What is & Figure Cycle About

What is the Seven Figure Cycle?




What is the Seven Figure Cycle All About?

This is a system designed to teach members how to make money online by building their very own e-commerce business. It is very different from similar online programs because the owners claim many of the usual difficulties associated with these kinds of businesses have been eliminated.


Ranking at a Glance …..


Product Name:    7 Figure Cycle

Front-End Price:    $2,497

Creators:    Adrian Booth, Steve Clayton, Chris keef, Todd Snively

Rank:    85 out of 100

Where To Buy:    7figurecycle.com

Affiliation:    None (research from sales page & members websites)


Things I Like & Don’t Like


#1.    Sincere Owners

I really like these guys. Except for the delivery of one or two sales tactics (which always annoys me no matter who is doing it) they seem very sincere, honest and willing to help others. They have a good reputation in the online world.


#2.    System

From the sounds of it, a lot of time and money has gone into this program. It seems well organized and based on watching the presenters in the marketing video, I think training will be professionally done.


#3.    Money Back Guarantee

Fabulous. Receive a refund if not satisfied. Good within 60 days. Get double your money back if you complete everything as asked within the same time period. That’s confidence and  more big names are doing it these days.



#1.    Parts of the Sales Pitch

Yikes! I just hate it when scare or pressure tactics are used. Charge $2,497 my behind! Who would ever pay that? I understand a system such as this may cost thousands to build but that does not mean its market value is so high.


#2.    Cost

This type of investment takes a serious monetary commitment. Be really sure you are going to be able to follow through. I feel the people that most need to make money from home won’t be capable of paying this amount.


#3.    Live Training

This always sends alarm bells ringing. Live training for two months being recorded for future use. I think the kinks have not been worked out yet. I have experienced this 2 or 3 times. The info will still be great but delivery not so smooth.

Who is this For?


The owners go to great lengths on the sales video to emphasize the product is for everyone. People starting off for the first time will benefit. Folks who have had little success online will do well. Experienced marketers can diversify income streams.

My take on this is maybe. I realize from tons of experience, no matter how easy a program may be, it also takes a lot of time, effort and persistence to succeed. Character, attitude or ability factors in. These are things no owner can predict and that is why there is such a low success rate online for people starting out.

My opinion (without trying the program) for first timers is to try it if you can afford it AND you are a very strong go-getter. Otherwise, start with something less expensive to get your feet wet. Folks who have failed forward for a long time (like me) might want to try, money permitting. Experienced marketers with money should definitely go for it.


How Does It Work?


It is a complete system that teaches people a uniquely leveraged eCommerce selling process. It operates in two-week cycles. You purchase items from US manufacturers – 100 dollars worth to begin. The products are sold at a margin of 50%. This is re-invested and the whole process repeats itself.


The neat part is, it can be done:
  • WITH NO website
  • WITH NO huge outlay of cash
  • WITH NO delivery delays
  • WITH NO product development or branding
  • WITH NO customer support
  • WITH NO paid ads

Sounds pretty amazing even to me.


What Goodies Do You Get Inside?


There are eight parts to the system and the training is completed over two months using live sessions (at the time of writing). The sessions are recorded for future reference.


The core components include the following:


A.    Master Print

An overview of the system and everything in it. A unique method that shows you how to build a lucrative business and potential make a profit in a matter of days (probably the more experienced marketers).


B.    Nerve Center

Your personal operations hub where you can use the warehouse and infrastructure to receive, manage, prep and ship your products. There is no charge for storage as it is paid for by the owners.


C.    Money Making Products

Learn how to find products that make a profit. In addition, you get one FREE money making product research and by the team so you can hit the ground running. Everyone’s is unique; one reason why membership is limited.


D.    Success Predictor

Access to software which predicts how much can be made from selling a specific product. Amazon is competitive so this will give you an advantage of knowing whether you can make a reasonable profit.


E.    Buyer’s Club

The four owners have contracts with thousands of suppliers giving you access to 100’s of the product’s to sell on Amazon. There is no cost to you. No reseller certificates to apply for and communication with suppliers is eliminated.


F.    Profit Hunter

The supplier lists often have thousands of products. You are introduced to a system which will analyze the items with the click of a button and return to you the best opportunities in a minute or two, saving hours of work.


G.    Seller Society

Is a form of live support. Its touted as being a place to for group discussion including topics concerning advanced strategies. It’s a members’ only community. My experience is these communities can be helpful.


H.    Expert Coaching

There is direct access to the four owners in their coaching program. This would be invaluable and a key to your online success if it is true.


Will Support Live Up to The Hype?


The quality of support offered online in the form of “coaching” or “mentoring” has been extremely poor over the years and in many cases overpriced for the value given. That’s why, when I hear of direct free access to the “top dogs” I get excited. There are two kinds of help offered here:


#1.    Administrative Desk

This is where you can direct administrative questions. Possibly, there is a technical issue with one of the tools included in the system or the like or payment errors. They would not be able to assist with the actual building of the business.


#2.    Coaching Consultation System

I have always believed the fastest way to succeed is to get access to the people who have excelled at their profession. This a terrible, terrible downfall of the online industry. Coaching is grossly overpriced and quite often the quality leaves a lot to be desired. It’s a scam in most cases by greedy “gurus”. I have tried several.

I believe at 7 Figure Cycle they honestly do provide access to the owners who seem to be very sincere in their efforts to help others reach their goals. It probably is not personal mentoring. Actually, I would doubt that very much. However, you will have some kind of direct contact via live chat during training or within the back office or private messaging.

I feel it is a great feature because I have been involved with programs having zero contact with the real experts. Check with the company before joining, if you have any reservations.


How Can You Pay?


The price of 7 Figure Cycles is a whopping $2, 497. It is a pretty steep investment, especially for those on a low income. Luckily there is an alternative payment plan offered. You may opt for the three payment plan which is $999 a month for three months. The second and third payments are due 30 days apart, after the initial payment, respectively.

However, I don’t like it. The people with cash flow difficulties will use the second option but they are precisely the ones who need the lower price ($2, 497). So they are been penalized for being poorer. They must pay 17% more. Why? This happens all over and I guess its a selling tactic.


My Final Opinion of Seven Figure Cycle


My final thoughts are based on gathering information from sales pages, other website reviews ( from actual members) and my own personal experience trying numerous work from home programs during the last ten years. I say, if you are well off, and have the cash go for it. I believe this is a legitimate opportunity.

However, if you are someone on a low income and you are carrying debt give it a miss. Start with another program within your budget. When you have established your business or are at least making a steady income then invest in 7FC as an additional income stream.

This will create less financial stress for you because the one thing I have learned over the years is something which is easy for the experienced marketers to do, set up and make money from is certainly not as easy for 90% of beginners to accomplish. There is always something that will hold newbies back. Save yourself the extra debt.


New E-commerce System Makes The Cut


NAME: Seven Figure Cycle

WEBSITE: 7figurecylcle.com

OWNERS: Adrian Booth, Steve Clayton, Chris keef, Todd Snively

PRICE: $2947 US

RANKING: 85/100




Have Your Say!


Do you have experience with the 7 figure cycle program or do you have any questions about this product? If so, please leave your comments or questions below and I will be more than happy to get back to you.

Looking for an excellent low-cost alternative.


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8 thoughts on “What is the Seven Figure Cycle?”

  1. Hello,

    I appreciate your honest review of this business opportunity. I actually attended their seminar through a mutual person who recommended them. I agree with everything you discussed in your article about them.

    I never like to speak ill will of others but they were very pushy salesmen. I did not like the gentleman who conducted the middle part of the presentation. He was too extreme on pitching me on their product which felt like a used car salesman approach. The presentation went for an hour and a half long to finally tell me the price of the program.

    No matter how legitimate they may seem, I cannot endorse them in how they choose to recruit new people into buying their program. I have to seriously question as to why is the initial investment so much for something you just learned about in a short period of time. They went as a far as to use a countdown clock and pitted other potential recruits to join before you lose out on the opportunity.

    If they want to continue to make long-term money they should be asking for reasonable monthly memberships. This indicates to me they want the fast money upfront. It further suggests that members may be lead to potential failure. Out of equal fairness, the flip side to entering any business opportunity is based on your own efforts. Success does not come easily, rather, you have to work hard to get it.

    Can you recommend a legitimate business opportunity for someone with a limited amount of money to invest and will have continuous support?

    Thank you for help.

    1. Hi James – thanks so much for your feedback. Yes, I don’t like the tactics some marketers use such as using the countdown clock and pushing a one-time price (which usually is offered again later). I guess I am against scare tactics.

      I also wish they would be upfront with the cost at the beginning because some folks just can’t afford the price. So it ends up wasting a lot of their time. Once, I joined a program for $1000 – one-time charge – the next year they were requesting another $1000 to get access to the “new updated version”. So one can never be too careful.

      I have a post on the that talks about some good programs to join. However, my favorites would be Wealthy Affiliate, Site Build It or The Fletcher Method (Basic Membership). They all have very reasonable fees and deliver quality and value. The best one for all-around community support included in the price is definitely Wealthy Affiliate.

      I hope this helps!



  2. Is that price for real?


    I notice you give it quite a high rating at 85 out of 100, but something about it kind of smells dodgy to me. I see further down in your review that the price is actually $2,497. Still high, but a hell of a lot more reasonable than nearly $2.5 million.

    Looks like there’s a lot to it, and maybe it’s worth it, but when program give you a list of stuff you don’t need, it always rings my alarm bells.

    1. Hi Daren

      I apologize for that error. I am not sure what happened.

      I think $2,497 is a lot. I gave it an 85 based on the sales video I watched. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and if what they say is true it can be a good investment.

      My problem with it is I have been around long enough to know that it isn’t the program or tools that make a person successful. It is their character. We need to be persistent and work through problems. Stick with it and never give up.

      We can’t buy those qualities. That’s why many people fail or quit. So whether it costs $300 a year or $ 3,000 success will depend upon the person’s qualities, work ethic and working smart. I choose to go for the $300 program.

      Thanks so much for your comment.

      I really appreciate it.

      Best regards,


  3. Hey Devan, I really liked reading your review of the seven-figure cycle. I must say that everytime somebody claims I will earn that much money I get suspicious and when they ask me to pay almost $3000 It really has to be the holy grail of making money. I really like your other recommendation Wealthy affiliates that you mentioned below. I’m a member too and they really deliver, but also make it very clear that you HAVE to put in some work which was one of the points I trusted them and it paid out. 🙂

    1. Hi Araon,

      Thank-you for your comment. I agree with you. I like the sound of Seven Figure Cycle but it’s too pricy and a problem with these automated systems is everyone is competing against there colleagues. 

      I ran into that problem with Launchpad in Inbox Blueprint (now Lurn Nation). It was saturated so I had to develop my own content.  

      Wealthy Affiliate is well worth the price – and it does take time and effort but from my experience all of the online business models require the same amount of time for beginners to get established and make a sale.

      Best of Luck,

      Kind regards,


  4. H. Erin Nelson

    Hi Devan and great review of the Seven Figure Cycle! You give a thorough explanation of each tactic and have listed some great selling strategies. However, the up front cost is unrealistic to me, and chances are that down the road, they’ll ask for more. (If they can sell you the first time, they can do it again!) I did learn a lot from this review about the pros and cons and will relate them to other money making programs. All the best to you!

    1. Thanks Erin. I appreciate the comment & compliments! Coming from you it means a lot as I am still finding my voice & building my readership.

      I agree some of the asking prices for these programs are really outrageous – I am dubious about the actual cost to produce these services. After all, some like WA, Fletcher’s Method & Chris Farrell are much cheaper and do provide great value.

      Up-selling is always a issue. I believe there is a right time to upgrade or purchase additional services and it isn’t right at the beginning. It’s a sales tactic that works but plays on peoples emotions just like the timer. However, it is pretty unethical and uncaring towards one’s followers.

      I’m glad you liked the post! I appreciate you visiting my site! 

      Once again, thanks!



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