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What is Usertesting.com ?


Introduction to User Testing

What is Usertesting.com? It is a service assisting companies with testing for their websites and apps. The company does this by creating or helping design tests for their clients which are taken by ordinary folks who are paid on a per test basis. I have tried the system and was very impressed.


Who is This For?

This is a great way to earn a little extra money to support a new business. It is certainly not enough to provide a full-time income so don’t expect to make tons of money. However, it is definitely a good part-time gig.

For example, if you are starting to build an online business you may incur various expenses. I think this is a wonderful way to offset those expenses.

Let me give you an example. Imagine someone upgrades from the Free Starter Program to a Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate (the community I belong to). The cost will be $49 per month. Now if that same person does five tests at usertesting.com per month it will cover the complete cost!

It’s a really an easy, wonderful way to make a few extra bucks and the best part is anyone can do it because it doesn’t require expert technical skills – just a computer and your voice.


What Do You Need to Get Started?

Getting started with this job is quite easy and there are only really three requirements: First off, a computer, second speakers and third, a decent microphone. However, there is no need to run out and spend a lot of money for new equipment.

In my case, I have a MacBook Air. This laptop works perfectly fine with its installed microphone and speakers. In fact, after completing your first test one of the staff at usertesting.com will listen to your recording. The employee will provide feedback on how to improve your skills which would include any difficulties hearing the recording.

The only other point worth mentioning is the requirement to continually talk throughout. The customers are very interested in your thought process as you move around their website or app. It’s essential that you are expressing honest opinions at all times.


How Does It Work?

Usertesting.com has clients who pay to use their service. Customers can create their own user test or have one prepared for them. Your job is to visit a website or app and do a series of tasks lasting 20 minutes. There are some cases where the test could be either shorter or longer.

The tester receives $10 dollars via PayPal. In some special circumstances, it may be more. It is not necessary to know all the answers when completing the test because the customer is requesting feedback on the website or app, not you.

You will be expected to complete the video recording and answer up to four follow-up questions. Upon completion of the assignment, the video recording will be automatically uploaded to Usertesting.com.


You Need to Do A Trial Run

The initial step is to register. You will then be asked to download a special software program which is capable of recording the screen on your computer. This may take a while depending on the speed of your PC.

Most of you will already have a built-in microphone and speakers so you only need to follow the instructions on your screen when the download is finished.

The next step is to do a demo test. It is quite simple. All you need to do is follow the instructions that appear on the screen in front of you. Once completed, you’ll be prompted to upload the results. The uploading is a little slow. On my MacBook Air it takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

I suggest using this time to complete other tasks for your business. Alternatively, if you have a second computer, you could switch over and complete a second test If one is available. In any event, I was approved within a day or two and I don’t believe the standards are too high so there’s no need to be worried about acceptance.


How to Be A Five Star Tester

The rating is based on a five-star system. Members who rate one or two stars are very rarely given additional tests to do. However, if you fall in the 3 to 5-star range, the number of tests you receive will be steady.

The first test I did was rated four out of five. It is not difficult to consistently rank a four or five If you keep in mind the following tips. I will briefly list the six main tips provided by usertesting.com. The company does have further training and support for those who need it.


Tip #1: Make Sure You Qualify For a Test

Carefully read the instructions before accepting any tests. Sometimes there is a screener. It’s essential to answer all questions honestly. Here’s an example.


What is Usertesting.com | Qualify



Tip #2: Make Sure You Are in the Right Mindset

Take a few minutes to read the instructions carefully so that you can get in the right mindset. Always think about the task at hand as you do the test. For example, a travel site might ask you to look for a hotel room for 2 adults. On the other hand, a Jewelry website might ask you to look for a gift for a friend.


Tip #3: Don’t Rush The Test

It’s very important not to rush the test. There will be several tasks to complete in an orderly fashion. Testers that proceed thoughtfully through each task receive five-star ratings. So, carefully read the instructions and do not click ahead until you have completed the task at hand.

It’s okay to go over the allotted time. During my first test, I was worried about the time so I rushed through. It was only after I had finished that I realized could continue past the 20-minute mark. The clients would much prefer a longer more thorough review than a short incomplete one.


Tip #4: Follow the Task Instructions Precisely

Poor ratings usually occur because the tester has not followed the instructions accordingly. Follow the instructions exactly. First impressions are not to be given unless you were asked to. Don’t ramble on about the same point and don’t give feedback that wasn’t asked for. Although you may feel you are being helpful, really it is just a waste of the customers time and also, it prevents you from keeping on task.


Tip #5: Explain Your Thoughts

It’s essential that the customer knows what you are thinking. Speak loudly and keep a continuous dialogue of your thoughts. It helps to be engaged and interested in the subject. Occasionally the unexpected may happen. In this case, try explaining to the customer how you feel and what you find confusing. Providing relevant examples from your personal experience is also suggested.


Tip #6: Check Your Audio

The last tip is common sense. Remember to check your audio And do the test and a quiet place with no distractions. User testing.com provide some tips for testing in your audio. There is also a pause feature for the recording just in case there is some unexpected noise or you need time to complete some tasks.


My Final Thoughts

In my opinion, this is a great way to earn a few extra dollars. Maybe you need a little extra cash to pay some bills or a few extra dollars to spend on your business. Usertesting.com is a reputable, honest company and I highly recommend it to anyone that is interested.


Go Here to Find Out More On What is Usertesting.com?


However, if you are looking for something to create a steady full-time income in the long run then I suggest you start earning money by building a business on the internet. A year of hard work will set you up for life because you will no longer be trading in time for money but receiving reoccurring income from sales.


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Can I Help You?

Do you know of a legitimate way for people to make a few extra bucks online? Please share it with us. Many of my readers would love to hear about your experiences. Do you have any questions about earning a living online? I’d be more than glad to answer any you may have.






6 thoughts on “What is Usertesting.com ?”

  1. Wow I have never heard of this site. It sounds like a really great deal. I was wondering I know you said it is a small income but are allotted a certain amount of tests each month or can you do how many ever you want? I was also curious most places won’t pay you until you reach a certain amount of money is this the case with them or do they just pay you every test?

    1. Hi Melissa

      Thank-you for visiting my site. The company sends tests to the testers depending on availability. This month I have been offered an average of one a day but I am just a new user.

      Also it depends on performance. The higher your ranking the more offers you can get. There are screeners as well. For example if you don’t have a car or are not planning to buy one you won’t be able to do related tests.

      There are a lot of variables but it is a trustworthy company and if you build a reputation you can do reasonably well.  Concerning pay – they pay into a PayPal account once a week. Exactly one week after doing the test. I have had no problems with pay.

      I hope this helps. Please let me know how you get on if you decide to try it.



  2. Hi Kewl,

    I am quite amazed that there are opportunities like these available.

    Obviously, if you don’t know the right question to ask Google you never find these things out. I will be looking into this user testing as I am always short a few bucks.

    Thanks Coucka

    1. Thanks, Coucka!

      I appreciate you visiting my site and joining the conversation!

      I first came across this opportunity on YouTube when I was doing research for my business. It really is great. The only problem is the work isn’t consistent.

      So if you try it check your account daily and do as many tests as possible even if you only get one day. This will help you build a reputation and lead to more consistent work.

      Have a great day!



  3. It’s the first time that I hear about this website and I’m really surprised from what it offers. I would like to try it and watch the benefits. I have one question: what is the amount of money that you can make from this opportunity? I mean are there enough websites to be tested as to make a significant amount?

    1. Thanks for visiting my site. They pay $10 U.S. per test. The amount one can make depends on the quality of your work and if you qualify for the tests. The clients usually target a specific consumer. For example, car companies want people who drive cars to do the testing.

      So I can’t really say how much but if you do an average of one test per day five days a week that is $200 U.S. so it all helps. The work is not consistent unless you can make a reputation for yourself.

      I hope this helps



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