! 

      I agree with you 100%.

      There seems to be two thoughts on the subject – one is do something we are passionate about and the other is do something that we are sure will make money. If I had a choice I’d prefer the second one and even then the other factors play a significant role in success.

      I appreciate your input.

      Best regards,


  3. Hi Devan. I am an INFP Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceptive – and one of the professions that it says it *ideal* for me, lol.. is being a blogger. How about that? 

    I have started my own website about 6 months ago. Never in my entire life have I felt the satisfaction and motivation to work and do something that builds something, I MAKE IT, and it WORKS… because , it just does… its hard to explain it any other than just focusing on a goal, knowing that you want something, why you want it, and how you are going to get it. 

    Not once have I felt like quitting. How foolish that would be of me to do! As long as I know what I am doing and continue to do it in an orderly fashion, I know that the fruits of my labor fall into place I see them right now, so far. 

    I appreciate that you broke this down and laid out the facts that make one have success thank you for your inspiring post!

    1. Hi Sophia,

      I think I fall into the same category as you do! However, I love your confidence! Something I lacked for many years. It does make a difference too! Believing in ourselves is so important for “success”. 

      What a wonderful attitude you have!

      I really appreciate your thoughtful feedback – it will also inspire many of my readers!

      All The Best For Continued Success With Your Website! 


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