The Art of Working From Home Online

The Art of Working From Home Online


Are you one of the millions of people working from home online? Then you may want to pay close attention. The New York Times reported in 2017 that 43% of Americans spend some time doing office work at home while the Pew Research Center reported in 2016 that 25% of people earned money from home by using their personal computers.

I believe that the number of people choosing to work online has increased drastically due to the widening gap between rich and poor, rising prices in the economy, and the huge debt loads folks are carrying.

The problem is making the switch from a normal job to working out of one’s home has its own difficulties. Running a full-time online home business has an additional set of unique issues compared to just doing remote office tasks.

However, imagine for a moment, if you were able to boost your productivity at home. What would it mean to you? Earning a few hundred extra bucks? Spending more time with your family? Taking a holiday without worrying about finances?

Well, in a few minutes I am going to explain to you why working from home online is basically an art form. You’ll discover how to develop an early morning routine to set you up on the right track each day. Why it is important to develop a specific set of character traits and finally, a few tips on how to boost your productivity.


Getting Off to a Good Start With a Morning Routine

Art forms are described as being an activity regarded as a medium of imaginative or creative self-expression and in our case which leads to success. In my case being a successful authority blogger. The question is how is this achieved? Hal Elrod the author of Miracle Morning suggests the best way is to start each day with an exceptional morning routine.

Hal had hit rock bottom in 2008 and was in serious financial difficulty. He needed to pull himself out of a deep hole quickly so he started researching to learn what the world’s most successful people do. The one theme that came up over and over again was you have to become the person you need to be in order to create the success you desire.

The next question Hal asked was how do I become the kind of person that I need to be and surprisingly enough the answer was personal development. Extraordinary financial success comes from personal development and most highly successful people attribute their outstanding achievements (in part) to their own personal early morning routine.


Become a Morning Person in 5 Minutes

Getting up out of bed can be a challenge for some folks because we all love to hit the snooze button to get a few extra Z’s. However, the truth is this is where discipline begins. Refusing to get up right away means we are beginning our day in a low state of motivation. We are being undisciplined and a productive work from home routine certainly requires discipline.

Women happy to wake up early.

The fastest way to become a morning person is to go through the following rituals – it will get you up and out of bed and rearing to go.

Habits usual take anywhere from 3 weeks to a few months to form depending on the individual and tasks. I think it is pretty safe to say this one will take closer to 3 weeks for most folks.

1. Alarm

Place your alarm far away from your bed so you must leave the bed to turn it off in the morning. Best to put it in your bathroom or near to the door of your bedroom on the way to the bathroom.

2. Intentions

Set your intentions the night before. The last thought we have before sleeping is usually the first we have the next morning when we wake. Only getting 5 hours sleep – be grateful and expect to wake up fully refreshed. Mind over matter.

3. Brush Your Teeth

That’s right, Pick up your alarm on the way to the bathroom. Now you are up and walking and brushing your teeth. Your wake up motivation level is continuously increasing. This simple action will do wonders for becoming an early bird.

4. Hydrate

Hydration is important for our overall health. After sleeping for seven or eight hours our bodies become dehydrated. Drinking coffee first thing in the morning contributes to the dehydration. Drink water before having coffee.

5. Dress

You have heard the old adage “dress for success”. Well, get dressed in your exercise outfit or work clothes right away so you aren’t tempted to return to your bed.

Follow this short ritual every morning and it will become second nature. It really should only take 5 to 10 minutes maximum and you’ll feel awake so you can delve into the just as significant “morning routine”.


Morning Routine Including The 6 Most Ancient Practices Leading to Success

All of Hal’s research led him to the six most frequently practiced morning activities used by wealthy people. However, as Robert Kiyosato said after reading Miracle Morning he had never met anyone who used them all at the same time before.

I will briefly touch on the six practices, however, if you would like to learn more you can watch Hal explain it in person by watching the full video titled How to CreateThe Ultimate Morning.

1. Meditation

Meditation, the state of deep peace which occurs when the mind is calm and silent has helped millions of people improve their businesses. Many self-help gurus include its teachings in their programs. Other than the obvious health aspects it can also help with creativity allowing ideas to come and go freely.

2. Affirmations

Affirmations are sentences we create to affect the conscious and sub-conscious mind. They play an important role in achieving personal and business goals. The difficulty is our brains have a tough time accepting statements which are not yet true. Fortunately, there is a way to work around this challenge.

3. Visualization

This embodies creating mental images in your mind. I am sure you have heard of famous athletes using this technique. The Secret teaches this skill but doesn’t go far enough. It is essential to visualize the journey to achieving your ultimate goal as well as the end result.

4. Exercise

Everyone understands the benefits of exercising. Not everyone uses it as part of their morning routine which is perfectly fine. You also don’t need to do a lengthy work out as I will explain later.

The 7-Minute Workout

5. Reading

Reading has become a lost art. It is crucial to continue expanding your knowledge. Furthermore, it gives you a chance to learn and implement new ideas to enhance your business. Just think reading 10 pages a day equals about 3,600 pages a year. New actionable information.

Miracle Morning

6. Scribing

Keeping a journal is another habit o highly successful people. We shouldn’t trust our memories. Ideas come and go and are easily forgotten. It also provides clarity and accountability o a sort. The five-minute journal takes it a step further by emphasizing gratitude, helping us to maintain a positive frame of mind.

The Five-Minute Journal

How long should you spend each morning? Can you do it at other times o the day?

Start small. No more than an hour for all six. It’s OK to be flexible too. I began by establishing one habit for a few days and gradually added the others. I stretch several times per day so exercise in the morning is short (5 minutes).

Reading is a pastime which I enjoy and often do so I don’t need to do much in the morning. Actually, I like to read in the evening and then I also do some affirmations before sleeping (working on intent).

The main point is to start the morning off fresh with the right mindset and to improve yourself personally.


The Importance of Character Building

What I have stumbled upon in my own experiences is most folks will fail in the work from home online businesses world because they don’t possess the character traits necessary to achieve extraordinary results. The emphasis is always on learning technical skills but that’s the easy part.

Habits and discipline are what will get you to any level of success you desire either working from home for a corporation or as a self-employed solopreneur. In my humble opinion, not enough has been taught in this area of the online work from home business niche, up until now.

Women lacking discipline is unhappy.

People such as Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, and Zig Ziglar offer programs but no one has introduced personal and business success strategies as part of their work from home opportunity training.

However, finally, some of the more successful online marketers are now developing programs to educate people.

So how can we operate a 10,000 a month business if we lack the necessary organizational, performance or financial know how? Do we have the necessary survival skills to remain motivated and positive? Or the essential communication skills which vary as businesses expand and networks broaden?

How do you teach perseverance? Discipline? Just being capable is not enough. Being intelligent or capable is not enough. It has taken me years to learn and accept this fact. We also need the correct character, the rest is simpler to acquire.

The bad news is 95% of people lack the needed character traits to succeed exceptionally. The great news is everyone can develop these very same qualities – it depends on how much we are willing to change.

I have written a short post, Starting A Small Home Business With The Right Skills which takes a closer look at some of the more intangible skills entrepreneurs may consider developing. It will also guide you in thinking about what strengths and weaknesses you have.

To sum up based on my years of struggle with affiliate marketing I would say – the art of making money working from home online requires doing things in a certain way. I would also suggest it applies to business people with a home office.

“Continuously learn and improve your skills to create ability; work smart to ensure stealth and efficiency, and the most overlooked quality is to be remarkably disciplined with consistency.”


Tips to Improve Work From Home Productivity

Establishing the right mindset and working on a little personal development through a morning routine will set you up for a very productive day. In the long term, it will work wonders. However, there may still be small challenges to overcome dealing with actual “day to day tasks” being done.

So, what needs to change to boost your productivity when working from home? Well, Zac Emery of may have a few useful suggestions. ClickTime is a website which provides advice to companies and their employees on how to increase work productivity.

Much of the advice issued for people with a home office also applies to the online work from home crowd. The following is a short summary of a post they wrote with a few ideas taken from my own experience. I encourage you to visit their website and read the full article by clicking the title here, 5 Productivity Boosters for Your Home Business.


1. Isolate WorkSpace

Establish an isolated workspace in your home. It must be separate from “living areas”. Once you are there, no one must disturb you (unless it’s urgent). Only work in this space. Nothing else. I used our basement when I first started working at home. I was being disturbed too much and decided to use the town library during the daytime.

2. Comfort Counts

Arrange your workspace in an efficient, comfortable manner. I tend to spend more money on the things I use regularly than things I use once in a while. For example, a good chair is and a standing desk is very important for me because it prevents potential health problems from long hours of sitting.

I also like to drink several cups of coffee or tea while writing so I have a kettle. This means I don’t waste time going to the kitchen and getting caught up in conversation with people. I still think of work-related matters whenever I am in my space making a beverage

3. Dress The Part

This is a simple function but extremely significant. It was included in Hal’s morning routine and we are taking it a step further. Pick a specific set of clothes to work in. They become your work clothes!

I picture myself as a highly successful business person and try to wear an appropriate outfit. It is partly psychological – but it is also setting myself up for the high levels of financial success which I will achieve.

4. Change It Up

Try different venues to remain motivated. I work from different positions. Sometimes standing, other times sitting. I get up and walk around. When I need to read materials I will move to a more comfortable chair. I still occasionally visit the library. Some evenings I may lock myself in my bedroom. It all helps.

I also take breaks about every two hours for a healthy snack and lunch – 8 am start, 10 a.m. break, 12:30 lunch, 3 pm break, 5 pm finish. I always have something to look forward to eating or drinking during this time. The scheduling is not always the same but you get the idea. (I love food but I don’t usually eat much until supper).

5. Refresh Personal Time

A professor once told me “Devan, you can’t study or work all the time or you’ll become a very boring person”. This is so true but it also leads to burnout specifically diminishing creativity and productivity. Therefore, taking a break and doing something you like to refresh your mind will help to be more efficient when working.


Now Enjoy Working From Home!

There you have it. Working from home is a kind of art form comprised of habits and routines put into place with consistent discipline after having learned the appropriate skills to apply in whatever field you belong to. Part of it is having a system and a few tricks to boost productivity.

The people who realize this and dig deep down within themselves to be persistent and disciplined are within the 5% that will go on to achieve amazing levels of success in their personal and professional lives while working from home. This is especially true or the folks pursuing work from home business opportunities.

How do you feel? What do you think? How do you remain motivated and productive working out of your home? Do you have any tips you would like to share?











6 thoughts on “The Art of Working From Home Online”

  1. Great advice and tips for being productive at home, I work from home and it can be a challenge at times, one of the main downfalls is other people who think you can just drop everything to do other stuff, when I am working I will not answer the phone unless it is an emergency, my family and close friends have the emergency number. some do not always understand the fact if we do not get the work done we will not earn a living. Changing locations is a good help too, not everyone has the space to create a specific area to work in, so it is making the most of what you have and making sure you take regular breaks. Fortunately I am a morning person so this is a bonus, also having a dog means getting up taking the walks then getting on with work.

    1. Thanks Katie! You are so right! The distractions are a big challenge. I am also a morning person and I find it is a great time to be productive. You mentioned not answering the phone which I do too. I also learned a tip from Tim Ferris in the 4 Hour Work Week.

      I don’t check my email often. I do it twice a day and I have a automated message I send people to let them know how often I read emails and if it is an emergency or something very important to call me at a specific number. I used to be terrible for letting emails be a distraction!

      Thanks for the great feedback.

  2. Rogier Giersthove

    Heey Devan!

    Really nice post! I fully agree with this. It all starts with instilling the habits that make it possible to have a productive day.

    I’ve noticed that drinking water besides hydrating also helps morning drowsiness. Most of the time I slept enough, but the feeling of drowsiness made me kind of tell meself to stay in bed.

    Do you use special apps to track your routine btw?

    1. Hi Rogier,

      Thanks for the compliment! I am constantly working to improve my habits and routines. I am working on goal setting now with a success program by Jim Rohn. Trying to make it a habit!

      I don’t use any special apps. 

      Can you recommend any I could use?



  3. Hi Devan,

    Great tips on the art of working from home online.

    Most of the morning routine I’ve been practicing for years while working for large corporations. Now that I’m retired and trying to work from home online I still follow the morning routine out of this long-established habit.

    Trouble now is the rest of the day. Two of my grandchildren live in my home, happily. However, they don’t know about privacy or isolation, they just open my office door and walk in.

    In order to follow the rest of your recommendations I pretty much have to wait until they are going to bed. I’m not complaining, just trying my best to work around the distractions.

    Anyway, super successful is not my goal at this stage of life, just earn enough to maintain the lifestyle my wife and I have come to enjoy.

    Thanks for the guidelines, your points are all correct and will lead to success.


    1. Hi Ed

      Thanks so much for your comments! I hear you loud and clear. My elderly parents monopolize so much of my time and sometimes create so much negativity in the house and that it is my big distraction. 

      I am not sure being married for 50 years is worth it for everyone.  Anyway, they need someone around to assist them with their day to day life so I am surrounded by almost constant negativity.

      Talk about a challenge!

      I do my best and I try not to complain but it is difficult to keep focused, get work done and remain positive. So I also do work in the evenings after they retire for the night. I am lucky I have much quiet time after supper. 

      I also just want to earn enough to live comfortably – I don’t need a lot at my age but I would like to travel again that would be my one main luxury.

      I appreciate your words very much especially coming from someone in the corporate world where I know life can be difficult & challenging at times too. 

      Wishing You All The Best,


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