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My Story


Back in 2009, I was looking for a way to make a living using the internet. In those days, it was easier to make money online and the thought “wild west” comes to mind. It was quite expensive to join online programs at the time and it is getting even more costly today.

Over the years things have gotten a little better but there are still a lot of folks struggling to make ends meet and are looking for alternative ways to make some extra cash or leave their 9 to 5 jobs altogether. There are also many marketers failing to succeed with their present communities or training.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate a long time ago but I have also joined numerous other communities over the years. I have come to hold a strong appreciation for what Wealthy Affiliate offers. It is not only a place which provides quality tools, resources and training, but it is also of exceptional value for the price.

There are some very good online make money training programs available today but none at the amazing discount offered by Wealthy Affiliate. Black Friday is your big chance to get in on the deal. In addition, you will be grandfathered in for your lifetime.

I had to learn the hard way before returning to Wealthy Affiliate to build my online business. I wasted thousands of dollars trying to find the secret to making money online. I don’t want you to make the same mistake. If you have landed on this page read it all. Save yourself time and money.

Take full advantage of Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday Special Offer and take that first step towards turning your dreams into a reality with the support of a well respected and trusted community!


Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special 2018


When:  Black Friday Special 2018

Friday, November 23rd to Monday, November, 26th, 2018


An awesome $299 per year, grandfathered in! Sorry for all you Canadians that’s US dollars but it’s still a fantastic deal.


Folks you receive the full Premium Membership. The chart below will show you everything which is included.

In addition, this will be the price you pay yearly at Wealthy Affiliate in the future.


That’s only 0.83 cents per day! Less than the cost of a cup of coffee. Where else can you build a business for this price?


There are no upsells within the community – the only extra cost you will be required to pay is if you wish to purchase a domain name (not necessary but recommended). It is about $15.00.

However, even this is inexpensive compared to GoDaddy because you receive privacy protection and email for FREE. This would cost you upwards of two or three times as much anywhere else.



How Much Do You Save? Price Comparison


The Usual Annual Price

$359 (which may increase yearly)

Black Friday Special – $299 Annually For Life.


The Usual Monthly Price

Initially FREE and you can remain a free starter member as long as you wish.

Then $19 for the first month of premium – after upgrading from the free starter program.

$49 for each month thereafter – works out to be $588 per year – you can switch to yearly anytime ($359)


The Next Step – Two Options


1) Before Black Friday – Join the FREE Starter Program NOW

This is actually a great option because you get all the benefits of the Starter Program before Black Friday. Once again, if you check below you will see each of the features included in the Starter.

You can try out Wealthy Affiliate to see if this is the best community for you to build your online business before spending any cash.


You may be asked to go premium ($19 for the first month) BUT do not upgrade wait for the Black Friday Special. It is the best value. There will be enough material to keep you busy until then.

You will not have access to live support or coaching after the first week of the Starter Program. That’s okay this is not a race – it’s an opportunity to build a long-term sustainable business with reoccurring income.

November 23rd is when you will get the live coaching and support again. Note: It is okay to upgrade to premium before Black Friday but in that case, you will need to upgrade again on November 23rd so you may lose $19.


Click Here For Black Friday Free Starter Membership Option


2) Join During Black Friday Weekend

Everyone loves to save money! Especially if the quality and value are present. Go to the following website address on Black Friday and receive the full annual membership for $299: wablackfriday.com or ….


Click Here For Black Friday Special


Normal Monthly Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options Comparison Chart

The chart doesn’t really do justice to what you get at Wealthy Affiliate. There are all sorts of tools and resources to make the whole process of building your business easier.

Most of us are not super geeks at using computers so ninety-nine percent of the technical stuff is taken care of for us at WA. The other one percent is explained clearly with easy to follow instructions. Most of the time it is just a click here and a click there.

However, you may want to do more research into Wealthy Affiliate before joining. I strongly suggest simply joining the Free Starter program because you can experience things firsthand but the other option is to read the posts on my blog.

I have an extensive section under the menu heading MyCommunity. It covers topics about Wealthy Affiliate in detail so you can get a better understanding of what is offered. I have written a few titles with a brief commentary located under the comparison chart.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Grid

Posts About Wealthy Affiliate For Further Research

My Wealthy Affiliate – A Goldmine of Information

This is an overall review of what is available inside the community. It was written about a year ago – since then there have been a couple of even better additions to help affiliates succeed. WA is always implementing the latest technologies.

Can I Make Money From Affiliate Marketing at WA?

Real life examples of people earning money from their online businesses. Since this post was written Little Mamma and Jerry have been taking the community by storm with their success postings. There are others quietly earning in the background.

What About Wealthy Affiliate? Do Members Complain?

Most members rave about the community. However, I have run into a few bumps along the way. Not enough to deter me from staying but the point I try to make is nothing is perfect for everyone but Wealthy Affiliate is as good as it gets. Ignore the minor annoyances (if you find any) and focus on your reason to be there.

Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadors Paying it Forward

There is no shortage of members willing to help others. The best helpers become Ambassadors. Just beware who you take advice from because Ambassadorship is not related to financial success; it is a reflection of how active and helpful you are within the community.

How to Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate and Win a Trip to Vegas

Every year there is a challenge for members who want to participate. Anyone who gets 300 premium referrals promoting WA Membership wins an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas. This is an opportunity to mingle with other very successful business owners and of course have some fun!

Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Support Center Delivers

Overall the support system is quite good compared to other online communities. Most members love it – live chat, private messaging, commenting in classrooms and the website customer support. I have never gotten used to online support. I am in my 50s and I find in general it is extremely inefficient.

However, once again I have been online for 10 years and this is one of the best support systems available using online methods. The only thing missing would be one on one support over the telephone or in person via Skype/FT and no one is willing to do that these days without charging exorbitant fees.

Best Business Website Builder Revealed

Hands down the absolute best and easiest system out there using WordPress. A few clicks and you are set to go. They even have SiteContent which makes writing and publishing to your new website a breeze. Security is top-notch. There is even a system to get you legitimate comments placed on your website.

Best Keyword Suggestion Software Tool Revealed

It’s included too. Jaaxy Lite is free and more than sufficient to help with research and choosing the easiest to rank keywords which will lead to profits. Tons of other features from tracking page rank to researching affiliate programs. State of the art.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification

This is the cornerstone of Wealthy Affiliate. It shows you how to make money online from the very beginning steps. There is written and video training. It is all tasked based which means by the time you are finished your business website is up and running. Advanced training is also available as well as the WA Bootcamp and Super Affiliate Challenge.


Finished Your Research – Ready to Join – Simply Click on the Banner – It’s That Easy!


Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special 2018

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