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What is SEOClerks

Introduction to SEOClerks

What is SEOClerks? It is an online marketplace where freelancers can list their services for sale, or customers can list tasks that they would like to have completed. It’s a work-exchange marketplace, like Fiverr, but geared toward web-specific services, like SEO.

Because it’s a marketplace, SEOClerks isn’t itself a service. It’s just a platform for services. People use it to sell their services and make money online or use it to hire for specialized jobs, and SEOClerks takes a percentage of the contract as a fee for its services.


Company: SEOClerks

Type of Company: Online Marketplace

Headquarters: North Carolina, United States

Employees: 1-10

Founded: October 6th, 2011

Founders: Unknown

Services Offered: Buy & Trade Services Associated With Online Business

Clients: 100,000 freelancers offering over 150,000 professional services


Recommendation: Caution. While there are legitimate freelancers, be careful of possible fraudsters.


SEOClerks for Sellers

SEOClerks allows anyone to create an account and list service on his or her site. Sellers complete a form listing the service they are offering, and the price, and try to attract buyers. As with any such platform, the more specific sellers are about their services and limitations, the greater success they will probably have with their clients.

Buyers and sellers both have “levels” that indicate their experience and success on the platform.

Level one sellers:

  • Can’t offer services for less than $5
  • Can’t provide services for more than $125
  • Can’t create coupons that lower a price by more than $5
  • Have a more extended clearance period for their funds or their withdrawals
  • Must have a minimum of $15 to withdraw funds

To progress in levels, a seller must:

  • Complete a certain number of orders
  • Log in at least once every 14 days
  • Have a 90% rating or higher
  • Have a 72 hour or less response time

To reach level 5, sellers:

  • Must be a SEOClerks affiliate with 100 unique affiliate sales
  • Have completed 250 orders
  • Have a 97% rating or higher
  • Have a 24 hour or less response time
  • Log in every seven days

In return, they:

  • Earn an extra 2% on all sales (discounted from the SEOClerks fee)
  • Earn an additional 2% on all affiliate sales
  • Withdraw 100 times in 31 days

The staff of SEOClerks can also choose elite sellers and award them Level X for a few exclusive perks and benefits.

Sellers can also merely list themselves as freelancers, without registering a specific service. Freelancers may be searched and found by potential clients, or browse the marketplace for gigs that might suit them.


SEOClerks for Buyers

Anyone can also join SEOClerks as a buyer and create a free account. They can browse services by category, like HTML, reputation management, traffic, and so on, and look at the services offered in that category.

Providing you can’t find the service you are looking for; you can post an ad for “want to buy” or “want to trade.” If you see the service you need, all communication must take place on the SEOClerks platform, which has email/chat style inboxes. You can pay for services with PayPal, credit card, Bitcoin, Payza, or by adding funds to a SEOClerks account.

When the job is complete, buyers can accept or decline it, and then both parties leave feedback and ratings for each other.


What is SEOClerks Affiliate Program About?

Affiliates of SEOClerks earn commissions for referring buyers and get 10% of that buyer’s lifetime sales on the platform. Some sellers may also offer a higher affiliate commission if they chose; that higher percentage comes out of their earnings and is at their discretion.

Affiliates can get a $5 coupon from SEOClerks to help incentivize new buyers to purchase on the platform.

If a seller is also an affiliate and refers a buyer who purchases their own services using their affiliate link, they earn 100% of their own sales, less a percentage for processing fees.

SEOClerks is owned by Ionicware, which also operates CodeClerks, PixelClerks, and WordClerks, which all operate the same way.


The Problem with SEOClerks

All such online marketplaces can attract fraudsters and scammers. This is more and truer the lower the cost of services. So, for SEOClerks, with many sellers listing services for as little as $1, it is teeming with them.

Sellers often find themselves victims of scams from buyers who take their work and then decline to pay for the job. The platform is biased toward owners (as many of these kinds of platforms are), so buyers appear to be able to contact SEOClerks and have negative feedback removed, which sellers cannot do.

A surprising number of sellers complain that they were working on the platform and suddenly their accounts were cancelled and blocked with no explanation, although one person found out it was because a second person had created an account on the site using his IP address.

Buyers should be exceptionally cautious with SEOClerks, because anyone offering to get you on the front page of Google for $16, or get 1 million site hits in 30 days for $10 is using unscrupulous methods to get those results, and the consequences will fall on you and your site, rather than on the freelancer halfway around the world who did the work.

Is SEOClerks to blame for the incredibly high percentage of low-quality work on the site? Yes and no. It’s the natural consequence of creating a platform where anyone can join for free, with no screening process, and buy and sell services for as little as $1. With no controls for quality or accuracy, no protection for buyers or sellers, and all the profit motive tied up in creating as much volume as possible, this is the kind of outcome one could reasonably expect.

In my opinion, independent contractors and freelancers who are looking to make money from home, SEOClerks is a poor choice, because you will be forced to price compete down to unsustainable rates, because there is always someone on that site who will work for less money than you will, and the clients don’t value quality.

For buyers who are looking for good quality work and services from freelancers, SEOClerks is a poor choice because they do not screen candidates, enforce any standards, or offer the rates that would attract highly skilled freelancers.


A Conclusion to SEOClerks

This article was researched and written for me by a member of Human Proof Designs. I was wavering about whether to include the last section or not – about problems with SEOClerks. However, I can understand from my own experience at Fiverr, Elance and other freelance marketplaces that there are always people who try to rip off others.

It is also true that we receive what we pay for meaning high-quality services cost unless you are lucky enough to get a new freelancer with high ethical standards just starting a business. In that case, rates will be lower to attract customers and build their reputation.

Therefore, I have left the section in the article. However, in all fairness to SEOClerks, I would like to point out that in June 2015 the company implemented the award-winning SiftScience anti-fraud technology. Its purpose is to make the platform safer for their buyers and sellers.

They have a case study on their website. I am not sure how things have progressed in the 3 years since it was introduced but as with any freelance marketplace, it is always important to do your due diligence.

Best, Devan.


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