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Top 5 Best Work From Home Companies You Can Join


Who wants to spend hours and hours searching for the “right’ opportunities? How can you trust all of these crazy sales pitches asking you to depart with your hard-earned money? Hey, are they going to deliver on their promises? I’ve been there folks and I’ve wasted more time and money than you can imagine. That’s why I’ve put together 5 of the absolute best work from home companies I’ve ever come across in the last ten years.


Impressive Programs to Get You Started

#1.   Wealthy Affiliate (Authority Sites)

Learn and build an online business at the same time. All inclusive price provides all the tools and training needed to set up a website, attract visitors and earn some moolah! It’s based on the affiliate model. Amazing community support. Also, direct access to owners for advice. Great value for your buck.


Read My Review Here (My #1 Recommendation For Those On A Budget)


#2.   Inbox Blue Print (Email Marketing)

Action-based course, the same as above. Consists of a one-time price with a few other expenses you need pay for. There are live question and answers sessions but coaching programs are terribly expensive. The focus is creating an email list using capture pages (one-page websites) for marketing. A smart owner, good program.




#3.   Drop Ship Life Style (E-commerce Store)

Step-by-step course instructing you how to set-up your very own e-commerce store. Learn how to find the best niches and trustworthy suppliers to build relationships with. Lifetime membership. No upsells but some additional expenses. Coaching costs extra. Great owner. Good information in forums. Fantastic for drop shipping.




#4.   List-Grow 2.0 (Membership Site & List)

A video style course that focuses on building an email list with a twist. Capture pages are used but memberships sites are the key to financing your biz expenses. Need to learn how to write sales copy. Main income comes from selling high ticket items on the back end to your customers. Pay once. Great program if a bit advanced.




#5.   Seven Figure Cycle (Unique Ecommerce System)

Similar to the other four, this is a take action program. It differs from Drop Ship Life Style in that it brings Amazon into the picture. Suppliers are provided for you and there are a number of tools to analyze products to sell. However, it is quite expensive. Good program and for those who succeed a very good return on the investment.




A Few Pros & Cons


Pros and Cons best work from home opportunities


Pros and cons the best work from home business opportunities


How to Avoid The Worst Opportunities

I know, there are lots of ways to make money working from home – freelancing comes to mind right away at places such as, Upland or Designer 99 just to name a few. I deliberately chose to talk to you about running your very own business for a reason. Unless you are desperate for cash right now this is the way to go.

Why? Well for two reasons. First, you are your own boss. I don’t know about you but I was always a good employee but I just hated working for other people. I had a couple of good bosses but for the most part, many of them were complete morons. They couldn’t find there way out of a wet paper bag if they tried!

The second reason is financial security. Things are tough for a lot of folks these days. The end of the baby boomer generation and the one that comes just after especially. Many have no pensions or savings and still carry debt. They need to be independent of the governments, companies and stock markets.

The way to start doing that is to create a passive income. One of my mentors once said do what others won’t do for one year and you’ll be set for life. Honestly, it is a bit of an exaggeration. However, work as hard as you can for a year and you could be doing much better than you are now.

The above programs are excellent starting points. People short of cash should choose Wealthy Affiliate otherwise anyone is fine. Beginners should give List-Grow 2.0. a miss as it is more advanced. Now, if you don’t want to try any, you’ll need to do a bit more research and that’s what I’d like to do next – give you some tips.


#1.   Beware of Fake Affiliate Review Sites

Many affiliates hype up reviews because they get a commission when someone joins. On the other hand, they may trash their competitors even though it is a legitimate program with good results. It’s difficult to get an objective view.

Solution: Check several reviews. Dig deep on Google. Reach out with an email or post a comment. I often go to the Better Business Bureau to see if there were any complaints. Try asking around on your social networks.


#2.   Prices Are Often Inflated

This is a selling tactic which may work but turns me off. Often times the product is never sold for the full price. It is simply advertised to make you feel you are getting a deal. For example, regular price $1500, now discounted to $997.

Solution: Don’t get caught up in the sales hype. Decide if the value and quality of the product are commiserated with the price being charged. Never buy something the first time you visit. Give yourself time to mull it over.


#3.   Deadlines Are Not Always Accurate

Another pressure tactic to encourage you to sign up quickly. You only have 1 day left to register. The truth is many of these campaigns are repeated throughout the year using the same techniques.

Solution: Not ready to buy. Don’t sweat it. If you signed by email for a webinar, for instance, they will be marketing the product to you again possibly at a lower price or spread over several payments. Don’t rush into anything.


#4.   Avoid Crazy Unnecessary Upsells

Ever pay for something and then get another offer? This is how affiliates make extra money because after making one purchase you will be more susceptible to buying a second time. Many products are not immediately necessary.

Solution: Don’t buy it and this is why? Many of us when starting off are on a tight budget. What is being offered is most likely not something you need right away. You’ll have a chance to buy it later maybe even for less. Trust me.


#5.   Stay Away From Hyped Programs

It’s okay to market a product but some owners overdo it. They promise you the world. This is a bad sign. Anyone in this business knows success comes from putting in the time and persistence overcoming difficulties.

Solution: Run as quickly as you can. I usually know within a minute or two of watching a sales video how it’s going to turn out. Look for people that take the time to explain inside their service thoroughly without the false promises.



It is not easy trying to find the best work from home programs, especially for beginners. Having been in the industry for the last 10 years, I like to share my experience with others so they do not make the same mistakes. The key point here is I have first-hand experience with four of the five sites above and I thoroughly researched the fifth. I can vouch for all of them. It just depends on which approach you would like to take when building your work from home business.

Whatever, you choose to join remember this. You are learning and mastering a skill that will be with you for life. Many struggle at first to earn a living online. However, with one of these communities, your chances of success will increase dramatically. You don’t need to join the “bad apples” out there, quit and start over again. Stick with it. Do all the work. Persist and make your dreams become a reality.


Please Share Your Thoughts …

Do you have any experience with these online training communities? Do you know of another one which you recommend as being an authentic opportunity? How about some questions before you jump in? We’d love to hear from you. Please share any questions or comments below and we will respond as soon as we can!








8 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Work From Home Companies You Can Join”

  1. Hi Devan,

    Thanks for the information on these programs. I am a Wealthy Affiliate member and like the training and hosting options WA provides.

    I’ve also tried Inbox Blueprint and there are ongoing fees if you get talked into using Sendlane, ClickPerfect, and Clickonomy which are heavily promoted by the owners.

    I’ve also joined an FBA training site called It’s entirely training based but does have a lot of training on dropshipping, importing, Fulfillment by Amazon, and general marketing and entrepreneurial training.


    1. Hi Chris! Thank-you for the comment!

      I agree with you about Inbox Blueprint. I also find the number of emails I receive from them disturbing. I have removed my name from one or two of their lists but they just seem to put me back on them!

      I may use it to enhance my WA promotion in the future. I do like the idea of having an email list.

      Thank-you so much for the info on Amazing – I will be sure to take a look. Have a great day & good luck moving forward with WA.


  2. Wow, an excellent way of pulling your thoughts together. If I did not belong to WA already I would look at the opportunity based on your content. Very clear and easy to follow your ideas. I liked that there was not a lot of hype, which drives me crazy to read. I like a get to the point website. Don’t mess with me kinda talk.

    1. Hi Dashnow,

      Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it. Yeah, hype drives me crazy too. I want to try to avoid that but they say emotion sells. I am a member of WA too but I know there are other good programs available. Honestly, I like WA but it isn’t the absolute best and only successful teaching platform around. The members drive me crazy when insisting it is.

      Then again I have failed forward so many times maybe I have just experienced more. In addition, different business models suit different people. That’s why I wrote the above post. Each model has a different approach.

      All The Best,


  3. Wealthy Affiliate looks interesting to choose as the best option from other fours. Too much information and easily distracted can be managed easier than other disadvantages as you mentioned above. You have to manage your direction, time management, with prioritizing to filter un-necessary tasks to reach the objectives. To write is to communicate with your audience. If you write something that excites you, I am sure you can communicate it very well that parallel with writing to express it.

    1. Hi Gunawan,

      Thanks so much for the great advice. You are right distraction is the easiest of problems to manage. I definitely think WA is best for beginners. It also gives one a strong foundation for expanding the business into other areas such as email marketing, e-commerce etc. It’s difficult to do it the other way around.

      I hope your business is doing well. 

      Best regards,


  4. MikeyTheMillennial

    First off, I found this post to be informative and non-biased. You gave the pros and cons of each of the five work at home businesses which shows that you have done your homework on all of them. As someone who is on the lookout for a work from home opportunity i have explored many companies. I do agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the best one to be involved in and I agree that information overload is definitely one of its negatives but not a terrible negative. Also luckily I do enjoy writing so that doesn’t make it a negative for me.

    Another thing I liked was that you touched on the fact that there are companies that try to upsell you at every angle. There is one that I will not mention that is very well-known for this. Their highest priced item is somewhere around $14k. Definitely something someone should keep an eye out for if they are interested in starting a home based business. Anyway I am impressed with how you shared this information. Good job!

    1. Hi MikeThe Millennial,

      Thanks for the great opinion. I really appreciate it. I am trying not to be salsey & to provide information in a non-biased way. It’s sometimes tough because my goal is to earn money but I understand I need to be honest to my readers. 

      I think it is great that you love writing. You should have no difficulty with Wealthy Affiliate. Actually you will most likely enjoy the work involved. It is a definite plus!

      Yeah, and I agree information overload isn’t such a big deal. It is everywhere these days and it is something we can easily learn to deal with. I just remind myself one-step-at a time. Don’t read anything that isn’t relevant to what I am doing at that moment.

      Thanks again, Much appreciated!

      Best regards,


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