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Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadors Paying It Forward


What is The Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadorship Program?

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate have turned their humble vision of an online how to make money open education project into a lively, thriving community of active helpers. It is based on the pay it forward models whereby members are ranked within the community according to actions they take.

Emphasis is placed mainly on reaching out to others on your own initiative. It is not a perfect system but it is one of the best I have ever come across for encouraging active participation and a safe, positive environment for entrepreneurs to flourish.

Ambassadors are the creme de la creme of helpers. These people are continuously participating in the community. Helping others while answering questions, seeking out their own information and creating materials. There are twenty-five ambassadors. One hundred and seventy-five additional members get an “awesome” mention.

Here you can see Kyle and Carson, the two founders. Magistudios is the training guy. He does all of the live video training which is held once a week. Herinnelson and EddySalomon are two members making a living from what they have learned at Wealthy Affiliate.

Not everyone in the top two hundred is earning money because this system emphasizes paying it forward and helping others but I think it is safe to say most of the 25 Ambassadors are making money online in a full-time capacity. Many of them are now giving back to the community that helped them be successful.


Top Five Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadors


I am ranked at 182 at the moment so I receive some exposure on the ambassador ranking page. The truth is I am not sure why because I don’t help very much in live chat or by giving advice. I do want to help but I decided to make my business a priority is more important at this stage.

In addition, I am not always the best one qualified to answer questions, which I will get to later. I am considered a Top Creator which means I write helpful blogs and use the writing tools here at WA to create posts for my website.

Here are the three designations determined by a complex algorithm for the top 200 members. Points are allotted and the overall member rank is based on points received.


Top Helper – these points are rewarded on how much you help others and how quickly it is done.

Top Creator – this is determined by how much you blog, create discussions and make training for others.

Active Contributor – how active are you; do you leave comments and interact with members of the community?

In the following image, I am Kewl Web and you can see my rank at 182. This is a fluid ranking system so the members’ scores continuously go up and down according to activity and thus allowing folks to be ambassadors if they wish.


Five of The Top Two Hundred Awesome Members at Wealthy Affiliate


How Do We Contribute?

There are a number of ways to get involved, however, it is a little complex to explain all of them in a post. Generally speaking, it is about supporting each other and if you read my article on Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Support Center Delivers it will give you a decent idea of what’s involved.

Here are a few questions Kyle posed in one of his blogs which will guide you and give you a sense of what the owners are accomplishing at WA. Positive responses and actions lead to higher rankings.


  • How often are you the first to respond to a question?
  • How quickly do you get back to others that are asking you question or a PM?
  • Are you asking for help?
  • Are you creating discussions?
  • Are you creating blog posts?
  • Are you posting about success?
  • Are you active in live chat?
  • Do you have any ideas for training that you think can fill a void and help the community out? (Must be a Premium member for 3 months before you can create training)
  • Do you get back to people that connect with you?
  • Are you welcoming new members?
  • Are your activities leading to other people wanting to follow you?
  • Are you actively promoting WA?


You can read Kyle’s full blog post here at   Be An Ambassador for WA in 2018.


I would just like to point out that there are members not on the top 200 list who are earning an income (full to part-time) at WA. They choose to work away quietly in the background. Also, it is important that you don’t get caught up in the rank game. Remember, first and foremost you are there to build a business for yourself.

I believe that should always be the priority and once financial success is achieved, you can give back to the community by helping and contributing as much as possible. It is fine to do it from the beginning but just don’t let it interfere with the progress of your business.

This brings us back to my point about me not helping others too often. The one setback with this system is the quality of information which is being shared with others. It is important to examine who is providing the help and the advice. No one is intentional trying to mislead others but it does happen. Especially when inexperienced folks are involved.

In my humble opinion, someone who is making money online is worth listening too because I think they are doing something the correct way. I feel I am not always qualified to answer questions on more advanced topics so I refrain from giving out information I am not certain about.


What’s The Pay Off?

In conclusion, the community is a very positive one. People are extremely friendly and helpful and I think the Ambassadorship program encourages members to be active participants. In summary, everyone is a winner.

One feature I forgot to mention is the Ambassadors also receive some small tokens of appreciation. These I believe are in the form of gifts – mugs, pens, diaries etc, all issued by the Wealthy Affiliate Company.

You know, many online programs offer mentoring or coaching that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars and the ones I have tried are 50/50 when it comes to quality or value. This system is free and if you find the right members with expert knowledge and the desire to assist others it can benefit you in amazing ways.

Please let us know what you think of this community and if you know of any others that are similar or you think work just as well. We’d love to hear about them!





6 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadors Paying It Forward”

  1. Hi Kewl; I have read through your article and I found it informative and helpful.

    The information that you have shared in this post. I never knew them all before. Now my understanding is open to these thing it is good for me.

    Even though you think that you are not doing enough; for you to be at 182 in the Ambassadors Ranking Category Would it not mean that you are doing something right?

    Does how much you blog, means blog inside WA?

    Does Creators referring to the training created in WA?


    1. Hey DorcasW

      Thanks so much for your questions. Yes, blogging means within the WA community not on my website. Top Creator refers to people who write on their WA blog, participate in discussions and make training frequently.

      I am 166 now but I don’t want to be an ambassador. I would rather spend my time building my business and after finding a high level of success then spend time giving back. People tend to lose track of why they are at WA in the first place – we want to build a business that earns money.

      Having said that writing a WA blog can benefit our business too. It gets ranked in the search engines so people can find it in the organic search!

      Here is a link where I did my research:

      WA Ambassador Program

      Have a great day!



  2. Hey,

    Really good post about WA Ambassadorship.

    I have been contributing a lot more to the community and I love that what I do provide is valuable to some people.

    I need to provide more posts to the community and I would love to put up a training or two here or there.

    Do you have any tips of what Training would be valuable to the community that hasn’t already been done?

    Hope to hear from you soon,


    1. Hey Tom

      Thanks so much. I appreciate you visiting my site.

      I personally find it hard to contribute enough to be an Ambassador – I am so busy trying to write the minimum number of posts required for my site to flourish (about 4 a week is my goal).

      That’s a great question and a difficult one. My opinion is there are two, maybe three approaches. First, some of the training and information is outdated or incorrect. For example, Google is always changing the way they do things. So a new up-to-date version with accurate information is something you could do.

      Second, think outside of WA training. For example, for many years there was no emphasis on list building. You could choose something related to that topic that would help members bring their business to the next level. After authority blogs are built and bringing in income members need additional methods of getting traffic to scale their business

      There are an awful lot of ways to make money online that are not taught here at WA. I love WA but it is not the absolute greatest and only way to make money online.

      My last idea is to simply make some training better. Of course it must be original and in your own words but Improve upon it. Organize it better, add video and images. Make it more detailed. Then your training will become the go to training inside the community.

      I personally do not agree with Kyle & Carson’s approach to the community in some respects. It is nice to have people helping each other but I find I need to sift through so much information to find information I trust. Also the same is true of training so I tend not to contribute too much.

      I am quite knowledgeable about the online world but I don’t consider myself a bonafide expert yet.

      Once I am super successful and I have proven what works for me then I will give back to the community with lots of training etc. Just my opinion.

      Hope this helps,

      Thanks again,

      Best, Devan

  3. Hi Kewl,

    Thanks so much for your elaboration on how rankings go on at Wealthy Affiliate. At 4794 as at today, I cannot really boast of being anywhere close to your own ranking or being an Ambassador, but seeing others do it always keeps me motivated. 

    I didn’t quite understand much about the rankings but I sure now that I know what I need to do more (especially create) so as to improve my ranking.
    All the best in your business!
    Boniface from SmileAfresh

    1. Hi Boniface,

      Thanks for your comment! I wouldn’t worry too much about ranking. I know of people with much higher rankings than me making a good amount of money from affiliate marketing. 

      I think your approach is correct – build your ranking through creating content for your personal websites and then if you have time by blogging on the WA platform (because that ranks in the search engines too and will give you additional exposure).

      And helping others whenever you have time is just a nice gesture and the right thing to do! 

      I read your profile. I am very happy to hear things are coming together for you! 

      Great job!

      Best regards,

      Devan (kewl)

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