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What is AliExpress.com?

Introduction to What is AliExpress.com?

Affiliates are always looking for new places to find products to promote. Many of us are familiar with online shopping platforms such as eBay, Etsy and Amazon. They all pose wonderful opportunities to find products to sell.

However, other countries also have services we can benefit from such as AliExpress. The commission rates seem to be within the industry standards. Of course, private affiliate programs would offer much more. Still, it is an easy way to break into the world of affiliate marketing.

Below is an article I outsourced to Human Proof Designs. it explains:

A.    The History

B.    Being a Seller

C.    How to Open a Store

D.    Memberships

E.    The Affiliate Marketing Program

I hope this information is useful in your search for products to promote on your websites.  I have also written articles about eBay and Etsy if you wish to check them out.


Brief Summary

Name:     AliExpress

Industry:     Internet

Founded:     2010

Headquarters:     Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Key People:     Daniel Zhang

Services:     Online Shopping

Website:     aliexpress.com



Learn How to Sell AliExpress Products


History of AliExpress

AliExpress is an online retailer which is owned by the Alibaba Group, a company with the 9th highest global value in 2018, and one of the world’s most admired companies, according to Fortune magazine.

AliExpress started in 2010 as an e-commerce platform allowing small businesses in China to sell directly to markets outside of China.

Since then, it has expanded to allow companies to sell directly to consumers, as well as to each other. It is the 3rd most popular shopping website globally and the 49th most trafficked website in the world.

While the global reach and high revenue of AliExpress naturally draw comparisons to Amazon, in practice the site functions more like eBay.

Although sellers set prices and there are no auctions, AliExpress does not offer fulfillment services, so each vendor ships orders directly to the buyer, like eBay.

Moreover, almost anyone can become an AliExpress vendor, vastly increasing the range of products bought through the site and the companion app.


Being an Aliexpress Seller

Like Amazon, AliExpress sellers can have products featured in their online store, and in customer search results.  Like eBay, seller reviews and feedback scores, along with product reviews and feedback scores, are critical.

Amazon backs sellers with their own brand and reputation, AliExpress facilitates these transactions, so feedback and ratings can make a big difference in buyer behaviour.

An essential difference between Amazon and AliExpress is that on Amazon if multiple sellers are selling an identical item, it only appears once in customer search results, and the customer can choose the seller.

On AliExpress, a search can return dozens of identical products, with a result listing for each seller of the same product.

This forces sellers to compete for top search results for identical items, and to price compete to attract consumers to their listing over competitors.


How to Open an AliExpress Store

AliExpress has four membership levels for sellers.

Free Membership includes:

  • 50 product postings
  • 10MB of storage space for product photos
  • Free members listings are ranked last in search priority

Basic Membership includes:

  • Unlimited product postings.
  • 5 product showcases:

[A product showcase is a designated area in which featured products are highlighted to stand out both in your AliExpress store and in customer search results.]

  • Access to buying requests:

[20,000 buying requests are submitted to AliExpress every day, from potential customers who want a quote for a specialized, bulk, or customized product.]

  • Verified icon: This icon is essential to add credibility to your listings.
  • Customized website: Customize your AliExpress virtual store.
  • 1GB of storage space for product photos
  • Five sub-accounts
  • Access to AliExpress analytics
  • Basic members are ranked third in search priority

Standard Membership includes everything from basic, plus:

  • 12 product showcases
  • 3GB photo storage
  • Standard members are ranked second in search priority


Gold Membership provides everything from prior levels plus:

  • 1st ranking in search priority
  • 28 product showcases
  • First access to custom buying requests
  • Personalized customer service from AliExpress
  • 5GB photo storage

All seller memberships above free require an application to join the platform, so it’s best to start with a free membership and get familiar with AliExpress before purchasing higher levels of membership.


Third-party Marketplace

AliExpress has a thriving third-party marketplace with vendors specialized in services for AliExpress sellers.

These vendors offer services ranging from designing and optimizing your AliExpress virtual storefront and product listings, to e-commerce and fulfillment in concentrated regions around the world.


AliExpress Affiliate Marketing Program

AliExpress has a thriving affiliate marketing program, with top sellers earning up to $20,000 per month. Commission rates vary by product and country, and by affiliate level. Here is an overview:

Mobile Phones

  • Russia and CIS: 3 – 3.5%
  • USA: 4 – 4.5%
  • France and Spain: 4 -4.5%
  • Other countries: 4 -4.5%

Other telecom products: 6 – 10% depending on region and affiliate level


Hair Care and Accessories

  • Russia and CIS: 6 – 6.1%
  • USA: 10 – 10.1%
  • France and Spain: 10 – 10.1%
  • Other countries: 8 – 8.1%

Other product categories: 6 – 10.1% depending on region and affiliate level.

Non-affiliated products: 1 – 2.1% depending on region and affiliate level.

Affiliates can also earn monthly bonuses based on their completed sales. Here are the affiliate bonus levels as of October 2017:

  • $300 – $500: 0.5%
  • $500 – $1,500: 1%
  • $1500 – $3000: 1.5%
  • $3000 – $5000: 2%
  • $5000 – $10,000: 2.5%
  • $10,000 – $20,000: 3%

Because AliExpress is available in 200 countries and 16 languages, it can pose some additional challenges for North American-based affiliate marketers.

The products appeal to a wide variety of consumers because they are inexpensive. However, the proliferation of identical products in search results, low prices, and lack of in-depth ratings make it difficult for affiliates to craft a marketing message that directs traffic to their products.

For example, if you search AliExpress for “gold watch,” you will see dozens or more results for gold watches that look virtually identical and cost as little as $0.88.

It can be difficult for an affiliate to create a recommendation or marketing message for one specific product and drive traffic to it when competition is so intense, and the prices are so low.

AliExpress has been growing for years in Asia and South America but has recently expressed the specific intention to expand further west into Europe and the Americas.

With the backing of a vast company and irresistibly low prices, if you aren’t already doing business on AliExpress, it’s probably time you were.

While AliExpress poses a unique set of service and pricing challenges for sellers, it’s a market that many sellers can’t afford to ignore, with massive potential into the future.



By Devan

I have never tried AliExpress so I can’t truthfully say whether it is something I would recommend. The smartest way for newbies to enter online business is to target small niches or a niche within a niche for high item products coming from private affiliate programs.

The reason is it takes the same amount of work to promote a product or service which pays 4 or 5 percent commission at $20 retail price as it does for a $200 item. Which one will result in more per sale income? Furthermore, as I mentioned the commissions with private labels can be quite lucrative – 50% isn’t unheard of especially for digital products.

Some folks make a good living with AliExpress but if you want to learn all about affiliate marketing and rub noses with experienced smart affiliate marketers I highly recommend you read Wealthy Affiliate A Goldmine of Information.



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