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Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Support Center Delivers

The affiliate marketing support center at Wealthy Affiliate is assisting thousands of members to achieve goals of earning a living online. It is not impossible to build a business all on your own. However, having some kind of support, coaching or mentorship certainly helps to speed up the process and ensure at least a modicum of success.

The focus of support at Wealthy Affiliate is centered around community participation. This includes the active involvement of the two owners Kyle & Carson. This means you have the opportunity to interact with successful entrepreneurs on an ongoing basis.

Here are the different tools available to access community support. I will provide a detailed explanation of each one below to give you a general idea of what it is like to be a member of the wealthy affiliate community.


  1. Profile Page
  2. Activity Dashboard
  3. Live Chat
  4. Live Video Classes
  5. Classrooms
  6. Private Messaging
  7. Owner Access
  8. Blogs


Hello, Have You Been Alright?

Affiliate Marketing Support Center | Profile


One of my favorite bands is ELO. The song telephone line begins with hello, have you been alright? That certainly applies to the profile page which you create upon entering the community. That’s where people have a chance to add you to their circle of “friends” in the community.

There is a record of all your blog posts, personal training, and questions as well as social sites and websites. Of course, everything is optional but sharing helps others and increases your standing. Friends and others can leave messages of congratulations or just drop by to see how you are progressing with your business.


Activity Dashboard – Connecting Simplified


Affiliate Marketing Support Center | Activity Dashboard


This is the place where we can see everything that is happening on the site. Well, maybe not absolutely everything because there is so much going on and members are constantly adding information, comments and questions. It can be hard to keep up with but on the other hand, much of it is not necessary to read.

Notice you can see real-time activity and respond immediately so it doesn’t take long to get replies for help. The classrooms, top 10 blog posts and your own personal notifications from others can be accessed here.

You can also sort the information you would like to view by choosing everyone, friends or your referrals (if you are promoting Wealthy Affiliate). In addition, sorting by unanswered, popularity and success is possible. I like reading the success posts because it provides motivation to those who need it to keep pushing forward.


Live Chat Vital to Saving Time, Frustration

Affiliate Marketing Support Center | Live Chat


Where else can you chat with successful members in real time? This is feature is significant for a number of reasons. I spent many years struggling online. Searching forums for answers to my questions; trying to contact owners via email to get help and the worst part was I was so eager to build and take action but I couldn’t get help in a timely fashion.

It creates frustration and a loss of motivation. Live chat is the next best thing to speaking to someone personally. You can ask a question and get an answer immediately. Look at the screenshot above. One new free starter member is not really convinced he can make money at WA.

Another member has provided him a link to a blog post written by a different member who has found success. The actual post goes on to explain the difficulties and mistakes the person made before achieving the $5000 per month success.

In reality, it took him 7 months after starting over and following the training here step by step. I think he struggled for a year and a half before that with few or no results. This is only one example. Folks have many issues related to their business and lot so f more experienced people including the owners help out.


Live Video Classes Reveal Inside Secrets


Affiliate Marketing Support Center | Live Video Classes


Every Friday there is live training conducted by Jay. All the training is recorded and searchable in the video library. Jay is an excellent instructor, especially for beginners. Of course, he instructs about different aspects of the certification course but he also gives real-life examples and adds some of his own “tricks of the trade”.

For example, I read recently that meta descriptions are not important anymore for Google ranking. So many marketers don’t bother with it. Although this may be true, there are other good reasons to continue using them. It can provide an enticing reading for searchers and it can help get your site indexed faster.

I learned that from Jay as well as a few other tips for indexing sites faster which were not included in the regular course materials. They could be more advanced tips I suppose. In addition, the owners do a couple of live ones each year and all the videos are saved so members can watch anytime they want.


Unparalleled Classroom Access


Affiliate Marketing Support Center | Classrooms


Classrooms are like a forum however they are more organized and active. The one above is the social engagement and marketing classroom. At the top, you can see it is arranged into categories: questions & answers, tutorials, videos, and courses. The question and answer section is divided into all, unanswered and personal.

This saves time because you can zero in on the information you need to know very quickly. Each classroom is set up the same way. Furthermore, many members make tutorials or videos to teach others how to do things such as resizing images, improving SEO or writing tips. Of course, this is in addition to the course training offered at WA.

Kyle & Carson’s vision is to turn the affiliate community into an Open Education Project. Generally speaking, it works well. However, it is possible to receive some information from members who are trying to be helpful but do not really have the correct facts to share.

There are ways around this problem. I watch carefully for the members who provide accurate affiliate marketing feedback and who I know are earning a full-time living from selling affiliate products and services. This way you can create a “circle of mentors” to keep you headed in the right direction.


Unique Private Messaging System


Affiliate Marketing Support Center | Private Messaging


The private messaging at wealthy affiliate support is like a private email service. There may be times when you need to contact members privately. In the examples above I have communications with Jay the person who does the live video training and Kyle one of the owners.

In the first case, I needed to verify some important information for doing my posts. In the second I was receiving some new super affiliate course materials. It is very unusual to be able to communicate to an owner in this fashion. Usually, it may be once a week for webinars. Anyway, I’ll speak more on that later.

I must say some of these affiliate support features are available with the Free Starter Membership, however, to gain full access to everything one needs to upgrade to premium. Premium members at WA are committed to building a full-fledged long-term asset so complete access is simply smart business sense.


Legendary Owners Personalize Service


Affiliate Marketing Support Center | Kyle & Carson


Kyle (left) and Carson (right) are the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. They are well known for their hands-on approach when it comes to supporting their members. Don’t let their appearance fool you. These two guys are not only down to earth and humble but very smart and successful.

They are so successful that every year they bring a select group of super affiliates to Las Vegas – all expenses paid. It takes some work to get to that level but it is nice to have goals to work towards.

They are both quite active in the community interacting with members on a personal level. They check their profiles and the classrooms daily responding to answers whenever they can. It is common to see them in the live chat at different times of day and as I showed you earlier they do respond to private messaging.

There is no extra charge. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to gain access to coaching. All the wealthy affiliate marketing support described on this page including access to Kyle and Carson is included in the memberships. Sometimes it does require a little patience as the owners have hundreds of requests for help.


Blogging Has A Hidden Purpose

Yes, you get your very own WA Blog. People usually write about what they are doing or maybe how they are progressing with their business. All this is fine and very helpful or interesting to other members. Blog postings can often assist us in getting unstuck whenever we have a problem.

However, there is another very good reason why you should write at least once a week. When you write compelling content targeting long-tailed keywords, it could end up on the first page of Google. When visitors come to read your blog they will have a chance to join wealthy affiliate as a free member.

This means you can get a referral which means you earn community money that can be used towards receiving feedback or comments on your website. In addition, if someone upgrades you get paid – if you are a premium that will cover the membership dues.


My Final Words …

Other than having a personal coach to speak with on a daily basis this is the next best thing. I have struggled for years online always frustrated by the lack of support available. Although, it is not perfect, the community is very positive and more importantly successful members pay it forward.

There are no exorbitant costs and if you ask there is a wealth of information and help available in many forms. I understand there are probably other reputable affiliate marketing support centers online but I do not know of them and I have been online since 2009. I think they are probably few and far between.

Please share your experiences with us about any affiliate support programs you have been involved with and as usual if you have any questions at all please leave them below and I’d be more than happy to answer them.




4 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Support Center Delivers”

  1. Coming from someone that been a part of Wealthy Affiliate for a year and a half now it is true that the support really is second to none!

    When I started I had zero experience so having a strong support system in place was critical.

    There is a lot of information to take in so my advice to someone new would simply be to take full advantage of the support that is available to you and you will do great things!

    1. Hi Nate

      Thanks for your comments. 

      I agree with you. It’s important to take advantage of the support offered. How are you doing at Wealthy Affiliate? Is your business flourishing? What niche are you in?



  2. RichPersonality

    Yeah, Wealthy Affiliate probably has the best kind of support out there! I haven’t seen any other platform that can help you out basically on any problem you might have. The community will always answer your questions and try to help you succeed. We are all here for one thing, and that thing is to have financial security, and we all help each other to achieve that goal!

    1. Hey Donny

      Appreciate the comment. Yes, it is very unique. Other communities have one or more of the features but I have never found one with all of them. 

      The big one for me though is having access to the owners on an ongoing basis without having to spend a fortune. I know how busy they are so I try not to take up too much of their time but it is nice to have experts to turn to for help when needed.

      Thanks again,


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