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What about Wealthy Affiliate? Do Members Complain?


We often hear how wonderful the Wealthy Affiliate program is for its participants, but is it perfect? What about wealthy affiliate members’? Do they ever complain? We see so many over the top reviews online. Overly subjective reviews and I am even guilty of this to some extent because I actively promote the training.

However, it is important to let folks know it is not always the correct choice for everyone on their path to financial freedom or even to just earn a few extra bucks online. I believe, as with every major decision in your life, you must do your research, ask appropriate questions and then decide if it is “right” for you.

In order to discover all of the positive aspects of WA, you can go to My Community on the top right and see for yourself what Kyle & Carson (owners) have to offer. This post will be mostly about the difficulties I have had.

It is important to mention at this point that every single online affiliate marketing community has problems. What you want to do is weigh all the evidence and see which one you are most likely to succeed with given all the circumstances.

My Personal Complaints at Wealthy Affiliate

There are three complaints I have concerning Wealthy Affiliate and I will explain them before telling you why I decided to stay with the company.


Timely Information in Critical Situations

I have been an active member three times. The first time was in 2009 and the latest is in 2018. I’ll explain later about my return. Each time there has been what I call a serious server issue. The most recent time has been the worse for me. It is hard to avoid, no matter which host or server you use it will happen eventually.

The key here is how support responds. In my case, I give it a failing grade because they refused to take me seriously and at present, I still have a website issue I am working hard to fix.

This year Wealthy Affiliate implemented a new system designed to ensure the total community experience is more user-friendly mainly by improving the navigational features. I think they have succeeded because it is easier for newbies to find what they are searching for inside the system.

However, it came at a cost. Some of our websites crashed – in my case for two days. Once it was up and running again it was never the same. I am talking about speed. The site was opening much slower than before. You may not be aware of this but a slow website means fewer visitors which leads to less revenue.

I tried the usual fixes – image optimization, theme change, plugin reduction all to no avail. Other members’ had the same issue. No matter how many times I suggested it was related to the “crash” or a technical issue on their side support would not believe me.

When another member threatened to quit, presto, the website speed was fixed and everything is great for him. In my case, they continued to ignore my appeals so I wasted weeks on this issue. I am going to hire an outside company to see if they can do something for me because leaving at this time is not an option as I will lose 5 months of hard work.

So during this time (the crash), it was so hard to get information or updates. There is never a general notification that something is broken. We are always left guessing. We can contact support via email but they only say they are working on the problem. That’s it. There is never an explanation or any updates over the two days.

Honestly, these kinds of things do not often happen at Wealthy Affiliate but when they do I get extremely frustrated because of the lack of communication. It is almost as if it’s all a secret that we shouldn’t know about. Not really but it feels like it.

I don’t know if there is a solution to this. It is up to the owners to realize and accept a problem exists. I will say this though in all the other issues I had and there were several they were able to fix them quickly. This leads me to believe it may just be one or two support workers without enough experience dealing with my case file.

The other thing about hosting support is they never use names so we don’t know who we are messaging with. It is very cold and mechanical. Please don’t confuse this with general support – which I have never tried.


Lately, it is Getting Harder to Contact the Owners

Kyle is a very active member of the community. He answers the questions best he can through live chat and classrooms but because of the sheer number of members’ its impossible to give everyone the attention they need. That’s okay until you have a serious problem like I did and it becomes impossible to reach him.

My exchanges with support were going nowhere and I wanted to speak to someone in charge. There is no telephone support at WA so that option was out. There is a private messaging service – direct email contact but recently it was changed for Kyle. Sending him a private message goes to support who I imagine is filtering the requests.

There are times when support workers just do not have the knowledge or experience or complete information to deal with issues and they go with the standard response like I received with my site speed problem. So we must talk to other people who are more in the know and have a vested interest in the members’ satisfaction.

It is really difficult at WA unless you are in the inner circle or have proven to be a very successful member of the organization. Kyle is a wonderful owner. I know he sincerely tries his best to help folks and the access we do have to the owners is greater than other platforms I have tried but still not when we need it most.


Outdated or InAccurate Information (from members’, not owners)

The way the community works is we do the training and are encouraged to interact with fellow participants. We can post questions and comments within the virtual classrooms. Furthermore, we have our own personal blog and can design our own training materials for others to read or( watch via video).

The WA produced training is a little old but still exceptionally relevant. However, the training produced by members’ as well as comments or answers to questions vary hugely. Many are erroneous or outdated. These are never deleted. So there is no way of keeping everything current and no monitoring system to correct mistakes.

There is still much valuable and accurate information, good ideas and opinions expressed but you need to do a lot of searching to find what you want. It is awfully time-consuming. Is there a better option? I don’t think so. I have tried close to 50 or 100 different programs this is one of two or three that are worth joining.

The way to deal with it is to find several “successful members'” who have completed the training and are earning a living from implementing what is learned. Follow those people – their comments, question answers, blogs and training. It is not a perfect mentorship but it works. Don’t get distracted by all the “fluff”.


My Final Thoughts on Complaints About Wealthy Affiliate

The above are my three main beefs with WA. People don’t often get the inside scoop from members’ so I wanted to share my experience – the few things that frustrated me, especially at the beginning.

So why do I still promote WA after these problems? Because the good far outweighs the bad. The education and training is the real thing. People are making money. We can frequently read blog posts about other members’ who have achieved the ultimate goal – to earn affiliate commissions. The community members’ are supportive and friendly.

Every company has problems but the true entrepreneur develops an important skill which is to solve them. Someone once told me the definition of an entrepreneur is a business person who solves problems. Instead of complaining when I do get stuck I look for an alternative to flourish.

I know from my previous 10 years in the online business world that great opportunities to build a real, long-term reoccurring income are far and few between so I stay with Wealthy Affiliate. It is also affordable with all the tools I need in one place.

So always do your due diligence before joining an online affiliate program such as Wealthy Affiliate but remember no program is perfect so try to find the one that is the best match for you.


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6 thoughts on “What about Wealthy Affiliate? Do Members Complain?”

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is just worth for its starting training. Otherwise it is hard to sell a product and most of the info are free on internet.

    1. Hi Giuseppe,

      I have to disagree with you a little. It is true Wealthy Affiliate is excellent for starters but there are also members who have been around for many years. I do agree that at some stage people may outgrow WA but that is true of most programs online.

      I think it is an excellent program for beginner to intermediate. Many people are happy with that as they can make a full-time income but to learn very advanced techniques members may need to look outside of WA or qualify for the Las Vegas through the Super Affiliate Challenge.

      Your program sounds interesting – loaded millionaire. I will visit your website and maybe write a review. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Much appreciated.


  2. I am on my 6th month with Wealthy Affiliate and currently building my only website.

    Sometimes it’s overwhelming with lots of trainings, blogs, etc but so far WA has been very helpful and supportive.

    Everything is here , the cost is not much and the community is very supportive.

    I had an issue once with site content and I was helped ASAP with site support, even Carson, one of the owners emailed me about it.

    I will stay with Wealthy Affiliate for the long haul.


    1. Hi Marita,

      Thank-you for your honesty. I also know many members that have only had good experiences with Wealthy Affiliate. Generally speaking I usually do too. 

      It was only the one issue I had mainly and since I have written this post SiteSupport has fixed the problem with my website speed. I was right of course it was an technical problem on their side.

      I still highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to beginners and struggling marketers because it really is a hidden gem. Wishing you all the best!


  3. The commissions are worth it when you pay it forward. I think people don’t pay attention to the future and how working from home can really help you and sustain you with a good income. I think people only look at the now and don’t think 10 years ahead pertaining to what will be effective then. It is truly a blessing to do this now.

    1. Hi Linda,

      Thank-you for visiting my site and leaving a comment. I do agree with you. Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful opportunity to change our future. 

      Every company has it ups and downs but WA has very few negatives for many there aren’t any. It is always best to focus on the positive and think of the future. This is also a good trait for entrepreneurs to have in general.

      Best regards,


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