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What is Inbox Blueprint 2.0?

Inbox BluePrint 2.0 Introduction:

Thanks for stopping by to read my review of Inbox Blue Print 2.0.  I am a proud owner of this product and do recommend it to anyone interested in building an online business with an email list.

Who is Anik Singal? What is Inbox Blueprint 2.0? How does his program work? Who can benefit from it? These are a few of the questions we will look at to determine if this make money online method is the right “fit” for you.


Product At A Glance …

Name:     Inbox Blueprint 2.0


Price:     $ 997

Owners:     Anik Singal

Overall Rank:     95 out of 100

Verdict:     Legitimate

Affiliation:     Affiliate – Purchased Product & Receive a Commission.


Special:  Anik of Inbox Blueprint has a special 2-day summit May 19th – 20th, 2018. He is charging just $1 to attend. There will be a number of experts teaching about all aspects of online marketing including wealth building.

I highly recommend you attend especially if you are new or struggling to get your business off the ground. Anik and his team are honest. All it requires is to enter your name and card details for the $1 charge.

Important: You can ignore the upsell free 21-day trial until after the Lurn Virtual Summit. I am positive the offer will be made again (this is just a selling technique playing on your emotions). After the summit, you can decide if it is a good fit for you. His new program has a monthly membership instead of a one time charge.

Having said that, this is a great opportunity for you to learn from some of the best for two days literally for free. Click on the blue button below.


Special Lurn Summit Only $1



What is Inbox Blueprint 2.0 About?

I first stumbled across Inbox BluePrint after reading “The Circle of Profit”.   At the time it made a great impression on me and so much so that I am planning to incorporate it into my existing business.  At the time I was frustrated with building an authority website because it was just taking forever to work. I am sure some of you can relate.

Well, this way of earning an income online still takes time but it seems smarter and easier in the long run because once you have an email list you can use it over and over again to promote products. The only thing I believe is more sensible is to have both an authority website and lengthy email list.

Enough rambling though. What exactly is it? The inbox blueprint 2.0 system consists of a one-page website. Visitors to the site are enticed to enter their email address allowing you to build a list of customers for marketing purposes. Here is a screenshot of the process courtesy of Anik Singal’s training.


What is Inbox Blueprint 2.0? | System


How Does It Work?

  1. Create A Capture Page (One-page website).
  2. Attract Visitors to The Web Page
  3. Offer Them A Free Gift in Exchange For Their Email Address
  4. Send The Person to Your Thank-you Page For An Upsell
  5. Start Sending them Emails Automatically From Your Autoresponder
  6. Promote Products Now & Again In Emails to Earn Money


This is a proven model. It may sound a little intimidating but really it is a fairly simple system Anik has created and is almost fully automated using a software he calls LaunchPad.

Technology is advancing quickly these days meaning much of the technical work has become a breeze.



Inbox BluePrint 2.0 Training Spot On

What is Inbox BluePrint? | Course Outline


Module #1:  Creates A Powerful Mindset! (4 lessons)

Provides you with an in-depth overview of how the system works. Anik’s personality is contagious. His excitement and willingness to see you do well are as genuine as it gets. Learn how to you will generate revenue with the model.


Module #2:  Ready, Set, Go! (11 lessons)

Follow the first-class roadmap to ensure you pick a profitable email marketing niche or get this – use one of the already researched niches in LaunchPad (more on this later).  By the end of this unit, you will have chosen a course of action!


Module #3:  A Skills Bonanza ( 12 lessons)

Newest technology will have your opt-in page up and running in no time. Make your very own personalized gift to give away to subscribers or have it done for you.  Learn the secret of using quizzes to build a list.


Module #4:   Saying Thank-you Equals Money! ( 9 lessons)

That’s right. Learn how to use a little-known strategy – the thank-you page – to increase revenue. This is how you’ll continue to build your biz without breaking the bank! LaunchPad automates the task if you decide to use it.


Module #5:  More Automation! ( 5 lessons)

Setting up autoresponders will allow you to write emails one time and send them out to thousands of list members. Do the work once, set and forget. A powerful concept. Track your progress to optimize campaigns and earnings.


Module #6:  The Meat & Potatoes! (12 lessons)

Step by step instruction on how to promote products through content while building trust with your list.  Learn how to create enticing headlines so readers will want to open your emails.


Module #7:  All About Money! ( 9 lessons)

Discover all the different tactics to increase conversions leading to higher earnings.  In addition, increase the ways in which you can earn money such as using affiliate programs, product launches, and events.


Module #8: What We All Worry About? ( 13 lessons)

How are we going to get traffic? Every marketer’s major worry. Anik shares eleven different methods to attract the customers you want.  Six are free and 5 are paid.  Master one and then proceed to another.


Module #9:  Unlimited Success! (7 lessons)

Now you have finished the course but you are not finished building your business. Learn what to do next. How to find out what is going right and what is going wrong and how to correct or build upon it. Constant monitoring equals success.

Just FYI – the correct module titles are the ones in the screenshot. Mine is just being used for descriptive purposes.


Inbox Blue Print 2.0 Launchpad – Awesome Tool

What is Inbox BluePrint 2.0 | Lauchpad


Whoa, are you going to like this. Click here, click there, add a few words and you’re finished. It is really that easy. Now it does take a little time to set everything up but it is quite simple.  In the olden days, we needed to know coding or hire a programmer to help us. These days even seniors are building an online presence.


Choose an All Ready to Go Pre-selected Niche Inside LaunchPad


Inbox Blue Print 2.0 | Niche Selection


The goal is to get you making money as soon as possible.  Are you indecisive like I used to be? Do you have trouble choosing a theme for your business?  There are 32 various topics for business ideas. I chose travel for my first go. I recommend pursuing more lucrative niches.

The key is to come up with a suitable angle. For example, if you choose cooking that is way too general.  A little research and you may decide to do paleo cooking or cooking with wild game.  Ideas on how you can narrow down niches are found in my post entitled How to Discover the Best Work From Home Business Ideas.


Set Up Your Email Campaign to Work With LaunchPad

The next step is to connect your autoresponder ( Sendlane ) to Launch Pad. This is important as you want subscribers to receive your emails automatically after signing up on your webpage.  Anik and his friend own Sendlane but you can start off with a membership for $19 /month or $81 per year and it is sufficient at the beginning.


Select an Affiliate Offer Within LaunchPad


Inbox BluePrint 2.0 | Affiliate Programs


Save a bunch of time choosing your first affiliate program from Clickbank inside of LaunchPad.  It saves both time and effort.  There are hundreds to choose from for this niche – cooking!  This is the product that will help cover your original expenses while scaling your business.  Also, did you notice the 75% commissions?


Make Your FREE Report With Articles

There are a few ways to create free gifts for your subscribers. This is the easiest way I have come across.  It’s true the quality will not be spectacular, however, the goal is to make a list.  As your business grows you can upgrade quality.

The way it works is you choose some pre-written articles related to your niche. Let’s say I decided to promote Paleo Diets. Well, I did a quick search of the articles and came up with the following:

  • 7 Reasons Why The Paleo Diet May Not Be For You
  • The pros and cons of the Paleo Diet
  • Why Your Cholesterol Might Increase On Paleo
  • Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight On The Paleo Diet

I can choose up to 10 articles. It took me 30 seconds.  Later we can edit the articles if we like and our affiliate links will be added automatically.  Free gift finished.

Next, we can choose a cover for our ebook and then use the same method to choose emails for our autoresponder. These emails are already professionally written by someone on Anik’s team.


Opt-In Page Funnel Design

There are two choices for building the opt-in page, also referred to as a capture page, landing page or one-page website. First, the more traditional one called the “classic page”.  Second, is the “quiz page” gaining in popularity recently and proven to deliver results.


Inbox BluePrint 2.0 | Opt-In Pages


This is the last step – as you can see there are some beautiful templates to choose from.  You will need to add a title and subheading which you learn how to do during the training.  Solo ads are also produced for you. These are the emails which contain your affiliate offers.

The next step in the process is to go through the Easy Traffic module to get visitors to your page and then the whole process works on automatic.


Support & Coaching! Ka-Ching!

The support is standard for these kinds of marketing programs.  There exists a forum for discussion. It is unique in the sense that coaches will review your work when you paste a link to opt-in pages, for example. A very helpful feature.

Secondly, for the first year, there is live group coaching calls several times a week. I just checked and my access has disappeared. I’m not sure if my year is up or updates to the program happening. Anyway, it’s disconcerting.

Personal coaching is also an option. There is a special Fast Track mentoring service. You prepare in advance and then join a two to five-day conference. It depends whether you do it online or visit in person.  it is very, very expensive. We are talking $8,000. So beware if you get on a call with one of the coaches.

Anik also does a live training seminar each week. Here he introduces new methods, programs, and successful people. You can learn from these meetings, however, I just got turned off with all the upselling going on.


What I Like & Don’t Like

The Good:

PRO # 1:  Comprehensive training which is easy to follow.

PRO # 2:  Excellent automated system for beginners or the “lazy” marketer to get you up and running quickly.

PRO #3:   Bonuses and live coaching calls to support you.


The Bad:

CON # 1:  Too many emails almost bordering on spam and difficult to get off the list.

CON #2:   Exorbitant personal coaching cost which ends up excluding the folks that need the most help.

CON: #3:  LaunchPad materials less effective for marketing because so many people use the materials.


Inbox BluePrint 2.0 Bonuses

Bonus #1:    Group Coaching Access, Anik’s Live Weekly Training 12 Months Free

Bonus #2:   Traffic Academy ( actually included in training).

Bonus #3:    6 Week Fast Start Program ( over the shoulder training ) I think 4 years old.

Bonus #4:   List Academy – Bringing Your Email Marketing Business to The Next Level

Bonus #5:   Clickonomy Coupons Worth Up to $500 (must spend money to get them)

Bonus #6:   Email Templates Worth $ 3000,000. Copy, Paste, Tweak.

Other Resources:    Swipe FIles (Headlines, Power Words, Emails), Fast Free Reports, 100 Marketing Tools


My Final Opinion of Inbox BluePrint 2.0

I think it is well worth the investment at a one time charge of $997 (time of writing). There are a few other expenditures along the way: domain name, autoresponder and clickononmy traffic source. However, if all goes well the sales of your first affiliate product will cover it.

Anik himself is a bundle of energy and seems very sincere. However, he’s a little too salesy for my liking and pushy with the constant emailing. I suppose that’s how he makes his money by bombarding his lists with messages.

At first, I would attend his training but after a while, I stopped because he would be selling the same product I already bought or a new one which I didn’t need yet as I was trying to get my first business working. Very annoying. I do think he is a good guy though.

Even though I have created my business with Wealthy Affiliate, I have absolutely no reservations about recommending this Inbox BluePrint 2.0 to other marketers. Beginners or experienced marketers who want to build an email marketing business should give it a try.



On Another Note …

The cost may be a little too expensive for you and if this is the case I do suggest you check out the review on Wealthy Affiliate because it has a free starter program and a lower monthly and yearly price.

You can follow my lead and join Inbox BluePrint after earning some money at WA.  Honestly, they are both legitimate businesses and will take the same amount of time and effort to build.


What do you think About Inbox Blueprint 2.0?

Have you ever tried Inbox Blue Print 2.0? Do you have any questions or comments? Please let us know. We’d love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you may have.  Thanks.



Kewl Web.

8 thoughts on “What is Inbox Blueprint 2.0?”

  1. Thanks for the info Kewl, 

    I’ve been thinking about starting an e-mail marketing campaign
    for a while but I always thought that it would be to time consuming.

    I can see that Inbox Blueprint 2.0. is designed to eliminate that and that it
    was built to do the majority of the work for you which is great!

    I will definitely be looking into purchasing this product,
    Thanks again, Frederick.

    1. Hi Fredrick,

      You are quite welcome.

      Email marketing is a very smart move. I plan to introduce it to this business as soon as I make the time to create a free gift for my subscribers. Here’s an idea I picked-up from somewhere.

      Pull some content from your website and turn it into an E-book (PDF form). Lots of quality content & value and your readers won’t need to go searching though the website. You get an email address and they get good info.

      Inbox Blueprint is good but I couldn’t afford the personal coaching – it was a bit ridiculous at $ 8,000. Wealthy Affiliate is affordable. There is lots of help and the owners really care deeply about our success in low key way. 

      It’s nice. 

      Thanks for dropping by. Really appreciate it!



  2. Hi Kewl

    Great breakdown of BluePrint2.0.
    I think there is a lot here covered by Wealthy Affiliate.

    The idea of a “business in a box” is attractive and maybe would suit people who are a bit scared of learning the skills needed, I was.  In a way, it is a pity about the $8000 pitch because it could be a simple way to get a business going without too much hard work.

    I personally have struggled with some of the demands of Wealthy Affiliate but have overcome the problems and things are really beginning to move for me.

    I have to admit, there is much more to being an internet entrepreneur than I thought.
    This is a very fair review and I would consider it for a beginner with no experience.

    Thanks Kewl

    1. Hi Happy,

      Love your name. Thanks for dropping by to read my review of Inbox 2.0.  Yeah, Inbox is good and Anik has helped, I imagine thousands of people.

      The box model is sound and smart. Having a list to market to is easier than relying on search engine traffic. Building the list and trust with the subscribers is the challenge – I think it is easier to build trust on an authority site after it is well established.

      I suppose some folks can afford the $ 8,000 and it is an intensive coaching course so it may be worth it but I have come to understand everything depends on us and our abilities, past experiences and perseverance etc. The coaches have no control over that so I believe the price is way too high.

      They are promising something that they can’t always deliver. I like Wealthy Affiliate it is affordable. There is lots of assistance and I think it takes the same amount of time to reach the “money stage”.



  3. I’m considering buying Inbox Blueprint eventually. I did several years ago when it was first launched. The price was not that high back then though.

    I agree with you that having both an authority website up and running as well as a system like Inbox Blueprint teach to collect people emails and guild yourself a list is best strategy.

    I remember that choosing the right niche for this was a must for Anik. But do you think what he teach can work with any niche? The other question I had was, how can you get traffic beside paid ads?

    1. Hi Guy,

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I do appreciate it.

      Yes, a think an email list is important.  The right niche for inbox means one that makes money. I don’t agree with WA that any niche can make one money.  As Anik explained his first niche was targeting college students with a product about “how to study”.

      However, college students are always looking for “free” stuff so it didn’t work out. Having said that there are thousands of niches that will work. For example, people think healthcare is saturated. Well, it’s not true. There are many smaller niches that will earn you a  lot of money.

      I recently bought a book on hip- flexor exercises. I never knew about it until I recently developed a problem with my hips and not many people are focusing on this specific niche. The book was so-so meaning if I entered the niche I could do much better.

      Concerning paid ads, I believe generally it is the best way to go if one has money. it is more efficient for targeting and saves time.  There are plenty of free methods around but the only one I recommend is search engine optimization which leads to organic traffic and maybe social media (I am not a big fan of SM).

      In the case of Inbox they use “solo ads” but there is a way with the free gift and up selling to recuperate the costs so that you are not “losing” too much of your own money.

      Do yo know of any good free methods for getting traffic?



  4. Hello there,

    I have been told that inbox blueprint can prove to be a good place to get coaching but I never thought it was this expensive.

    I mean, I need to learn so that I can improve my income levels, which pretty much means I am not financially well, and can not afford the hefty price.

    I think wealthy affiliate is more concerned about helping people than inbox blueprint. I will go with wealthy affiliate and see how things work for me.

    1. Thanks Dave. 

      They do offer free group coaching, kind of like Wealthy Affiliate’s live video training. However, the personal coaching is very expensive and especially the 3 to 5 day special program. 

      The method itself is excellent – but I am of the same mind as you  though. You may want to join the summit on May 19th & 20th. It will give you a much better idea of what it is all about. However, don’t upgrade whenever you first register.

      Best of luck & thanks for visiting!


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