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What is Internet Marketing Ninjas?

What is Internet Marketing Ninjas? It is a service that boosts organic traffic to your website. They offer a comprehensive list of services employing multiple tools and strategies to help you rank higher in Google searches. It is geared towards businesses mostly corporations and charges accordingly. Read expensive.

It continues to grow at a rapid rate. In addition, to services, they have a number of tools which you can access for free. They cover a range of topics: featured, SEO, webmaster and social. Being a small player in the industry it is great to have use of some high-quality marketing tools.


Factors that Affect Your Search Ranking

Scoring a high rank in Google searches is incredibly vital to the success of your business. In fact, more than 90% of searchers will not go to the second page of Google search results, so it’s essential to rank in the top 10 of all sites.

While you can’t directly control how you rank in Google searches, you can control the majority of factors that influence your ranking. The following items are things Internet Marketing Ninjas can help you with.


Search Ranking Factors on Your Site

You can always control a website by modifying your site to help it rank higher in the search engines. Here are some of the factors which influence search results:

1. Optimize Your Pages

Fast page loading speeds and clear navigation aren’t just ways that make people like your pages more; they also make your pages more likable for Google which determines your search rankings.

Having pertinent, well-organized categories, relevant page names and titles, using proper tags, and other housekeeping tasks will all create a better site for your visitor, and help it rank more highly as well.

2. Optimize Internal Links

Links that guide your visitors around your website should be well organized have germane, helpful text, and follow a meaningful navigation structure. Well-named, high-quality links within your own site also help search engines navigate your website and understand the information structure or what your site is about.

3. Optimize Your Content

Your words, pictures, graphics, and videos are crucial for engaging your audience and also play a part in how search engines rank your pages. Your content should be relevant, well-named, have alt tags, use useful keywords, and load quickly.


External Search Ranking Factors

While there are some things, you can directly control and change on your website to influences your search rankings, another set of conditions are external to the site itself. Factors like:

Social Media Accounts

Social media doesn’t play a direct role in SEO but does influence it. There is a discussion about whether Google uses it in their algorithm as an engagement indicator which is added to the ranking mix.

Online Reputation

Perhaps you share a similar business or product name with a competitor or have had negative ratings. These show up in the search results but can confuse or alienate potential customers. While you can’t directly control what others publish about you, there are ways to amend these results so that searches are more favourable to you.


When multiple other sites link to yours, it adds to your credibility and authority and does influence search rankings. But of course, you can’t hack someone else’s website to add in a link to yours. A strategy of seeking and sharing useful links will pay off in your search rankings.

These kinds of external factors that are outside of your control can all influence your search engine rankings, although these elements don’t occur on your site. Making these external factors a part of your internet marketing strategy is essential, and Internet Marketing Ninjas does.

If you are a one-man business or solopreneur please read How to Do SEO Marketing in 2018 for some free training to get your website properly optimized for publishing articles.


Other Services

Keep in mind that all the above factors influence natural, unpaid search results, generally called “organic” search. There are also multiple ways to use paid search engine advertising to drive more traffic to your website, and, like all advertising, it costs money.

Internet Marketing Ninjas provides all these services, and more, for a complete set of tools, strategies, and practices that help you outrank your competition on search. Here is a complete rundown of services offered.

  • SEO audits
  • Research
  • Strategy & Roadmaps
  • Link Building
  • Content Creation
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Assets & Influencer Outreach
  • Social Media
  • Reputation Management & Consulting


Internet Marketing Ninjas’ Reputation

Internet Marketing Ninjas enjoys a fantastic reputation and has excellent reviews online, from customers, partners, employees, and affiliates. Founder Jim Boykin is an expert in SEO and internet marketing and frequently speaks at notable events, particularly in regard to internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and SEO.

The company is also socially responsible, with events and activities that support local food pantries, the Ronald McDonald House, animal shelters, and breast cancer awareness.


Internet Marketing Ninjas Pricing

Internet Marketing Ninjas operates more like an agency than a SAAS company. In other words, when you hire them, the first thing they will do is a comprehensive analysis of your site, your rankings, your competition, and your goals. The team will then suggest a course of action for the next 6-12 months to help you reach your goals.

Their services start at $7,500/month, but most of their clients spend twice that, about $15,000 per month or $200,000 per year. They do not offer services directly related to paid online advertising, although they will make recommendations and referrals. If your internet marketing plan includes paid advertising, you would need to budget appropriately for that as well.


Internet Marketing Ninjas Affiliate Program

Internet Marketing Ninjas has their own affiliate program, so you apply for it directly on their site. When a potential new client mentions your name on their lead form and then becomes a client, you get a commission on the first 12 months of their contract.

With average monthly client costs as high as they are, the 5% commission can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. Even at the lowest client monthly rate, you can earn $375 per month or $4,500 a year for just one referral.

In the recent past, Internet Marketing Ninjas founder Jim Boykin started a series of video training in SEO and affiliate marketing. These pieces of training included famous experts in internet marketing and SEO from around the world, including Andy Beal, Neil Patel, and others, and cost $2,995/year.

That service evolved into Market Motive’s Advanced SEO training course, and it’s unclear if Boykin himself is still affiliated with the project. At the moment, it looks like you can hire him for private SEO training and even phone consultations, at rates ranging from $599-$2,249.



I have never tried Internet Marketing Ninjas but if my business was large enough and I had the money I would give them a shot. They seem very professional and have a decent reputation. The number of clients is limited which means the quality can be maintained.

Services which they do not offer include PPC (Pay Per Click advertising), media buying or ASO ( App Store Optimization). However, they will kindly refer you to a company that does.

It’s a big investment at an average of $200,000 a year so they definitely cater to the big players. I guess what they say is true it takes money to make money!


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  1. Thanks for the post. Sounds like these guys are doing what you are saying: marketing to the big spenders. Seems like they’ve forgotten that we’re not all heavy hitters. Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll keep this in mind, as I continue to search for how to start a home-based business.

    1. Hi Kevin, thanks for the comment. Its much appreciated. Please check out the review about Wealthy Affiliate in the my community section if you are if you are searching ways to start a home based business.

      Lots of folks are having success there. And the cost is very reasonable.

      Cheers, Devan.

  2. Although Internet marketing ninjas is not something I have heard of before, their services seem to be quite extensive!
    Getting your website to rank on search engines is a very important thing. Especially if your business is mainly online.
    Thank you for this incredible information and I look forward to reading more about internet marketing ninjas!

    1. Hi Tim

      You are quite welcome! Yeah, they have a good reputation but I think a little pricy for someone like me. However, ranking is very important & something folks should spend money on if they don’t know the ins and outs.

      Wealthy Affiliate does an excellent of teaching us how to rank on search engines but there is still a lot of technical stuff that is beyond me such as coding.

      Thanks for your time & visiting my website.



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