The Best Way To Set Up A Website

The Best Way to Set Up a Website in Minutes Flat



These days people don’t want to spend countless hours setting up a site for their business. It is much smarter to use that time to focus on more important things that will make them money. I believe the best way to set up a website is to use what I call a “ready in minutes platform”.

It is as simple as following a few brief instructions and clicking your mouse. Experienced marketers do it in a few moments while newbies may take up to 30 minutes max. Really, it’s so simple, even kids can do it!


What’s Covered?

  • Gotta Real Good Niche?
  • Catchy Domains Attract Visitors
  • Why Buy Domain Names?
  • Website Design Easy Peasy
  • Quality Platforms at Low Cost
  • Actual Step By Step Website Set Up


Here’s A Quick Way to Choose A Niche

You can’t set up a website without knowing what it will be about. This is what we call a niche and I could devote pages to this topic as it one of the factors which will determine your sites’ success. However, I’ll just give you a brief overview for now. There are thousands of possible niches to choose from and several approaches to doing the research.

Select one that you feel passionate about or have a strong interest in. Make it more specific than general. Possessing knowledge in the area chosen is definitely an asset but not necessary because you will become an expert in your field as the business is built.

Maybe you already have a suitable topic. If so, you may need to refine it a little. Alternatively, if you do not have one there are some awesome places where you can get great suggestions. For instance, go to Amazon or Answers and check out the categories. Dig down and I am sure you’ll find something suitable.


Catchy Domains With Keywords Do The Trick

The title of your site usually doubles as the domain name and of course, you need that to launch your biz. The best way to approach this is to use keywords from your niche topic in the domain name. These days it sometimes difficult to get a perfect match so you may need to be creative. Keep it short and or catchy if possible. It should be understandable to your audience.


For example: ( no keywords but catchy) A site for travelers on a budget like students. (keywords may be luxury travel) A site for wealthy travelers.

However, I think these niches may be a tad too general these days but you get the gist.


To Buy Or Not To Buy, That Is The Question

I strongly suggest buying your own for building a serious business or at the very least eventually switch over to one that’s purchased. The two main reasons are control and search engine rankings. We have no control over free domains which means when stuff happens you can lose your website. Secondly, Google seems to like .com best. Generally speaking, it has greater trust compared to the other endings.

There are places where you can buy them for about $15 a year. I am sure you have heard of GoDaddy or maybe NameCheap. Further down you will be able to read about a platform I use where this process is done within the community practically eliminating this step. It is cheaper too because other optional features are included.


Choosing A Design Is As Easy As Pressing A Doorbell

In the olden days, coding was required to design the look of a website. Some experts still do this on a professional level. However, nowadays it isn’t required for beginners. We can choose themes with all the coding and design already done for us. We just pick the one we like, then click a button to upload. WordPress and many other private companies such as the one I belong to use this method.


Right Platform Will Turn Your Site Into A Real Business

Now to the meat and potatoes of what you want to know. First, where are you going to build the site and who is going to be the host. In years past these were often separate entities. It is more common now to be in the same place. For example, when I was starting off I used one company for designing and building and then I needed to upload the files to Hostgator. I can assure you it was very complicated and frustrating.

Today, the design is done for me and I simply upload photos, videos, and content to the site with a click of a button. There are a number of companies that offer this kind of service. So the first thing I recommend you do is find one of them. There is a fee to join and if you look around carefully you will discover a high-quality program for a reasonable price. It is also true that you may get ripped-off. So please be careful.

Benefits should go far beyond just the set-up and hosting. All the following could cost you hundreds of dollars a year if you decide to build a website independently and if you use a free host like it’ll still cost you money for some of the features below. It’ll also be frustrating and time-consuming.


  • Free Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Website Themes
  • Add-Ons
  • Security
  • Website Emails
  • Instructional Material
  • Tools For Building
  • Coaching or support

The Quickest Way I know To Set Up A Website


It really is very easy. The example I am using is taken from the company I have built my business with. It is one of the three simplest platforms I have worked with over the last ten years.

Decide what kind of site you’d like. You can pick a free domain, use one that you already own or register a brand new one. Then click.

What kind of website do you want?


It’s time to enter your choose domain name, click and see if it is available. This is a free domain because it uses siterubix. Later there is the option of switching to a domain you own.
Choose A Domain Name For Your Website


Next, the title of the site should be the same as your domain. However, if it has grammatical errors they need to be corrected. Once it is entered, click again.


Choose A Website Title


Step four is to choose a design. Free members have access to 12 while premium folks can use one of 2, 464 designs. They are called themes. Same procedure as above.


Choose A Design For Your Website

Guess what? You are finished and can proceed to login to your new website!


Log In To Website

The website is completely set-up. The next steps are to remove the default posts and to add SEO plug-ins to your back-office (which are already done for us at WA). Then, it is time to write content to be uploaded. So you see the initial configuring takes very little time freeing up time for you to turning it into an authority site which makes money.


Simplify Your Life By Saving Time And Money

It is true that there are many no-cost options for setting up websites. I have tried some of them in the past. It was frustrating for me to get help to build my business. I used resources such as YouTube to learn but it was a big time consumer. On the other hand, I joined many programs which were overpriced too. So a good choice is a program which over delivers but undercharges.

I recommend joining The Fletcher Method or Ask Method if you already have a small business or come from the corporate world. Maybe SBI if you are pragmatic and detail-oriented – like numbers. Otherwise, you may want to hang out with me at Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a member of all these at one time and I can vouch for them. The website set up is included in the packages.

Please leave any questions or comments below. I would be very happy to reply.



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6 thoughts on “The Best Way to Set Up a Website in Minutes Flat”

  1. Hi Kewl,

    I cut my teeth on web building back when coding was by html.
    Wordpress was a fairly new concept, and to be honest really dull and limited.

    These days WordPress is really dynamic, but coupled with a platform like Wealthy Affiliate it really is outstanding.

    Great post and great education.

    Paul @ OneNetBiz

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks so much. You have much more experience than I have with websites. I am not so familiar with coding thats why I like WordPress and Wealthy Affiliate. Your knowledge of code with WP must make your sites really professional looking.

      Have a great day.

      Best regards,


  2. Wow, this sounds so simple! I feel like anyone could do it! I have tried to set up a website in the past straight off of WordPress, and I found it so complicated and hard to figure out. I am going to try this Wealthy Affiliate platform right away. I just can’t get over how simple it is! Thank you!

  3. Super! I think your guide helps a lot of people who are just not too in with this coding and designing thing. Nowadays, it’s extremely easy to setup your own website with only a few clicks here and there. Back in the days, you have to start from scratch. I know not everyone is very computer literate and I hope they find your post!

    1. Hi Kimiko,

      Thank-you for you comment! I appreciate you taking the time!

      I hope my post does help to convince people to give online marketing a shot.



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