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What is a Website Content Management System?

People new to building an online business often ask themselves, what is a website content management system, also referred to as CMS? Generally speaking, it is the kind of software which allows one to write content and post it on their website.

These systems are the foundation of all types of websites from simple blogs to fully featured commercial sites. It offers an alternative to building a website from scratch because there is no need to code by hand using computer language. It is a ready-made system that enables you to create and edit a website with a few clicks of a mouse.


Advantages & Disadvantages

The Benefits of Content Management Systems:

Quick to set up and get running so you can create fully working customize sites in a few hours – at wealthy affiliate this may occur in less than an hour.

Note: This does not mean one can make money right away. It requires additional time to create content as well as getting visitors.

Extendable through plug-ins making it simple to add specific functions to the site. For example, imagine you would like your visitors to share an article. Well, with a few clicks you can upload a social media plug-in to automatically add buttons for sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others.

Reliable and continually updated If you choose one of the big players. This is crucial to maintain security and to ensure the operation is at normal speed and error-free.


The Drawbacks of Content Management Systems:

In my world, there’re few negatives to the content management system. I work with individuals who create work from home online businesses requiring one website, to begin with. It is the simplest, easiest most efficient way to start and thousands of plug-ins exist which is ample for our needs.

The main drawback is for the more ambitious, knowledgeable computer-literate programmer or site owner who needs a very specific function added. In the event that your business starts earning thousands of dollars per month, you can hire someone to make whatever changes are deemed necessary.


Which CMS is Best?

There are numerous content management systems available each with varying functionalities designed to compliment companies depending upon the size of the business and the tasks required.  Several of the easiest ones to use are the following:


  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • DSS
  • Mura
  • Captavi


However, for creating an everyday business website WordPress is the best choice. It is simpler to install and in some cases already installed for you. As mentioned previously, it is especially easy to get working and has a wide range of useful plug-ins available that extend its ability to do things such as creating shopping carts.

There are thousands of themes from various developers many free to change the site’s look and feel. There are also hundreds of small business communities which have incorporated Word Press into their tools and training systems. This provides an additional benefit to you because it actually simplifies the process even further.

The WordPress learning curve is reduced significantly because of the automated procedures put into place by these training communities. There is also no need to upload the CMS to your host. Please trust me when I say this removes an awful lot of the frustration experienced by new affiliate marketers.


What CMS Do I Recommend?


Blackboard Sign With The Word Solution


First, the content management system that you wish to use will depend upon your abilities using a computer. I tend to write for the individual entrepreneur or else what I like to call the solopreneur. These folks have limited experience using content management systems or computer programming.

They are looking for a fast, simple solution to getting their business up and running pronto. Therefore, the obvious and only answer is to use WordPress.

However, I would like to go a step further. I highly recommend that you join a community that offers a tool similar to Site Rubix. I have provided a detailed description in an article entitled Best business Website Builder Revealed. This private builder allows for near-instant site creation.

In addition, Site Content takes care of the writing side of things enabling you to simply press a button to publish content to your WordPress blog. Final touches can be made within the WordPress back office.


How Content Management Systems Work

The first step is to set up your website. Choose a domain name for your website and click. You will have the opportunity to purchase the domain or use a free one associated with SiteRubix. The next step is to choose a WordPress theme, click, wait a minute or two and then you are ready to log into your new website.

Once logged in, you will be brought to your WordPress dashboard. You are now officially inside the content management system of your website. There are a few other tasks that need to be performed before the site goes live. I have already written extensively about site rubrics site builder and site content.

They are the tools I use for website management and my content creation and publishing. Why? Because I am a self-taught computer user without any programming skills so it is a no-brainer for me to use such a simple system. However, I do use the dashboard in the back office of WordPress or fine-tuning articles.

So here is the snapshot of the WordPress dashboard. It really is easy to learn how to navigate the back office and write posts from there if you like.


WordPress CMSUpdates

Get the most recent version of WordPress and keep all your plugins up to date.

All in One SEO

This is a plugin which automates the technical side of optimizing the site for the search engines. Pre-installed at Site Rubix.


We can view, add and write posts from here. In my community, we write posts in SiteContent which checks for duplicate content and then automatically posts to WordPress.


Of course, the place where one goes to upload images and videos. A couple of clicks is all it usually takes.


Pages are usually used for more permanent content – privacy policy, disclaimers, about me, a static homepage and so on. It works the same as or posts.


These days comments play a role in search engine ranking. Here you can check and reply to comments. We have Site Comments at WA to allow members to leave comments on sites.


Custom tailor the look of your website. Change fonts, colours, design and much more.


Do a search for new plugins to add. Need a contact form? Product review template? Maybe something or charts or tables? It can all be found here. Thousands of choices.


Have a pen name? Are you outsourcing? Do you have several writers on your team? Add specific usernames here.


Mainly for importing and exporting. Most of the time this will be for backing up your website data. In case of a crash, you can then upload the latest saved version. Quite honestly, this has never happened to me before.


Nothing really to do with the content per se but general settings are modified like site title, tagline, the number of posts to show, comment restrictions etc.

Page Headers

I believe this is a setting that came with my specific theme that allows universal control over the headers used on my blog. It is nice to have control in one place especially after writing numerous posts.

Pretty Links

A plugin I added upon the recommendation of training. It makes affiliate links look clean, neat and tidy for readers. Be careful, however, Google sometimes considers this cloaking which can hurt site rankings.


A social media plugin. It makes it easier for readers to share content from our site. It also provides tools to help us with our marketing and analysis.


In Conclusion

What is a website content management system? Simply put – a kind of software that makes it very easy for the average person to build a website or blog. The most popular system is WordPress. However, even WordPress is not simply for the complete novice and requires a steep learning curve.

Therefore, I recommend you join a community which uses WordPress as part of their platform. This means many of the steps will be automated or simplified for you. In addition, the little training required will be included in the overall price of membership.

There are several excellent ones available online but if you would like to try my community they provide a Free Starter Membership which has no limit or expiry date. Upgrading to Premium is optional and there is no upsell.



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6 thoughts on “What is a Website Content Management System?”

  1. I have used some some of the content management systems you talk about here such as Joomla but I have found them to be complicated.

    Now WordPress is my go to CMS because of its easy to work with.

    I will check out the SiteRubix website builder that you mention it looks interesting.

    1. Thanks Chris. SiteRubix is offered within Wealthy Affiliate. It makes navigating and using WordPress so much easier. Really excellent for someone like me that lacks programming skills. 

      I am always on the look out for simple solutions. Yes, Joomla was too complicated for me. I even found hosting at Hostgator and using WordPress was challenging. That is why I like everything in one place.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Derek Marshall

    Hi Devan,

    Thank you kindly for creating and sharing this article with us all, it is appreciated. Thanks.

    I, for one, have always wanted to make my own website as I am very knowledgeable in regards to a particular hobby of mine but I have always been held back by my lack of computer and IT skills. I am now going to have a look at site rubix and wordpress that you have mentioned and find which one is best suited and easiest for me to use. Thanks for that.

    1. Hi Derek,

      Thank-you for visiting Projektfreedom. I appreciate your comments. I recommend the free starter program at Wealthy Affiliate if you decide to try SiteRubix. 

      That way you can get a feel for the community and tools and then decide if it is a good fit for you. Trying SiteRubix free first is a smart idea. You can always upgrade later and then move your site to a new domain. (which is also easy to do within WA).

      I think you’ll be very pleased with the ease of use. 

      Best regards,


  3. I am a huge fan of WordPress and would not waste my time with any other Content Management Systems (CMS). I can still remember the days before WordPress where you had to code everything yourself. These days it is so much easier to start a website as you need zero coding skills. You also have 100’s of website themes and plugins at your disposal to give your own flavor to your site. This site also looks awesome. Which WordPress theme are you using? Take care

    1. I agree with you completely. I like WordPress and combined with SiteRubix it is really great for me. It is usually just a few clicks here and there and I can make changes to my site. 

      Absolutely, the variety with themes and plugins is amazing! I am using GP Premium, the paid version of Generate Press. You really need it to personalize the site.

      Thanks for dropping by!


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