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What is Elite Blog Academy About?

Introduction to Elite Blog Academy Review:

One of the most interesting things about writing an online money blog is the variety of programs we get to review. I am constantly amazed at the wide diversity and quality of products offered. Furthermore, I am always very happy when I find legitimate services.

Ruth’s Elite Blog Academy is something I can promote without needing to worry if it is a scam. It may be a bit expensive for some folks and as you will read it has a few upsells but she seems to possess firsthand experience and offer good quality training.

This review provides a little background, delves into how the system works, talks about what you need to know and takes a look at a few of the pros and cons. It also gives you a break down of the pricing.

At the end of the article, I provide an alternative how to build a blog training community where you can get much the same training and more for a fraction of the cost. However, I always say you need to find the best fit for you personally. So enjoy the article and good luck!


Quick Rundown

Name:     Elite Blog Academy

Price:     $897 (Silver), $1197 (Gold), $1997 (Platinum)

Owners:     Ruth Soukup – Founded in 2014.

Website:     www.eliteblogacademy.com

Affiliation:     None (Review based on research)

Overall Rank:     75/100


Background to Elite Blog Academy

The Elite Blog Academy is the result of Ruth Soukup’s success in her own blog. As she developed and grew LivingWellSpendingLess.com, she learned many lessons about how to blog successfully and turn a blog into a business.

As a result, she wrote a book about blogging that led to a thriving consulting business as she coached and supported others in their online businesses. Over time, demand grew so overwhelming that she created Elite Blog Academy to make her process and information more accessible to more people.

However, Elite Blog Academy still has limited enrollment, and only accepts new students five days a year. It’s a course for those who are deeply committed to growing their blog into a thriving, online business.


How Does the Elite Blog Academy Work?

The Elite Blog Academy is a self-paced learning system. The course has four modules, each with three units. Each unit has a 10-15 minute long lesson video with a written transcript, an email, a workbook packet, a Q&A video, and assignments to complete. The modules are designed for study in sequence.

The modules are:

  • Module 1: Refining your message
  • Module 2: Grow your traffic
  • Module 3: Monetize your platform
  • Module 4: Build your business

Taken together, these courses cover how to make your content unique and marketable; get organized; get noticed, develop achievable goals and plans; leverage SEO to generate revenue; learn affiliate sales techniques; establish effective advertising techniques; eliminate time wasters; and create a business plan to realistically earn a six-figure income from your blog.

While the course is self-paced, you should expect it to take at least 12 weeks to complete, and for many students, it takes 6-8 months.


Before You Begin the Elite Blog Academy

Ruth Soukup’s lessons do not cover basic technical information and require you to complete practical exercises. Before you can complete any of the lessons, you will need:

A self-hosted blog

If your blog is currently hosted by WordPress, for example, you should move it to your server before these lessons.

Install a few of Ruth’s recommended plugins

There is a list on the Elite Blog Academy site of recommended WordPress plugins, including Akismet, the Google Analytics Dashboard, and Yoast SEO.

A blogging habit

You should already be comfortable blogging and creating content for your site and building a regular practice out of it. Ruth recommends spending 5-10 hours a week on your blog.

The Elite Blog Academy courses will not answer technical questions, so you may need to consult other resources to learn how to use WordPress and answer questions related to your blog specifically.


What are the Elite Blog Academy Features and Pricing?

Blog Academy has three levels of enrollment:

  • Silver level: $897

Includes all the courses and course material, a weekly Q&A video where Ruth answers student’s questions, access to a members-only Facebook group, and bonus items including social media advertising and strategy guides.

  • Gold: $1197
  • Platinum: $1997

Gold and platinum memberships include everything at the silver level plus bonuses courses, e-books, and admission to Ruth’s annual conference, but the precise membership details, including benefits and rewards, won’t be available until the next enrollment period.


Additional price factors to consider:

  • The base price is a lifetime membership

People who enrolled a few years ago when Elite Blog Academy was $399 still have access to all the new and updated materials, the Q&A videos, and the Facebook group, which they all find extremely valuable.

  • There are upsells during the courses

Some course material requires paid services that you will need for a monetized blog regardless, like an email service. Some courses offered by Ruth recommend additional resources. If you are new to blogging, it will be challenging to complete the courses without purchasing other items above the enrollment cost.

  • Elite Blog Academy has a 180-day refund policy

In order to get the refund, you must complete the entire course and all the coursework, and submit it along with screenshots of your before and after blog design, your analytics, and your income reports. Because the course itself takes several weeks to complete, this is a strict threshold for most people to meet, and it effectively negates the possibility of getting a refund.


Is Elite Blog Academy Worth It?

Because most of the people who enjoy Elite Blog Academy have gone on to become affiliates, it can be challenging sorting out honest reviews from convincing sales pitches. However, there is an overwhelmingly positive response to the course and the material, and Ruth herself.


  • The Facebook group

Many bloggers find that having a peer network is incredibly helpful and valuable and that this group adds value to the course itself.

  • Lifetime access

The ability to continue to access the group, the videos and new material over time adds much value to the education


  • Limited enrollment window

Even if you choose to take the course, you can only sign up for the waiting list and wait. Most people want results faster than that.

  • Not for absolute beginners

Ruth will not teach you how to create a blog or how to blog at all; her focus is on how to earn money from the blog you already have.

  • Expensive

When you look at the lesson material covered by the Elite Blog Academy, it’s clear that much of this information can be found for less (or even for free) from other sources.

An intermediate approach may be to spend less than $10 instead to get Ruth’s book from Amazon and determine if her methods, information, and strategy are right for you, before deciding to invest in Elite Blog Academy.


Devan’s Opinion

I agree with my writer – it is prudent to check carefully before dishing out a substantial amount of money. If you are interested in Ruth’s program, check out her blog first and buy her book. This is how I first started online by subscribing to lists and purchasing e-books.

See if it provides value if she is a person you can trust (I believe she is) then when you are certain, make the purchase. However, if you feel it is not the right fit or it is too much money to pay at one time I suggest you take a look at my community.

We take a slightly different approach to Ruth – blogging is a business which takes time to build a strong foundation before being able to make money. We actually walk beginners through all the steps starting from scratch and for those that stick with it, most go on to make a living with their online businesses. WA includes:

  • intensive training both written & video
  • tools for website hosting, keyword research, writing, checking statistics & more.
  • community coaching, live support & direct assistance from the owners.

There is much more. I have written all about it in the My Community section of this site or you can go directly to Kyle & Carsons’s website and join the FREE STARTER program and check things out firsthand. No obligation is required to pay money or pressure to upgrade and you can actually build a website and get your business rolling for free.


GB Free Starter Program


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The body of this article was researched and written by Human Proof Designs. Introduction and conclusion are written by the website owner.

This review is based solely on research. I did not purchase the service but relied on intuition and experience when approving and writing the content.

As always, if you have any positive feedback or constructive criticism please leave your comments below.





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