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What Everyone Ought to Know About Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer: My First Impression


I do not know David Sharpe personally but if I were new to affiliate marketing I would never buy his products. This does not mean that you should not. It’s just I know for a fact from my experience online I can build an online business without paying such large amounts of money.

All of my knowledge concerning Legendary Marketer is derived from his sales pages, online reviews and Youtube videos. It seems to me that he does provide valuable information. I would even say he is legitimate and has a loyal following.

You are being overcharged

However, it is not necessary to pay thousands of dollars to get a quality education to build your affiliate business. There are people who can afford that amount of money. Corporate types, tired of the rat race for example. Blue collar workers such as plumbers and electricians (in Canada these guys make $100 + per hour) looking for a change and others.

However, I am a champion for the little guy – people struggling to make a living and looking for a better life for themselves and their families. These people can’t afford to be taken in or incur large credit card debt to build a business and it really isn’t necessary.

I would even go as far as saying people with money would be smarter to find a less expensive alternative when starting off. The high ticket programs will always exist in this industry and targeting people that have money to blow is okay but just not for those without the cash.

I do agree we do need to pay something for training and tools to create our affiliate websites. We should not rely solely on free programs because quite often the quality is simply not there. I pay about $400 US a year. That is my total investment and it is sufficient to start.

I will outgrow my platform at some stage and then seek out marketing communities that are more advanced or which have a different marketing focus to complement or improve upon my existing business. By that time, I will have the funds to pay for expert high-end mentorship if I wish.

There are too many upsells

There are two other reasons I would not join and they are first and foremost the upsells. The name of the game is to make money but newbies do not need to be upsold. It is just not necessary because there are so many new skills to master and tasks to be implemented.

In addition, whether you pay $400 or $3000 it will take you exactly the same amount of time to build your business. It is a process. It takes time. It can’t be rushed. I pay $400 to learn affiliate marketing including all the tools required. Why would I pay $2, 500 to get the same thing somewhere else and be upsold on additional products?

If one really cares about their customers they will ease them into the business, help them master one skill at a time and only upsell when they are absolutely ready for the new tool or program.  I am not sure David does this. As a matter of fact, I have only come across a few people in the last ten years that truly have their customers best interests at heart.

The second thing I do not like is the reports that coaches are upselling his products. I am not sure about you but when I ask for a coach I want them to help me solve problems. Leave the sales and marketing to another department. A coach needs to be both knowledgeable and empathetic.

Money should not be the primary motivating factor for coaches. That is what’s wrong with the online world. Coaches are not trained to assist or communicate properly with affiliates.  In most cases, it is all about the money for the coaches and their employers.

I am not against compensating people for providing expert advice. I am just saying the value needs to be there and part of that value is being able to communicate and empathize with clients with absolutely NO upselling. It is a serious problem in the whole community.

So those are my first impressions – warning bells ringing loud and clear. However, lets carry-on and see if my first impressions are in fact true and what some of the positives may be.


The 10 Second RunDown

Name:    Legendary Marketer

Price:      Club Membership $ 30 per month, Courses $247 to $2,500 (One Time Charge)

Owners:    David Sharpe, CEO


Affiliation:    None (Review based on research)

Overall Rank:    65 /100 ( I would like to provide a higher rank but due to the lack of information, transparency, the prices and my experience over the last ten years I would not recommend this community to beginners or struggling affiliates).


How Much Does it Cost? And What’s Included?

Legendary Marketers Club


Cost $30/month

  • the description is very general – not much is given to you upfront.
  • seems to consist of a video library full of valuable training.
  • access to live half-day training plus a new class both once a month.

The idea is to allow you to grow your skills and business without getting bogged down with information overload. I can neither confirm or dismiss this but based on my experience with other similar programs I do not recommend it.

New affiliates need to follow a step-by-step system. This does not really sound like it is organized well. However, I do think there may be a lot of expert valuable advice on offer.

There is a 30-day guarantee which allows you to check it out but I decided against trying it because of the information I read concerning upsells and a couple of people having difficulty getting refunds (Better Business Bureau).

So other than the short description offered I have no way of knowing exactly what is offered. I have learned the hard way not to join anything without full transparency.

Verdict:  Sounds legit but I wouldn’t join without further detailed information because it may not be suitable for my learning and business purposes.


Traffic Rolodex Bundle


Cost $247 (One Time)

This would be the one package I would consider purchasing. It includes eight different courses covering how to receive traffic from the top platforms: Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Display Network and Twitter.

You will be taught how to build compliant landing pages for your campaigns. This is valuable because without them you run the risk of having your accounts shut down. Lifetime updates are promised.

Verdict: Sounds legit. I would probably purchase it to learn how to increase traffic to my website if I was not already a member of another community. The price is not outrageous.

The thing is though as part of my $400 and with a bit of searching I can mostly find the same valuable information at WA. The benefit of the Traffic Rolodex Bundle would be all the info is supposedly organized in one place. Still, I would like more information and transparency.


Affiliate Marketing BluePrint


Cost $2,500 (One Time)

Once again very little information on what you actually receive. No breakdown of the training or tools supplied. Very little transparency. However, I have no doubt that it does teach you how to build a legitimate online affiliate business.

I imagine the information is valuable. The question I ask myself is: Is it worth the price?

Verdict:  Sounds legit. Little transparency. I would never purchase this product and here is why.

It’s over 6 times the price of what I pay. There are only a couple of ways of setting up an affiliate marketing business. Why would I pay $2,500 to learn when I can pay $400. This is especially significant or those on a tight budget.

Of course, this is taking into account both are legitimate, trustworthy and provide exceptional value. My community includes state of the art free tools for research as well as hosting.

It seems to me at Legendary Marketer we pay $30 a month membership, $2500 for the affiliate marketing course and then another $247 to learn how to build traffic. This is called high-end ticketing and it is how the very rich marketers make their money.

Once again, I am not saying it is wrong and there is a definitely a market out there as I explained earlier but for beginners or struggling marketers there is no need to dish out such exorbitant amounts of money and let’s face it for those of us without a lot of money it is exorbitant.


Digital Products Business Blueprint


Cost $2,500 ( One Time)

This description is enticing. Everyone in the online business world understands the potential for digital products. This is a very profitable way to make money because no physical materials are needed, they can be replicated quickly and red tape associated with operating businesses is less (at this time).

Marketers have known this for years. E-books are the most common products but you can use your passion to create any audio, video or written product.

In affiliate marketing, we often generate “free gifts” use to build lists of email addresses. ore advanced affiliates create their own digital courses. You can do this too.

Verdict:  Like his other products, I have no doubt it is legitimate and contains valuable information. I personally won’t buy it and here are my reasons.

I know of less expensive, well-developed programs which teach us how to produce content. This may go into more detail but I have taken courses at Wealthy Affiliate and with Anik Segal ( Lurn Nation) that do much the same. Once again, I want something upfront which gives me details.

Secondly, I really am a fan of the all-inclusive communities. The little guys need it. I believe as marketers start to earn money then they can invest in more expensive programs. Explore and grow their business in different directions. The problem with the gurus is they tend to lump everyone into the same category or push newbies to make a purchase they are not ready for.


Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint


Cost $2500 (One Time) 

One of the trends these days is having coaching or consulting business.  The reason being it provides a relatively stable re-occurring income. This is useful for offline and online business people.  Those of you who are considered real experts in your field or have years of experience in a particular niche and would like to share their knowledge will benefit most.

It is true that anyone can do this but from my experience, you can not wing this. Eventually, people will know you are not as experienced as you may let on. So unless you truly are an expert don’t go this route. The reason I mention this is to warn people in my niche, affiliate marketing.

The “leaders” often tell us no matter how much you know you know more than somebody so you are an “expert”. I won’t go into this now but it isn’t so in the real world unless you are trying to con people.

Anyway, according to the description, this course is to help experts create an online coaching and consulting business. It stresses you will learn how to identify your niche, create an offer, make sales pitches, deliver services and scale your business.

Verdict: Probably legit with good quality information. Once again not enough information upfront for me to join. Moreover, I am familiar with a couple of other low-cost options which provide similar training and more transparency. One is called the Fletcher Method and the other is the Ask Method.

Not for affiliate marketers unless you are both in the money, have a following and can coach effectively.


Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint


Cost $2500 (One Time)

Quite honestly, this course is way above my level. However, I do agree with the principle behind this course. For years, I have ranted and raved for more human contact online. The way everything is set up on the net from building a business to coaching is geared towards owners making money.

Ninety percent of owners do not have the customers best interests at heart. They want to teach as many people as they can with minimal individual person to person contact. Group webinars, recorded videos, email help. Anything but personal mentorship and I am telling you there is a huge demand for personal one to one coaching.

This course is not about coaching but live events and it is a form of providing much needed human contact. i agree people want to meet up, exchange ideas with similar minded folk and just be together. It is an opportunity. The course description claims to teach you how to plan, save costs, who to hire, where to host events and facilitate.

Verdict: Probably legitimate. I recommend it for people that have the goods. Proven experts in their field. It is not for my target audience affiliate marketers just starting out or struggling to  “break the code” and start making money.

Who can benefit from this service?

The good thing concerning this community is most of the courses require a one-time payment. Apparently, this includes updates. However, $2,500 is the equivalent to 6 years membership at my community and it offers all of the same info.

Furthermore, six years is a long time so much of the information may become obsolete. The point is you are paying $2,500 for training you can get elsewhere for half that price or less.


So Who Will Benefit From the Courses?

I have a feeling that someone with no experience signing up for these courses will learn a lot and find the information to be valuable and of high quality. I have no way of knowing for certain because I have not bought the courses. This opinion is based on years of experience dealing with gurus and purchasing various similar online courses.

So generally anyone not familiar with marketing will get some benefit. People who have been in the industry for a while and have money to spend may pick up some nuggets of information or the odd new idea to improve their business.

As I alluded to earlier, obviously Mr. Sharpe is targeting people with money. Most people I know starting an online business would consider $2500 a large investment but there are folks out there with that kind of money to blow. The upper middle class, corporate types, small business owners – all looking for a different way of life.

There are also people out there that would rather pay $2500 versus $400 because they truly believe quality or value comes with a higher price tag. There are lots of examples where this is true but the internet is still very much the wild west and it is important to do your due diligence.

I have found this premise not to be true more often than not – especially with new products. The good thing about Legendary Marketer is they have recently released version 3.0 so many of the kinks should be worked out already.

In a nutshell, the people who would get the most out of these courses are new affiliates who can afford the programs and experience affiliates/marketers who want to expand their business.  It could also benefit business owners moving online.

However, please keep in mind, if you are new to affiliate marketing and are on a tight budget there are other more affordable programs which will teach you the same techniques for a much-reduced price.


Why Do Affiliates Have to Pay?

There is an affiliate program which on the surface can be quite generous. It also sounds promising. I think for experienced affiliate marketers it could be very lucrative. For inexperienced marketers please remember the most important factor is to get traffic to your offers.

There are two plans basic and pro. Inexperienced marketers definitely start off with basic because the pro affiliate program is $30 per month. It does come with higher commissions so I expect if you know what you are doing the price won’t matter. That’s why I say newbies stick to the basic plan.

The difference between the two plans is the Pro Program has the following:

Pro Program Extra Benefits

  • Commissions 40 to 60 % (compared to 10 to 30%).
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • Access to High-Quality Traffic Sources
  • Advanced Affiliate Training

If you have a list, a website or blog with high volumes of traffic or social media accounts with large followings then the pro account is for you, otherwise, take your time and build a following before or a steady traffic source before paying for pro.

I am not sure why they charge for Pro. My guess is it is a combination of covering costs, weeding out the high achievers from the other affiliates and to make money. I have only seen this once in my online career. However, it may become more common in the future.

My personal opinion is it is not necessary. Affiliates work very hard to earn money for their companies (as well as for their commissions). I believe this is just a money grab.

If Legendary Marketer offered everyone a 40 to 60% commission they could be darn certain it would attract hard working affiliates. I just don’t see the necessity of having affiliate pay to promote a product. it seems petty and greedy to me. On that principle alone I would not join their affiliate program, not to mention the lack of transparency on the sale page.


Is There an Alternative?

One of the most well-kept secrets in the affiliate community is a platform named Wealthy Affiliate.  It has helped thousands of new and struggling marketers to build long term sustainable online businesses.

The owners are down to earth and do their best to interact with members directly inside the community. The training is action based so by the time you are finished your business is up and running.

The only requirements are to follow the step by step training, ask for help when needed and have the patience to see it through. Lots of people are making sales and within a couple of years, some folks can quit their offline jobs.

The beauty is it is an all-inclusive package costing an amazing $359 per year and when Black Friday rolls around you can grandfather yourself in for an awesome $299 per year.

Patience, persistence, discipline will get you there. No need to spend thousands of dollars in the beginning. I am pretty sure the information taught at Legendary Marketer will be similar to that of Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have questions or comments concerning Legendary Marketer or Wealthy Affiliate please feel free to leave them below. We’d be more than happy to answer them as soon as possible.

All The Best,


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Feature Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Opinions for this review are based on information gathered from sales pages, website reviews and YouTube videos as well as the author’s personal experience with internet marketing over the years.

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